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HPPT Deescalation Secrets


HPPT Deescalation Secrets

* HPPT Deescalation Secrets

I have an older article called Understanding Self Defense Escalation Levels which I recirculated last week. In the ad for the article I refer to being able to do this in seconds. And you only have seconds to do it! So today I am going to discuss HPPT Deescalation Secrets.

The reason I am doing this article is because of a comment I received in a Facebook Group stating "easier said than done."  I guess he did not like my reply because he then told me "don't ever get in a fight you will lose!" Yeah, sure......I love how people can read a few words and know everything about me.  I guess he either knows everything, or is too lazy to do the important work of mastering the HPPT Deescalation Secrets.

Assess the Situation

The first step is too assess the situation. How much trouble are you in? Can it be deescalated?If someone is looking to rob you give them what they want! The cemetery is full of heroes. This is the best way to deescalate.

Now the egotists will object! Is your life really worth the contents of you wallet?

About Gun Crime

Years ago on a Detroit TV called Kelly and Company Chuck Norris was a guest.  An audience member as Norris what he would do if someone tried to rob him at gun point. The answer was perfect and the audience member did not see it coming! GM Norris said "i would give him my wallet."  The disappointment in the "questioners" face was EPIC. There are no stupid questions only stupid people.

Chuck Norris' answer is just common sense.

Personality Types

If you can deescalate a bad situation this is where HPPT Deescalation Secrets come into play. You need to have knowledge of and study personality types. When you know the personality type you can then talk with the person in a very important way.

You treat the attacker "the way they want to be treated." This can calm a situation down quickly and lead to a resolution other than violence. How do I know? Because I have done it countless times! Let's look at an example.

There is a man who appears from nowhere and puts a gun to your head. What do you do? If you think you can disarm him you are a fool. Please read these articles on Gun Defense Laws & 5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense.  The same applies to KNIFE Defense.

So let me ask you a question about this scenario. Why are you not dead? 

Because the attacker has not yet decided to kill you. You have time to apply HPPT Deescalation Secrets and walk away clean.

What are the HPPT Deescalation Secrets?

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

The are 4 basic personality types. These are as follows.

  1. Director
  2. Socializer
  3. Thinker
  4. Conscientious

Every person is a mixture of 2 of these. A primary and then a secondary personality. I am a Socializing Thinker.  This means I am a thinker primarily, and socializer secondarily. A personality type like mine is easy to engage in conversion. Conversation buys time and potential non violent resolutions. 

A Socializing Director is very different. Too much conversation will be taken as patronizing and could escalate the situation. There are no guarantees, but buying time is essential!

What does this guarantee?

It guarantees nothing, except to give you the chance to negotiate, deescalate or if violence is inevitable plan your counter and escape route.  There is a much more at play than just personality types. Even a conscientious person can be violent. Assumptions cannot EVER be made!

We also need to assess quickly "WHY" this is happening and are we dealing with a mental illness? There is a lot to take in quickly. How is all this possible? It gets down to the way you think and how you train. 

In Conclusion

HPPT Deescalation Secrets CONCLUSION

This is a complicated subject and every instance will be different. It is beyond the scope of a single articles to teach you how to do this "personality" typing. 

But that is one of the reasons for my Humane Pressure Point Tactics Certification Course.

In Level One I teach about deescalation, and in Level Four I teach the personality types. 

The personality type information should be practiced everyday with every person you meet or know.  Learn more about Humane Pressure Point Tactics Certification here

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Top 5 Self Defense Tips [Kyusho]


Top 5 Self Defense Tips

Top 5 Self Defense Tips

Today I want to give you the Top 5 Self Defense Tips with a Kyusho Jitsu flare to them. Now this is not today about techniques, but most of all being safe on today very unpredictable streets. 

Much of what is taught is unfortunately not very effective. It can be complicated to learn and some is just dangerous! But there are real solutions! 

So keep reading to discover them!

* Top 5 Self Defense Tips [Kyusho]

These commonly taught techniques pictured here are not effective!

Here is the list now of the Top 5 self defense tips all based on common sense.

Top 5 Self Defense Tips #1

Know you surroundings! I know this sounds like real common sense but you cannot image the number of people who have no clue! Now I live in a country with a VERY low violent crime rate. Currently, but that can change very quickly! Therefore be prepared always!

Here is a classic example of what NOT to do! It is only a purse, let it go and bring the police into the matter!

Always be safe!

* Top 5 Self Defense Tips [Kyusho]

Today you see people walking down the street, faces buried into their cell phone with no clue what is going on around them.  This gives the signal to ANY predator that says "ATTACK ME."

Put away the cell phone! Facebook, Twitter and Messenger are NOT emergencies! Don't make yourself a victim! I leave my cellphone in my pocket!

Top 5 Self Defense Tips #2

Notice I did not say "leave your cellphone home?" A cellphone when used properly is the greatest self defense "tool" in the world! Why? No not so you can hit the attacker with it! But so when something is wrong you can call the POLICE!

Every cellphone has a GPS tracking device in it that can help the police local exactly where you are! These work better then you realize! 

Here is a listing of common emergency phone numbers world wide. But check your area for the correct number! Have the number on speed dial is best because during an emergency you may not be able to dial very well! Even if you are experienced in self defense do this anyways! 

Most of all safety first! Ego LAST!

Top 5 Self Defense Tips #3

Seasoned self defense people and martial artist know this! However on the weekend I read a self defense article on WikiHow that was simply WRONG! 

Self Defense for Knife Attacks

It was about knife defense, which is hands down the most "dangerous" situation the average person will ever face! They told the readers to yell "HELP!"

Read there about the 13 Misconceptions about Knife Attacks.

Yeah NEVER well "HELP" unless there is a Police Officer within visual range!  Why? Because NO ONE will come! People today do NOT want to be involved and yelling help is rolling the dice!

Instead yell "FIRE!!!"

And the reason? People love to watch things burn! This will catch the attention of anyone in the area and human nature says they will come and see what is going on! Understanding the psychology of how people think is a wonderful thing!

Top 5 Self Defense Tips #4

Find a BUSY place to flee to! Do not go down dark alleys and deserted streets to get away. Try to find a place with lots of people! The odds are this will discourage the attacker and make him move on! 

Therefore this is why awareness of your surroundings is so important! Know where you are at all times! I talk constantly with my Kyusho Jitsu Students about the value of knowing where NORTH is. Make knowing you surrounds a part of everything you do! 

If you are in your car and think you may be followed do not go home! Drive once again somewhere well populated and use tip #2! Call the Police, always call the Police! It is there JOB!

Top 5 Self Defense Tips #5

Real World Self Defense

Get some self defense training! Now this is where I hear all the MMA guys going, "I am a trained fighter, I don't need this!" Yeah, no YES you DO!

Today most martial arts are sport oriented which is fine, but KNOW your limitations! Winning a battle in a ring, every at the high level is not the same thing! In a ring your opponent wants to WIN! On the street the attacker wants to KILL YOU!!


Now I hear many fighters talk about the guy they dropped on Friday night downtown. Yeah that is a FIGHT. When you have an argument with some guy who called your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other names and fisticuffs begin, that is a FIGHT.

This is 2 idiots who have giant egos who like to prove their worth. Have fun, that is NOT SELF DEFENSE! Enjoy the assault charges!

Now as for some serious self defense training I do have a solution for you! 

In Conclusion

Top 5 Self Defense Tips Conclusion

It is never the things you know that get you into trouble. It is the things you "think" you know but do not that do! 

As an example a martial artist as talented  are not by default "Self Defense experts!"

This is a very common misconception!

You need to also know the LAWS as it pertains to Self Defense. Things are far more complicated than they used to be! If you have any comments or questions please ask here.

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Grand Master Art Mason

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Self Defense Secrets


Self Defense Secrets

Self Defense Secrets

It is interesting, but when I make the subject line of an article anything about secrets more people will read it. Why? I think people deep down inside hope there is a way to get things done, win, without having to do the work. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am! So, what self defense secrets am I talking about? Well you did not read this far for nothing. But the secret may not be as exciting as you hoped.

The secret is......

Self Defense success is simple, its WISDOM, and wisdom is only extraordinary common sense

I see today so many online courses from EX military men that talk about "teaching you to defeat any man." And about their "special techniques" to assure success. Common sense will tell you this likely CRAP. 

Now assuming the person they refer to in the add is really a Veteran, and if so my respect to him or her for serving his country, does not make him a self defense expert. It makes him a military person. 

Men like Jesse "the body" Ventura are ex-seals but you do not see them teaching this stuff to the general public. Why? He is not qualified, WAR - Combat is NOT self defense!  The things these men and women train in are for WAR, they cannot be turned down for real life!

Plus often times when you watch the video this is nothing spectacular going on. It is BASIC STUFF. But the theme is someone looking for trouble! And if you look, you will find it! Real self defense is avoiding trouble!

So, why is this so bad? Because the focus of their content, and all the talk is about winning the fight. Self Defense is NOT about winning the fight, it is about surviving the attack. ​​​​​​​

Physically and mentally and hopeful without a murder charge against you. And without a life of mental issues from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD]. 

Self Defense Secrets to success are simple, the secret is WISDOM, and wisdom is only extraordinary common sense.

Things you need to know!

  • How to keep your cool! Train to depersonalize the attack
  • Understand every element and sign of ​escalation
  • How to create an escape path. It is not about winning, but surviving.
  • Use reasonable force always! You do not want to end up in JAIL! 
  • Know exactly what the law says, and stay within those limits.
  • Simply effective strikes and movements
Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

Self Defense training begins long before any attack, and concludes long after the attack has ceased! There are many elements you need to understand, and apply in order to come out as a survivor and not a victim. 

What self defense training do you have? Are you sure it is not "fighting" you are training for? There is a BIG difference! Let me know here.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Street Self Defense


Kyusho Street Self Defense

Kyusho Street Self Defense

I am often asked by non martial arts people if I was attacked would I use my "martial arts" to defend myself.  Every time I hear this question I honestly want to ask the person if they really are this stupid, or was this just a dumb question. Think about! It is like asking if I would breath to stay alive. My training is ME, and I cannot turn it off and go back to something else. And the idea behind Kyusho Street Self Defense is no different. 

It is never a question of if "Kyusho" works, only if you have trained correctly and can apply the knowledge. There is no BEST or SUPERIOR martial art, only superior martial artists! Sorry Gracie Brothers, yes the style is important, but you attracted the BEST people! 

Kyusho Street Self Defense - Sport and Self Defense

Everyone who know me knows I do not like sport martial arts. I competed in the TKD circuits for years and did OK. But I could not see any relationship between this and self defense. The same was true for boxing which I did intensely in my younger days. There are many differences between the 2 situations. Today we will talk about a few of them.

Misconceptions about Gun Defense

This LAW enforcement not Self Defense! And it will get you KILLED! Read about the Misconceptions of Gun Defense HERE! 

And also read the FACTS about Gun Defense Laws in North America

The first one is a "fighter" is OK with the idea of being HIT. On the street you cannot take a few punches in order to land a few.  The attacker is not trying to "win" he or she is trying to KILL YOU. What is going on in their heads is not WINNING something, but doing as much damage as possible, without being caught or being hurt themselves. The functioning of the brain at this time is totally different! 

Do not stand your ground!

The next thing the fighter will do is "stand his ground." There are many dead fighters who after they landed the first punch on the attacker found a knife in their stomach and died from the complications! Shit I know ONE PERSONALLY who died in the 1980's in my home town doing exactly this!

What happened? He stopped a robbery and then as the "thug" was fleeing he decided to let his ego come forward and pursue the criminal. STUPID!!!!! All he needed to do was call the police and let them do what they are trained to do! But the ego get in the way! For his trouble he was pronounced DEAD at the scene.

There is no situation more dangerous than a knife attack! And almost NO ONE has a clue how to correctly handle this very bad situation! 

But there are solutions! However first look at this article on the 13 misconceptions of knife attacks

Self Defense for Knife Attacks
Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion!

The media and the ability to video anything these days has caused a glorification of street violence. And the problem is far worse than the "authorities" will tell you! Politicians are going EVER going to tell the truth about crime because they want to be re-elected! This is there ONLY driving force! 

Kyusho Street Self Defense is not about WINNING, it is about SURVIVING and that is the ONLY OPTION!

What have your self defense experiences been? Let us know HERE.

Kyusho Street Self Defense

What is needed for success on the street? What does the science of pressure point self defense have to do with street defense? Let's talk about this! Take a watch of the video below/

Now as I said in the video I am going to give you a FREE video that will help get you started on the REAL path to successful Kyusho Street Self Defense. Just fill out the form below, confirm your email and the video is on the way to your inbox!

What have you got to lose? But you have everything to gain!

What is H.P.P.T?

HPPT is short for Humane Pressure Point Tactics which is a street self defense system, based on 4 certifications levels, to add to your martial art training. It can be added to any system, and also taught as a stand alone self defense system for non martial artists. Therefore it is an across the board solution!

Most of all the cost is very reasonable! Find out more from THIS LINK now! 

Kyusho Jitsu Cane Defense System

Discover the most important self defense tool available! And you can even board a plane with it! Learn more about the Kyusho Jitsu Cane Defense System below

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Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Striking Actions


Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Striking Actions

Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Striking Actions

An auto mechanic knows that for every job there is a tool. Sometimes these are very specialized tools, but they do exist. Just like for every pressure point there is a "way" to strike them. But sometimes it requires Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Striking Actions to get the job done properly and with the greatest affect.

Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Striking Actions - Heart 8

You may already be familiar with the power of the pressure point HT-08. This spot on the body releases more energy than any other. Is there a way to take advantage of this? To be able to use this in a self defense situation to get a more predictable, more devastating result?

Yes there most certainly is! 

In every martial art system there are the convention methods of attack. There is the punch, which is the most common and the least effective. Then there is the knife hand, and ridge hand which are much better than the punch. Finally there is the palm, which of the 3 is the most devastating. But it is the most challenging to use as it does not fit every situation. So everyone goes back to the punch. 

The funny thing about the punch is that most martial artist i have seen do not understand the mechanics of a punch, and use a sport version. This is designed to be safer. Some will condition their hands to make the weapon more powerful This is fine if done properly. But most people are not familiar with the proper way. This causes damage and pain later in life.

There are reason for each different "tool" being either more or less effective. A fist, especially if it is held tightly, with the thumb too far inward conceals energy.

A knife hand has a better angular effect, and the edge focuses the power better. 

The palm is best because it can use the energy at HT-08 to enhance the effect. 

So most people will then turn to elbows, knees and feet as additional weapons. The issues is these are higher risk or limited range.

Kyusho Pressure Point Activation

Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Striking Actions - Solutions

Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Striking Actions

There are solutions to this issue. However they do require more study and more training! These are the Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Striking Actions that I call the 6 Energy Hands.

The 6 Energy Hands are specific hand positions, that release energy and have a specific function against certain pressure points.

These fit the occasion like a hand in a glove!

In October 2018 I released an all new video dedicated to teaching these very important 6 hand positions.These will not only enhance you Kyusho Jitsu study but also help to make everything in the martial arts you do more effective! Follow the link below to learn more today!

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

Understanding the best methods to attack different areas of the body, and which tools are the most effective is critical to your training.

These ideas are pretty straight forward and if you have not used them the results will shock you!

Do you have a favorite striking method? Tell me about them here!

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NEW Striking Actions Mini Video Course

Develop a FULL understanding of the 5 Kyusho Jitsu Striking Actions with my Kyusho Striking Actions Mini Course

Know the Pressure Point TARGETS!

They say knowledge is power, however this is only a "half truth." Applied knowledge is power! Now as an example I know that a "grasping fist" is a devastating weapon. But....If I know the exact best locations to strike, and exactly how to strike them I get a better result! Therefore "applied" knowledge is real power!

My new book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy gives the knowledge you need to change the game. Right now I am offering a FREE "Sneak Peak" of this new work! Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy is the "Grey's Anatomy" of the science of pressure point self defense. 

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Understanding Self Defense Escalation Levels


Self Defense Escalation

Self Defense Escalation Levels

It still surprised me today how many martial artists do not understand what self defense actually is. For some reason many glorify it in to some kind of epic combat or great battle. All the while saying they understand the difference between "sport" and "street." You see this most often in the form of bad questions and answers as to which art is superior for street defense. They do not know or understand Self Defense Escalation Levels.  Self Defense does NOT occur when 2 or more people agree to fight.

Understanding Self Defense Escalation Levels is critical for success on today's streets. Every day the streets become more intense, and more dangerous as more and more people become upset with the current status of their existence. From dissension to mental illnesses there is a lot going on today.

This is the reason I have updated and released our 4 Level Certification Courses called Humane Pressure Point Tactics.

Mass Hysteria

Update March 15th 2020. Today we face a problem. And the problem is NOT Covid-19 killing us all. The problem is the mass panic / hysteria created by today's media for self serving interests. This is one reason the deescalation teaching of Humane Pressure Point Tactics are so critical! At the very least enroll in Level One and Level Two and learn how to see the signs of trouble, and the things you can do to calm bad situations before they escalate to violence. On our current path people will die fighting over toilet paper. BE VIGILANT! ACT NOW!

Self Defense Escalation - Eye Contact

Eye contact is an important beginning to see what is happening in a conflict. You can see from the potential attackers eyes a lot about his mental condition. As an example you can tell quickly if the person is stoned, drunk, confused or angry. This information helps you assess how much potential trouble you are in.

Plus your eyes will reveal at lot about you. You must make eye contact but do not stare. The attacker can also interpret a lot of information from you also. Especially nervousness and fear levels.  Training to remain calm is important!

And never stare, look and glance away like you are thinking about the situation and you should be.  Assessing the situation is critical to survival if and when things go bad. 

Self Defense Escalation - Low Level

* All Inclusive Self Defense

Seeing the warning signs of coming violence is a life saver! These skills will not just protect you but also anyone else in the area!

The first level of Self Defense Escalation we look at is the low level. This is the interview or prelude to violence. And this will occur 95% of the time. Being blind sided does happen, however it is not as common as most people think it is. Violence is a very psychological event, and the need for the attacker to dominate and scare is part of this picture.  This model applies to from simple assault all the way to the horrific mass shootings.

Low Self Defense Escalation requires a certain skill set, which includes a physical element. You need to learn and possess certain verbal skills, as well as physical skills to preemptively hand bad situations. That is what HPPT Level One is all about!

Self Defense Escalation - Medium Level

Now the term medium level may confuse you a little bit, so let me explain. At the Self Defense Escalation Medium Level the situation has now escalated to violence with the first punch or gab having happened. Once at this point the negotiations have ended and the physical threat must be met with "reasonable force."

However no threat of the taking of life has been made, no weapon introduced or suspected.

H.P.P.T Humane Pressure Point Tactics

This is the level that most martial artists wrongly feel comfortable in. However many many times the martial artist overestimate their own skills or underestimate the attacker. Medium Level can go to High Level in heart beat and therefore there is much to consider! And many martial artists get in trouble here for "excessive force" as well! 

This level of Self Defense Escalation also requires verbal skills as well as physical skills. Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level Two Certification is designed for this particular level of Self Defense Escalation.

13 Misconceptions about Knife Attacks

Self Defense Escalation - High Level

This is the "oh shit" moment when you realize that:

a) Your attacker is not alone.

b) That your attacker has a weapon

Both of these High Level Self Defense Escalation points are seriously life changing and life threatening! At this point the only thing that matters is getting out of the situation with your life still intact! There is no win or lose here, there is only survival! Plus there needs to be an understanding that a lot has gone wrong for you to be at this point! 

Escape from this situation requires very special skills and a very special mindset! All of the "self defense vs weapon" dreams do not apply here! That is fantasy! This is reality! One such example is the countless misconceptions of what happens in a knife attack, or the believe that somehow you will disarm the attacker and save the day!

No you need the skills to get out and get out fast! You also need to understand why you are still alive and how to proceed from that point!  Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level Three Certification is to give you these skills, skills to understand, and deal with a life threatening situation. 

* HPPT Self Defense Psychology

NEW H.P.P.T Level Four!

This all new level  is dealing with a problem that is growing on a day to day basis.

That is the epidemic of sever mental illness we are facing today due to the extreme views people have that often turn violent! 

Also covered will be special training and understanding of deescalation.

And as a bonus this level of Humane Pressure Point Tactics will also address Online Security and Privacy which is directly linked to the "bullying" issues young and old fact today! Learn more below!

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Understanding all of this is key to success in personal self defense and protection and also teaching it.

These 3 courses are called Humane Pressure Point Tactics and are available at Kyusho Jitsu University. Each course is about 30 days in length. And yes they are cert5ification courses.

Follow the links provided to learn more about each course!

And please if you have any questions about the information above comment here.

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In today's Ultra Violent World this is MUST have knowledge!

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Kyusho Close Quarters Combat [Self Defense]


Kyusho Close Quarters Combat

Kyusho Close Quarters Combat

I will tell you from the beginning I am not a fan of the term "combat" when it comes to self defense. It in my mind can be somewhat misleading. The majority of people who will read this post are not military men and women. They are civilians like me. What is the difference? Combat is a different mindset. Self Defense another. But, for the sake of the way people view things, lets talk today to see if there are Kyusho Close Quarters Combat solutions.

For the get-go I will state emphatically YES, there are Kyusho Close Quarters Combat Solution. We also have to remember that in the science of pressure point self defense, Kyusho Jitsu is implemented into a martial art style or system to enhance it! So depending on the style you train in, will come the direct techniques to handle close quarters fighting. 

Now my root art is Hapkido, and so there is a lot of in close techniques we have for use in these kinds of situations. But today I am going to address a question I saw on Quora about Kyusho Close Quarters Combat. The question is "Which fighting style is best in enclosed spaces such as in buses or planes?"

Kyusho Close Quarters Combat

My own personal experience teaching this comes from a law in Ontario which greatly restricts the right of self defense to "public servants." People in this category are teachers, firemen, civil servants, ambulance paramedics etc,etc.  In their great lack of knowledge, understanding and common sense and because of a fear of "law suites" the government of the province implemented a course called "non violence crisis intervention." 

Kyusho Close Quarters Combat

A patient turning violent inside an ambulance is one of the most dangerous situations a medic can face. They deal with many different potentially dangerous situations such as drug abuse and serious mental disorders. Are you in a similar job?

Humane Pressure Point Tactics offers real solutions!

Not only is this non violent crisis intervention total garbage, but it is dangerous to the defender! Yes I have seen the course! But someone, someday will get killed because of it! I can certainly understand the idea of reasonable force, but this is ridiculous! 

I was because of the program asked to teach a class of people who were in school to become paramedics. Now there is a "hole" in the law because when the patient is in the ambulance and turns violent the government regulation no longer applies! Therefore I was able to teach them "real" Kyusho Close Quarters Combat techniques to defend themselves.

This leads to the question, "what did I teach?" I taught them the Level One and Two Humane Pressure Point Tactics [H.P.P.T]

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

Read the information below! Realize that self defense is not the package being sold to you in many instances today.

You need a solid root art systems and then other information and training to enhance your knowledge!

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a comment from here

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Combat Pressure Point Video Course

Watch the video below and then click the link!
Must have information for today's streets!

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Kyusho Jitsu does not teach techniques. It does reference them, and demonstrate using them, however it assumes martial arts training. HPPT is different. This is a from the ground up training to handle the 3 main types or escalations of attacks. 

What are the "escalation" points I am referring to?

  1. Before a physical attack! Handling and hopefully deescalating a bad situation or disruptive person before things go bad. This includes preemptive measure to control the situation. All while remaining within the laws of self defense
  2. Dealing with thee situation once the attack as begun. This includes a grab or a punch. Close quarter self defense is naturally a part of this.
  3. High end self defense. This is when a weapon has been seen or introduced. I also teach skills to effectively deal with multiple attackers.

Back in 2010 I certified in all 3 Levels of Grand Master Steve Stewart's HPPT Courses. It is an amazing courses. However I have updated the information I have learn to deal with the ever changing situations of today's streets! 

If you fill out the form below, and confirm your email address I will send you a link to download a FREE Humane Pressure Point Tactics Lesson!

This is totally free with no obligation to do or buy anything! Just see what H.P.P.T is all about!

Humane Pressure Point Tactics - H.P.P.T

Advanced Hapkido Home Study Courses

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips


6 Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips

There is an old saying, "everybody wants to go to heaven but no one wants to be dead." This is not just a reference to a way in which people think, but a reflection on society! People want a result, but without having to do the work or put in effort! So today I am going to offer some Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips to help you get past this curve!

But before we get into Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips I need to lay some groundwork.

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips - RIGHT to Self Defense

Everyone has a god(s) given right to defense themselves from attack! However the understanding of this does need to be clear! Today in the western culture everyone is screaming for more "rights." But there is a BIG issue with this?

Right to Self Defense - Know the Law!

Do you know the issue? For there to be "rights" there must also be responsibility! But in today world this is just NOT the case!

With "rights" comes responsibility, and the citizens must be responsible! Looking to "authority" to deal with your problems is creating a prison in which you must live!

It is your Right to Self Defense, and your responsibility to be prepared!

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips #1

You cannot cherry pick pressure points! I see this a lot in self defense. "Well when this happens I will...."  Sorry guys life does not work that way! An attack, or a fight if you will, is a living entity unto itself! And this entity is also not stupid. 

Often times I see so much in the self defense world the idea of "groin" strikes. Yes they can be very effective. And yes they should be trained for! From a Kyusho Jitsu standpoint this can be a strike to Conception Vessel 1, which is devastating!

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips

But self defense is not premeditated, it needs to be responsive. Also not reactive.

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips # 2

Knockouts are king! The very best way to end any kind of attack or fight is when you knock them out! You must know the systems that cause this, why they work and how best to apply them! 

How do you know when you are really understanding this important aspect of the science of pressure point self defense? When I was teaching on the floor full time in my Canadian school I would often be explaining something, or showing something and knockout the student by accident. 


Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips #3

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips

You need to know a lot of different pressure points on the body! The larger the number of pressure points you train with, the greater your chances of being able to hit one when you need to! 

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips #4

You have to feel the effect! In order to truly be successful with Kyusho Jitsu you need to do this! You must have felt the effect of a pressure point strike on your own person! 

Now I have strict rules about ages for knockouts. I do NOT like doing knockouts on anyone over 35 really. This is because we never know the underlying medical conditions that can exist.

However, and am more than willing to tap ST-05 with reasonable force and ring someones bell! This "internalizes" the understanding within the mind, and this leads to success! All victories in a person life are link to your internal psychology. There are no exceptions!

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips #5

Ask questions! If you are learning from someone who does not like to be asked questions, or ridicules the question then it is time for a new teacher! Being a teacher is a gift! And I honesty do not see very many good ones out there!

Great Teachers Inspire

Great Teachers Inspire Students to new heights! 

There is an old saying, "do not seek to be like the master, but seek what the master sought."

Every person learns differently. There are 3 different major type of learning. There is visual, auditory and kinetic! Each person has different strengths. The teacher should be able to spot the type you are in order to lean towards and alter his or her methods of teaching on the fly!

Also run from those who tell you there way is the only way and the other ideas are useless. These are instructors, preaching a doctrine of their own making! You need a teacher who is flexible and has ideas! Run like hell from these other guys!

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips #6

I was only planning on doing 5 Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips but here is number 6! Keep looking to learn new things! As you grow and develop in the science of pressure point self defense, learning new things helps to solidify the knowledge you already have! 

In self defense or anything else for that matter, the mind is everything! And this is not a surface understanding either! Science cannot even explain why the mind is everything or how it works. 

Associate Memory - Understand how you learn

However the path to success is very clear. Therefore the more you learn, then train the understanding both physically and mentally, the better the results! The brain works by "associative memory."  So the more you learn, the more associations there are, the greater the success!

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

In conclusion today can you think of any awesome self defense tips using pressure points I may have missed? Let me know in the comments! I will do my very best to reply ASAP! Click here to comment

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

HPPT Pressure Point Self Defense


HPPT Pressure Point Self Defense

HPPT Pressure Point Self Defense

Chance favors the prepared mind. Are you prepared for today's escalating street violence against innocent people? Or are you complacent? Let's talk today in depth about HPPT Pressure Point Self Defense. First I want to break up the term and clearly define it.

What is Kyusho Jitsu?

First and foremost, Kyusho Jitsu is NOT a martial art in of itself. It is the study of the pressure point system of the human body and how best to take advantage of the weaknesses of this system.

It exists in every martial art but the information is either not taught, or not taught properly. This will result in ineffective self defense techniques. Here is the link to an article with more details on Kyusho Jitsu and its definition. 

Referencing Kyusho Jitsu
Large Intestine 18

What are Pressure Points?

A pressure point is a place on the body where a nerve ends, branches off in a "Y" shape or crosses over another nerve. There are 361 plus pressure points on the human body.

The actual size of a pressure point is that of the head of a pin. However the area of activation is the size of a Silver Dollar or Looney in Canada. Here is an article to Pressure Point Basics to help detail this information more for you. 

What is HPPT Pressure Point Self Defense

Here is a definition that many martial artists seem to have a problem with. So now lets look at the role of HPPT Pressure Point Self Defense and a real definition. 

You will see a lot of negative comments from tough guys about the effectiveness of martial arts in general in a self defense situation.

Why is this? Because for some reason these men believe that combat and a combative lifestyle are somehow linked to their manhood. 

HPPT Pressure Point Self Defense

When you have been in "more fights that you can remember" you are doing something serious wrong. This is NOT self defense. You have chosen to live a self destructive combat oriented lifestyle that will ultimately lead to your death. This can also be linked to several serious mental disorders.

But they are correct, martial arts will not work for them, and perhaps rather then die by the sword, they should seek some help. Unless you are police or military you should not be doing this! 

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

HPPT Pressure Point Self Defense is about protecting yourself and your family from ATTACK by someone who wishes to do you harm. It is not an engagement in a bar, but it can happen there. And it is NEVER about you bragging about your skills and getting in a fight. 

Self Defense is the use of reasonable force to end a conflict, and then turn the issue over to those who are mentally and physically prepared to deal with things, LAW ENFORCEMENT.

Defend yourself with the idea of getting out of dodge. It is NOT about ULTIMATE victory! Showing your amazing skills and doing untold damage to someone, then dealing with the legal repercussions of doing so. And of course retribution. That is childish high-school thinking!  I know 3 men from my High School now gone because they were this stupid and believed they were tough guys. 

So have you ever let your ego get you into a bad situation? Please leave a comment and tell us.

HPPT Pressure Point Self Defense

So what is it I am teaching when I refer to HPPT Pressure Point Self Defense? Obviously I am teaching the correct way in which to attack a pressure point on the body to get the best possible result. Therefore ending the THREAT

HPPT Pressure Point Self Defense

However at Kyusho Jitsu University we are doing more than this. We have course coming that assume no martial arts training and teach specific techniques to help deal with threats. 

But also these courses will...

  1. Teach you to identify a potential threat before it escalates.
  2. Use verbal skills to defuse the situation before the first punch is thrown.
  3. Situational awareness, understanding and using the environment to help keep you safe.
  4. And a lot more!

This is what self defense is! The best self defense is never using it! As the quote goes "chance favors the prepared mind."

Special Lower Price for the Dystopian Times!

HPPT Pressure Point Self Defense - Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

This leads me to our new course at Kyusho Jitsu University called Humane Pressure Point Tactics. To my mind this is one of the most important course we have ever produced.  It is for the martial artist and non martial artist who wished to develop skills to deal with the chaos of today's increasing violent word.

For the martial artist this is very important.  As this is a certification course and I encourage the graduates to go out in the real world and teach the content of these 3 courses. 

I encourage those not in the martial arts to learn and develop these skills to help assure your safety in this crazy violent world!

And to show you just how awesome these 3 courses are I am going to give you an incredible gift. Fill out the form below and you can download Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level One Lesson 1 FREE!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques


Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques


When it comes to Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques you can get a very solid result. That is providing you understand how things work. Often time I will see martial art teachers made big mistakes when it come to teaching self defense techniques, and adding pressure points to it.

Recently I watched part of a seminar for local law enforcement in which pressure points were badly misused. The 1st issue I had with what was being taught was the defender stepping forward into the punch. BAD IDEA. There is a time to step in and this was not the time. 

Next a "neck pressure point" was grabbed, however the teacher did not know the name of the point, nor was it attacked correctly. The pressure point in question was SI-16 [small intestine 16]. This is best a strike point. Yes the technique hurt! But under adrenaline this would not have been anywhere near as painful, because it is the wrong way to attack the point. 

Second and most important! The attacker has 2 hands and you are now within grabbing range, and no options to get out!  

Perhaps this man could "pull this off" himself, as he has about 45 years experience, but my issue is it is begin taught as "correct." And there was nothing correct about it!

There are many things I can do, but I would not teach these of techniques as some kind of "fact" of self defense.

Small Intestine Meridian

Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques - Proper Pressure Point Usage

When adding Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques you gotta do it right! As an example let's say you are teaching a center lock. If the student knows the center lock, and you wish to add Kyusho Jitsu knowledge to it. Then it takes time to change the understanding. If they have never seen the lock before, it becomes easier obviously.

Next you need to make sure you understand the pressure points "universal effectiveness." What percentage of people does this pressure point work on?  With SI-16 it is in the very high 90% range. 

Here is an example of adding pressure points to a "lock." This is a "Z" lock in this case.

There are also variations of this. But you will get the result! However, the technique itself must be fully understood and internalized. Then you can make it work. You also MUST understand the escalation level for such a technique!

Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques - Self Defense done RIGHT

There is a lot of information out in the wild on self defense. But in my view a lot of it falls short of getting the job done! And a lot of it will just get you killed! There are things you need to understand, and then ways in which you must proceed!

What you must know!

  1. You must know what the THREAT level is for the incident at hand. This cannot be an "I can handle it" moment in your life. This can get you killed!
  2. How to position yourself to cut the threat! The high percent of attacks begin with an "interview." You need to see this happening and respond to it! 
  3. How to preemptively handle the situation before it becomes life and death. Making 100% sure you are safe while doing this!

How to Start!

There are stages to all this. What I am referring to above is stage 1!

The situation could turn bad, but it has not yet done so! Today this is the most common stage. This stage is so prevalent today because of the current political climate and all the special interest groups of people thinking they have been "hard done to."  

They are angry and looking for someone to take it out on! So be cautious!

Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques

It used to be more commonly an interview for a robbery or some such event. 

Here are the 3 Stages

  1. Confrontation not yet become violent
  2. Dealing with the confrontation that has become violent
  3. A weapon is produced during the confrontation. Or there are multiple attackers.

You need a handle of all 3 Stages!

In Conclusion - What are the Solutions?

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Yes there is a solution! No matter what your level of self defense training, or how good your pressure point self defense techniques are this will help you! 

I have a  3 Level Certification Course available at Kyusho Jitsu University. This is called Humane Pressure Point Tactics. This is a 3 level certification course for both student and teacher. And is vital information on dealing with our current levels of street violence and confrontation.

 I will leave a link to another article below for you to look at also on a new program at Kyusho Club called HPPT Self Defense Solutions. And if you have any questions please feel free to comment here!

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