Discover the 3 Most Painful Pressure Points

3 Most Painful Pressure Points

3 Most Painful Pressure Points

What are the 3 Most Painful Pressure Points on the human body? There are many different pressure points that when stimulated correctly can cause vast amounts of pain! Learning and understanding these points is an important part of the science of pressure point self defense. So let's take a look at 3 or my favorite "pain points."  When understood correctly PAIN is a great deterrent in a low to medium self defense situation. 

There are certainly many, many more and you can download a report with more below! But this will get you started!

Painful Pressure Points - Triple Warmer 17

Painful Pressure Points - Triple Warmer Meridian

The first of the 3 Most Painful Pressure Points on the body is TW-17. This is a great point which I am personally very fond of!!

It causes intense pain on about 90 percent of the people I have worked with. Those are pretty good odds too! Located behind the ear posterior to the lobule of the ear, in the depression between the mandible and mastoid process

One of the most painful and potentially deadly pressure points. Easy to press in and seal with the finger, but difficult to strike. However, once a solid strike is made the result is devastating. As a control pressure point it is very effective!

Once hit there is a potential for a separation between the spinal column and skull resulting in permanent paralysis and possible death. A jaw dislocation is also possible using proper angle and direction. Striking this point can cause a knockout however this not recommended in Dojo training due to the serious potential consequences. 

Below is a video of using TW-17 along with the "Mental" nerve.

Painful Pressure Points - Governing Vessel 26

Pressure Points of the head

This is another massively most painful pressure points on the human body, which is rub pressure point primarily. However you can use as an example and hammer-fist on it and hit in and down. 

GV-26 is located on the inside of the upper lip, at the junction of the frenulum and the upper gum. It is attacked by pressing in and down on the upper lip, with a 2-Way Action. A vibrating side to side motion works best! Small motion while pressing in HARD.

This is a great point to use if someone gets on top of you. They will not stay there long if you attack this point! It can also be struck down which can cause a knockout.

Here is an article if you wish to read more about GV-26.

Painful Pressure Points - Large Intestine 18

Large Intestine 18

LI-18 is a wonderful strike point. When hit correctly with 2 Way Action, and straight across to the other side will cause crippling pain. If the strike is of sufficient force a knockout can also occur.

A solid strike to Pressure Point Large Intestine 18 on one side will cause the person to drop down to their knees in pain. The pain is very slow to dissipate, which allows time for escape in a self defense situation.  

A simple inward knife hand or "ridge" hand will accomplish this very well

Holding / supporting the neck on the opposite side with your other hand will also intensify the effect. LI-18 can also cause respiratory issues in anyone who has any kind of chronic breathing issues! You can read more about LI-18 HERE.

Below is another video example using LI-18

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

This is only 3 of the many, many most painful pressure points on the human body!

Are there some you find to be more PAINFUL than the ones I am listing here?

If yes please tell me about your favorites by CLICKING HERE

For a detailed explanation on the reasons that pressure point cause pain take a look at my article on what makes pressure points painful, linked here.

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Painful Pressure Points on the Human Body - Discover the Top 3 NOW!
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