End of Martial Arts Dojos?

Martial Arts Dojos

End of Martial Arts Dojos?

Updated Article April 16th 2021. Are we seeing the end of the traditional Martial Arts Dojos? Times certainly are strange, and I have been expecting this for a very long time. But I am hope I am dead wrong. No matter what your personal opinion of the Covid-19 crisis it certainly has done its damage. And many power hungry politicians are still hanging on to their power, even with SOLID proof the virus was never anything to get excited about.

But there is no sense crying over spilt milk. 

And the fitness centers are in the same boat. As various different businesses are allowed to open their doors again, many with unlivable restrictions, anything that is about making people strong, healthy and safer is still being throttled. You can riot in the streets, but going to church is a crime, and God help us if we train in a Dojo and build people ability to defend themselves as politicians want to defund the police and refuse to protect the citizens.  Rioting is free speech today, while health other than vaccines is a crime!

Sadly, I know many school owners who have already handed back their keys and tossed in the towel. I cannot say I blame them.

Martial Arts Dojos

As a former Dojo owner, and entrepreneur I saw the world differently than the average person. I worked all my life in the martial arts world and all I really wanted or needed was for the government to get the hell out of my way and let me make some money and build my school.

But the average person in the west wants the government to run their lives for them.  And it looks as if they are going to get their wish!

But remember "be careful what you wish for as you just might get it."

Today because of the mass incompetence of the powers that be, and the chaos on the streets of American our services are need more than ever. But I think within 5 years the Day of the Dojo will be gone.  And sadly many of the high level martial arts will be gone with us. Once again relegated to dark basements in the name of "progress."

I see NO progress at all in the cities of the western culture. Only self righteous special interest groups lying to the masses, brainwashing them into doing their dirty work to tear down a society and create a new one to benefit even more the elite assholes. 

Too many Intellectuals with NO BRAINS.

This seems to happen ever 30 years or so. And I really have no idea as to why. People become brainwashed by the idea that some how giving the government more power and changing an economic system to Socialism will somehow create a utopia for them to live in. And they believe that against insurmountable PROOF that all socialism does is cost lives.

How do you make this Utopian lie of Karl Marx come true?  The same way Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao, Fidel Castro and others did it. The Genocide of anyone who disagrees!

How does / did this all begin? With the loss of Free Speech, and YES it has been lost! This pattern has been repeated countless times throughout history, and always with the same result. Repression, poverty and unimaginable violence in the streets. 

Just like today, and getting worse by the hour.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

The end of the Martial Arts Dojos may be very well at hand. And this, like the history now being destroyed in the USA, is a great loss.

Martial Arts while originally from Asia has become part of the Western Culture. 

And losing it because of "special interest groups' within the Liberal Parties of the world are willing to kill, and destroy the lives of the people they pretend to represent. This is indeed very, very sad

Update April 16th 2021

I received new a while back that a dear friend and true Martial Arts Grand Master Hanshi Albert Mady of Windsor Ontario after 47 years of full time teaching is closing his doors.


Because IDIOTS in Canada have not noticed for the last 30 years they are enabling the take over of communism. Canada under the Trudeau government is NOW a Communist country.

GM Mady is unable to continue because of the LIE of Covid-19, the communist government of Trudeau, premier Doug Ford and the cowardly mayor of Windsor whatever his name is. 

A VERY SAD DAY for this community.

Updated December 20th 2020. Today the Dojo that carries my name is looking down the barrel of a second lockdown when both the CDC and the WHO state these are UNNECESSARY for public health.

PROOF that the unprecedented corruption of the not just the Windsor Essex Health Unit, but also the City of Windsor, the Province of Ontario and the Trudeau Government of Canada.  On Saturday December 19th the City of Windsor without any reason exteneded the lockdown of small business another 90 days. The corruption and authoritarian attitude of the major and city council show their sellout to the ideal of communism in Canada. 

In the Great Reset Martial Arts training is the enemy because it teaches people to think for themselves.

Sadly many great Dojos and other business have been destroyed for the benefit of a handful or corrupt men and women. While I will never run another Dojo I do feel for all the good men and women who continue to try to keep afloat while the civial srrvants running the cities betray their people for a payoff.

Sad times inddeed! 

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

GM Art Mason

GM Art Mason

 Martial Arts Dojos - Will they be Returning in our New World after Covid-19?
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Martial Arts Dojos - Will they be Returning in our New World after Covid-19?
Are we seeing the end of the Martial Arts Dojo as we once know them. With many corrupt politicians holding power will the day of the Dojo return?
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Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance
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    Such a Damn shame. All in the interest of more control. All is not enough.

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