Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points


Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points

The Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points

What are Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points? Before I go into some details here first let's lay the ground work in case all of this science of pressure point self defense is new to you. 

First I will define what a pressure point is. A pressure point is a place on the body where a nerve comes to an end, where nerves cross over each other, and where a nerve branches off.

There are 309 standard pressure points on the human body, plus 52 more points on the "vessels" which brings the total to 361. Now this is ONLY looking at one side of body however with reference to the meridian pressure points. 

These pressure points have specific characteristics that are associated to the meridian they lie upon, the element of the meridian. And the polarity of the related organ of the body. Here is a link to an article on Pressure Point Basics which will help you if you need more information!

What are Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points?

These are essentially pressure points that were discovered after the mapping of the original 361. They are found in many different places on the body. These Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points also have no direct relationship to any meridians or elements. 

Mue-28 -Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points

In this bad editing job I did here on this picture I give you Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points MUE-28. The pressure point is located in very close proximity to the Heart Meridian and therefore in the case will take on the characteristics of the Heart Meridian.

When struck across the arm, with 2 way action it releases the wrist.

The use of Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points does vary from point to point. Plus not all of them have any real application in Kyusho Jitsu. That being said I will give you a breakdown of some of the more useful ones. 

And I should warn you, this is not novice material! 

Extraordinary Pressure Points Summary

  • They have no relationship to Yin or Yang.
  • Have no underlying relationship with each other.
  • "Tend” to take on the characteristics of the closest meridian, but now always.
  • May run over-top of another meridian
  • Also help to coordinate the balance of Chi and Blood
  • May run over-top of another meridian
  • Assist in the functions of the regular meridians
Ex=HN-9 Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points

Extraordinary Point Listing and Locations

 1. M-HN-3 - Glabella area or the area between the eyebrows and nose
 2. M-HN-9 - Beside the nose.
 3. M-HN-14 - Bridge of the Nose
 4. M-HN-19 – Located on the lateral corner of the chin
 5. M-CA-23 - Umbilicus Triangle
 6. M-CA-18 - Lateral Pelvis
 7. M-UE-24 - Between the 2 and 3rd metacarpal
 8. M-EU-26 - Hollow of the elbow
 9. M-EU-48 - Anterior Shoulder area
 10. M-UE-27 – Above the knee

M-Hn-19 Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points

Now I am not today going to go into details about the functionality of each of the Extraordinary Pressure Points. This is all very advanced information.  However understanding their existence, and their basic use is important.

In Conclusion

Extraordinary Pressure Points have a very important function in Dim Mak because they upset the natural blood and energy balances of the body. 

Keeping all of this kind of information in balance, able to reference is a difficult task. There are a lot of other very "special pressure points" each with very important and different affects on the body.

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Have you had an experience with extraordinary pressure points? Do you have any questions? Please comment here.

Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy

This information above is just a small example of what you will find in my new book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy! If you would like to see a quick excerpt from the book click on the link below! This is about Pressure Point St-09!

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Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points - What are they & how do they work?
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Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points - What are they & how do they work?
Discover the Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points - These are pressure points mapped after the original set. The science of pressure point self defense.
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