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Chi Development - Martial Arts

Chi Development - Martial Arts has for some reason always be a bit controversial. One reason is we as a culture have become very nihilistic. Today people to put their faith in politics as apposed to ethics and morals. And politicians do not possess ethics or morals, history proves this. However "martial artists" and their journey should. 

But yet, not always....

I watch as martial artists often times attack and ridicule other styles, arts, and Dojo in a egotistical battle of needing to be right! Why is this? Because a core principle has been lost. And that is Chi Development and it link to martial arts.

The Words of Bruce Lee

Chi Development - Martial Arts : It is funny as we allegedly "progress" I see more and more attacks on the memory of Bruce Lee. This is by men who wish to show their knowledge, or in my opinion, how pathetic they are, by attacking Lee, and the things he taught, well what a sad world! There is even a website dedicated to attacking Lee! 

"All knowledge is self knowledge."

In my thought the above is one of Lee's best, if not his best quote. And it exemplifies martial arts training! The training of Body, Mind and Spirit. Spirit is Chi Development! Now in this article on Chi Development & Martial Arts I am not going to explain what Chi is. You can learn that from one of my previous articles on the subject. The article is called Kyusho Jitsu Chi Development.

Chi Development - Martial Arts

Chi Energy Development

Today the primary focus in martial arts training is the physical. And while the physical is important it is really only about 10% of what matters.

Mental and Spiritual are for the most part ignored. 

Why do I say this? Because today the focus is on creating a body to show off and winning trophies under dangerous conditions with the potential of life altering head injuries.

Their idea of mental preparation is chest pounding and promotion.

This is a disservice to the martial arts industry. Chi development for most martial artists is left for them to explore on their own. And much of the information out there is well, pretty bad.

Chi Development - Martial Arts - Who I am to comment?

There are people who will ask that question. And I am happy to answer it! I was fortunate enough to be trained by a Korean woman, who was a Chi Master having spent her adult life totally in pursuit of this knowledge. She was a close friend of my first martial arts teachers wife.

And we worked together from late 1989 to mid 1996. I cannot even guess at the number of hours. Typically 30 or so per week, much of the time.  The things I learned, did and saw in that time has shaped me into the person I am today.

Chi Development - Martial Arts - What she Taught

Thought the lost art of meditation she taught me many things. I will give you a bullet point short list below.

  • Real Buddhist based mediation to open energy channels
  • How to feel and follow the Chi in the body for better health
  • Pain control
  • Using chi to make important decisions
  • calming the mind and letting things roll off you like water on a duck's back
  • And much much more!

Today the meditation done in the self help world does very little compared to the "real thing." But most importantly chi based meditation teaches ust to hear and understand  the body, to connect with it, and also at the same time connect to the universal intelligent known as God or the infinite.

Chi Development - Martial Arts in Conclusion

Chi Development - Martial Arts CONCLUSION

Chi Development - Martial Arts training is something we need to bring back together.

I have been teaching Chi Development for years as it is based in Kyusho Jitsu / Dim Mak training.

But that is not what Master Che, my Chi Master taught me. 

Recently I had an email from a man training in some of our Chi Development techniques. He asked me if he could over train. Based on what I have been teaching the answer is yes.

Unless you follow my Chi Master's path, then the answer is never. This is what made me decide to for the very first time teach the things my Chi Master taught me. And the new course is called Chi Lessons of the Grand Master. Thank you for reading Chi Development - Martial Arts.

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