Dim Mak’s Vibrating Palm

Dim Mak's Vibrating Palm

* Dim Mak's Vibrating Palm

What exactly is Dim Mak's Vibrating Palm? There is a lot of legend to it, but again for the moment this does not concern me. Is it real? Very definitely it is real. Vibration is also very, very hard on the body. [Striking Action in Kyusho Jitsu] And this is the reason for the effectiveness of the Vibrating Palm.

Power vs Vibration

In the martial arts most people are focused on power.  Being I am not a very big person, especially by today’s standard, I never was focused on power. I found I got a much better effect with a “snapping” action.  Then once I discovered Kyusho Jitsu and the various striking actions, the world changed for me.

When you punch someone HARD you will damage the skin area and muscle which will cause bruising. The results are seen pretty quickly with a black to purple colour coming to the surface of the skin.

However using a “snapping” action, which is a vibrating action has a very different effect. The skin may appear to become red, like it has been slapped. But the damage is far deeper in the body, and will slowly appear to the eyes. Sometime it does not show at all.  The only indicator is pain.

Dim Mak's Vibrating Palm

When I began the Dim Mak Project the Vibrating Palm was on my list of wishing to address. I am going to give you an older video below in which I am discussing this idea. 

The idea behind Dim Mak's Vibrating Palm is not simply to cause the palm to vibrate. Which is a methods in which we use to attack metal in Kyusho Jitsu, [Learn the difference between Kyusho Jitsu & Dim Mak here.] but instead to train the body to pool, oscillate and release the Chi or internal energy upon the strike landing. 

The energy expulsion pressure point for this Chi is HT-08 on the palm. From what I have concluded from my research on the subject is not that the Dim Mak Masters can expel a lot of Chi from this point on demand, but also and more importantly control the frequency of this energy release.

High frequency energy does more and different damage than low frequency energy. All you need to do to see proof of this is the DEADLY 5g Cellphone services being pushed today. The human body can do this too!

If you do not believe that consider the times you argue with a friend or family member? This can take you off your game for any time from hours to years. This is because of the transfers of energy between the 2 combatants. 

Learn Vibrating Palm?

Are you interested in learning more about Dim Mak's Vibrating Palm? We have 2 different Courses you may want to take a look at from Kyusho Jitsu University. Check our the 2 links below for more information. 

Currently I have 2 courses online. These are both 3 month courses and are excellent! Right now you can grab each course for a fraction of the price! Plus there is a new course coming called "Ultimate Dim Mak" in 220. Anyone who is enrolled in the first 2 courses will get the 3rd free when it releases! 

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In Conclusion

Dim Mak's Vibrating Palm  CONCLUSION

Dim Mak is a fascinating art. And Dim Mak's Vibrating Palm is so very powerful!

The Dim Mak Project began in 2017 and still continues today. I have done several courses now, a few videos and a book.

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* Dim Mak's Vibrating Palm

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Dim Mak's Vibrating Palm - The Truth of HOW it Works
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