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* HPPT Deescalation Secrets

HPPT Deescalation Secrets. I have an older article called Understanding Self Defense Escalation Levels which I recirculated last week. In the ad for the article I refer to being able to do this in seconds.

And you only have seconds to do it! So today I am going to discuss HPPT Deescalation Secrets.

The reason I am doing this article on HPPT Deescalation Secrets is because of a comment I received in a Facebook Group stating "easier said than done." 

I guess he did not like my reply because he then told me "don't ever get in a fight you will lose!" Yeah, sure......I love how people can read a few words and know everything about me.  I guess he either knows everything, or is too lazy to do the important work of mastering the HPPT Deescalation Secrets.

HPPT Deescalation Secrets - Assess the Situation

The first step is too assess the situation. How much trouble are you in? Can it be deescalated?If someone is looking to rob you give them what they want! The cemetery is full of heroes. This is the best way to deescalate.

Now the egotists will object! Is your life really worth the contents of you wallet?

About Gun Crime

Years ago on a Detroit TV called Kelly and Company Chuck Norris was a guest.  An audience member as Norris what he would do if someone tried to rob him at gun point. The answer was perfect and the audience member did not see it coming! GM Norris said "i would give him my wallet."  The disappointment in the "questioners" face was EPIC. There are no stupid questions only stupid people.

Chuck Norris' answer is just common sense.

HPPT Deescalation Secrets - Personality Types

If you can deescalate a bad situation this is where HPPT Deescalation Secrets come into play. You need to have knowledge of and study personality types. When you know the personality type you can then talk with the person in a very important way.

You treat the attacker "the way they want to be treated." This can calm a situation down quickly and lead to a resolution other than violence. How do I know? Because I have done it countless times! Let's look at an example.

There is a man who appears from nowhere and puts a gun to your head. What do you do? If you think you can disarm him you are a fool. Please read these articles on Gun Defense Laws & 5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense.  The same applies to KNIFE Defense.

So let me ask you a question about this scenario. Why are you not dead? 

Because the attacker has not yet decided to kill you. You have time to apply HPPT Deescalation Secrets and walk away clean.

What are the HPPT Deescalation Secrets?

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

The are 4 basic personality types. These are as follows.

  1. Director
  2. Socializer
  3. Thinker
  4. Conscientious

Every person is a mixture of 2 of these. A primary and then a secondary personality. I am a Socializing Thinker.  This means I am a thinker primarily, and socializer secondarily. A personality type like mine is easy to engage in conversion. Conversation buys time and potential non violent resolutions. 

A Socializing Director is very different. Too much conversation will be taken as patronizing and could escalate the situation. There are no guarantees, but buying time is essential!

What does this guarantee?

It guarantees nothing, except to give you the chance to negotiate, deescalate or if violence is inevitable plan your counter and escape route.  There is a much more at play than just personality types. Even a conscientious person can be violent. Assumptions cannot EVER be made!

We also need to assess quickly "WHY" this is happening and are we dealing with a mental illness? There is a lot to take in quickly. How is all this possible? It gets down to the way you think and how you train. 

HPPT Deescalation Secrets in Conclusion

HPPT Deescalation Secrets CONCLUSION

This is a complicated subject and every instance will be different. It is beyond the scope of a single articles to teach you how to do this "personality" typing. 

But that is one of the reasons for my Humane Pressure Point Tactics Certification Course.

In Level One I teach about deescalation, and in Level Four I teach the personality types. 

The personality type information should be practiced everyday with every person you meet or know. Thank you for reading about HPPT Deescalation Secrets.

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