Death of the Western Culture

* Death of the Western Culture

Death of the Western Culture is not a article about Kyusho Jitsu or any other martial art topic. This is simply on opinion piece, and editorial if you will. 

I will link many different sources including my own. But today in sadness I want to discuss the Death of the Western Culture. How and why it is happening now, and the reality that nothing can reverse this process. 

"When criminal activity is accepted by a society, that society no longer exists." The west today now not only accepts criminal activity by government and corporations as normal, but even do their very best to defend those involved. I won't name names because you already know them.

We went from no tolerance of criminal activity (the rule of law) to a full blow hatred of one man, a hatred so deep electing a pedophile is better, as long as he [Trump] loses and we get our way.

It does not matter the amount of property damage, the number of people including children murdered in the streets, as long as this man is GONE.

Yet NO ONE can factual show anything he has done wrong or bad for the country since election with PROOF.  

In truth the evidence of the Death of the Western Culture is overwhelming of the good that was done.  Yet the mentally ill still attack daily. Pathetic. Bring back asylums!

Mental Illness of the Masses

Seriously people do you not know "hatred" like this is a serious mental illness? Some will argue this, but when an emotion affects the way you live your life, you have a SERIOUS problem! When a group hates one man so much they will destroy their own life, well society is dying. [ Trump Derangement Syndrome ]

And I no longer trust doctors because they do not do what is right today, but what they do what they are told! Or they have changed the oath from "do no harm" to KILL as many as possible and get more money!  But I opted out of western medicine 30 plus years ago now. My health is exemplary also. 

How can I trust them when the TV is full of ads for dangerous drugs promising to give you a wonderful life (but the side effect may kill you or cause you to kill others). Then outlawing treatments that work because there do not make any money selling them. This is the very definition of corruption. And the west embraces it......

However many doctors are trying to speak out today about the current lies. It is a hard battle because corrupt media and government try to discredit them.  But my Kudos to them for trying! Also as they try to stop the genocide be done by big pharma and corrupt doctors, politicians, and media. 

Weakness is now Virtue

Virtue Signalling

Another sign of the death of the western culture is how weakness is considered virtuous. And liars are considered the most virtuous. 

You see non stop propaganda today, and in reality for about 20 years now, telling people they are "good enough" the way they are.

What a pile of crap!

Lies are the major contributor to the Death of the Western Culture! No one is ever good enough. Life is a journey of self improvement and self understanding. And we used to help the weak become strong. Now we enable them telling them are "bold and beautify" so they feel good for 10 minutes and we as a society can virtue signal about "good people" we are. If you think this way, and the masses do, you are not good, you are pathetic! When a group of people you treat this way has a 40% plus suicide rate society has failed!

The sad truth is today this "pandemic" is loved by about 60% or more of the people in the western cultures. Staying home, wearing a mask, social distancing, non of which is based on science, allows them to play the victim card. Wait till you find out the truth of this one! The Ukraine??? YEP....

They can show the world how much better people they are because they understand the "greater good." They embrace untested medication to show just how good they are. And lets not forget the FREE MONEY! And over time all communist's and their government spoke of the "greater good." Are you so stupid you cannot see this? Or are YOU a commie?

All the while people with health issue who cannot wear a mask because of their medical condition are treated like criminals, while the virtue signalers yell at the top of their lungs for equity! 

Non Stop Lies

Lies are the major contributor to the Death of the Western Culture! This is the thing that disgust me the most. People today LIE NON STOP.  

People lie about everything and anything. Regardless of importance. The "programming" on television has been pushing the |virtue" of lying for decades. Look at the as an example 1970's show Threes Company. All three lie about everything and somehow people find this funny?

Our politicians lie non stop. A truthful statement has never come out of Pedophile Biden's mouth in his 50 years in politics! How this man is FREE proves my point about the Death of the Western Culture. There is no "rule of law" any longer.

That piece of human excrement Justine Trudeau has committed violations of the Criminal Code of Canada and was not even investigated. He LIES his way out. Rule of Law in my former country? It is a JOKE!

And as of this update he is in hiding because the country has risen against him. The voice of the"fringe minority."

And now our doctors, police, and every agency imaginable have joined in. That EVILS BASTARD Fauci has lied to Congress. Now it look like there will finally be an investigation. He crimes are beyond anything anyone in history has done.

And people tolerate it! You go lie to Congress and see what happens. Anthony Fauci is the evilest man to every live. He makes Joseph Mengele look like a boy scout. Robert F Kennedy's PROOF is his evil tells all. Yet this bastard is still as of the moment "above the law."

I have a friend in Canada who employer has lied about the "Health and Safety Act" in Ontario Canada to protect the lie of the narrative today. She needs to go to prison.  I have read the code, what she claims is there is NOT. And this bitch is in HR.

Lying is NOT VIRTUE. If you lie you are a just a liar. 

"Always tell the truth, or at least don't lie" Dr Jordan Peterson

History has lessons no one wants to learn!

Today those with serious mental illness run the streets destroying anything historical in nature it as racist.

And people believe this! Yet they refuse to see unlearn lessons are repeating today almost verbatim! 

* Death of the Western Culture

Each day we get closer to the end of, the death of the western culture as communism becomes reality. It is time to bury this failed experiment. 

When you bring this point up you are called names like racist and conspiracy theorist. Not that I personally are about being labeled. 

Let's look at a few example from history

I could literally give 100 different examples and factual links. But why? Most people will never read and educate themselves. History repeats, right down to wearing masks. But the masses want what is coming to the west! They embrace the socialist/communist agenda that murdered over 100 million people in the 20th century. 

"Today rather then fight a common enemy people fight each other on behalf of the enemy."

There are many trying to fight what is happening. But the people have been successfully divided. That is hard to fight against. You know longer know who the enemy is.

 Today it can be a family member who lies and turns you in because they do not like the way you "THINK." Or they become ill and blame you for it! I saw this coming years ago and pretty much stay clear or the masses. I am the Howard Hughes of the martial arts world. 

In Conclusion

Today those with serious mental illness run the streets destroying anything historical label it as racist. And people believe this! Yet they refuse to see unlearn lessons are repeating today almost verbatim! Each day we get closer to the end of, the death of the western culture as communism becomes reality.  CONCLUSION

I write this most for myself, to get my thoughts out of my head and move on. Some will say "if you do not like it then leave."

And that is exactly what I did! And I am no longer a citizen! And do things that really do have a positive impact on the world. You cannot help those who do not want help.

This is all I will say on this subject. Back to teaching Kyusho and Kosho Ryu via the internet and the Wolf's Den Dojo.

Some will say I am "throwing the baby out with the bathwater." No the baby is was aborted, the organs harvested, and the remains put into the food chain. Enjoy that Big Mac!

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I hope you got something out of my article Death of the Western Culture. If nothing else I hope you begin to ask questions and learn. Turn off the endless lies of media and do the work of research. Also checkout a more recent articled called the Fall of West for a more recent view. 

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

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