Top 5 Self Defense Tips. Important information that may save your life.

Top 5 Self Defense Tips

Today I want to give you the Top 5 Self Defense Tips with a Kyusho Jitsu flare to them. Now this is not today about techniques, but most of all being safe on today very unpredictable streets. 

Much of what is taught is unfortunately not very effective. It can be complicated to learn and some is just dangerous! But there are real solutions! 

Top 5 Self Defense Tips, so keep reading to discover them!

* Top 5 Self Defense Tips [Kyusho]

These commonly taught techniques pictured here are not effective!

Here is the list now of the Top 5 self defense tips all based on common sense.

Top 5 Self Defense Tips #1

Know you surroundings! I know this sounds like real common sense but you cannot image the number of people who have no clue! Now I live in a country with a VERY low violent crime rate. Currently, but that can change very quickly! Therefore be prepared always!

* Top 5 Self Defense Tips [Kyusho]

Here is a classic example of what NOT to do! It is only a purse, let it go and bring the police into the matter!

Always be safe!

Today you see people walking down the street, faces buried into their cell phone with no clue what is going on around them.  This gives the signal to ANY predator that says "ATTACK ME."

Put away the cell phone! Facebook, Twitter and Messenger are NOT emergencies! Don't make yourself a victim! I leave my cellphone in my pocket!

Top 5 Self Defense Tips #2

Notice I did not say "leave your cellphone home?" A cellphone when used properly is the greatest self defense "tool" in the world! Why? No not so you can hit the attacker with it! But so when something is wrong you can call the POLICE!

Every cellphone has a GPS tracking device in it that can help the police local exactly where you are! These work better then you realize! 

Here is a listing of common emergency phone numbers world wide. But check your area for the correct number! Have the number on speed dial is best because during an emergency you may not be able to dial very well! Even if you are experienced in self defense do this anyways! 

Most of all safety first! Ego LAST!

Top 5 Self Defense Tips #3

Seasoned self defense people and martial artist know this! However on the weekend I read a self defense article on WikiHow that was simply WRONG! 

Self Defense for Knife Attacks

It was about knife defense, which is hands down the most "dangerous" situation the average person will ever face! They told the readers to yell "HELP!"

Read there about the 13 Misconceptions about Knife Attacks.

Yeah NEVER well "HELP" unless there is a Police Officer within visual range!  Why? Because NO ONE will come! People today do NOT want to be involved and yelling help is rolling the dice!

Instead yell "FIRE!!!"

And the reason? People love to watch things burn! This will catch the attention of anyone in the area and human nature says they will come and see what is going on! Understanding the psychology of how people think is a wonderful thing!

Top 5 Self Defense Tips #4

Find a BUSY place to flee to! Do not go down dark alleys and deserted streets to get away. Try to find a place with lots of people! The odds are this will discourage the attacker and make him move on! 

Therefore this is why awareness of your surroundings is so important! Know where you are at all times! I talk constantly with my Kyusho Jitsu Students about the value of knowing where NORTH is. Make knowing you surrounds a part of everything you do! 

If you are in your car and think you may be followed do not go home! Drive once again somewhere well populated and use tip #2! Call the Police, always call the Police! It is there JOB!

Top 5 Self Defense Tips #5

Real World Self Defense

Get some self defense training! Now this is where I hear all the MMA guys going, "I am a trained fighter, I don't need this!" Yeah, no YES you DO!

Today most martial arts are sport oriented which is fine, but KNOW your limitations! Winning a battle in a ring, every at the high level is not the same thing! In a ring your opponent wants to WIN! On the street the attacker wants to KILL YOU!!


Now I hear many fighters talk about the guy they dropped on Friday night downtown. Yeah that is a FIGHT. When you have an argument with some guy who called your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other names and fisticuffs begin, that is a FIGHT.

This is 2 idiots who have giant egos who like to prove their worth. Have fun, that is NOT SELF DEFENSE! Enjoy the assault charges!

Now as for some serious self defense training I do have a solution for you! 

Top 5 Self Defense Tips in Conclusion

Top 5 Self Defense Tips Conclusion

Top 5 Self Defense Tips: It is never the things you know that get you into trouble. It is the things you "think" you know but do not that do! 

As an example a martial artist as talented  are not by default "Self Defense experts!"

This is a very common misconception!

You need to also know the LAWS as it pertains to Self Defense. Things are far more complicated than they used to be! Thank you for taking time to read Top 5 Self Defense Tips.


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