Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques

Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques


When it comes to Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques you can get a very solid result. That is providing you understand how things work. Often time I will see martial art teachers made big mistakes when it come to teaching self defense techniques, and adding pressure points to it.

Recently I watched part of a seminar for local law enforcement in which pressure points were badly misused. The 1st issue I had with what was being taught was the defender stepping forward into the punch. BAD IDEA. There is a time to step in and this was not the time. 

Next a "neck pressure point" was grabbed, however the teacher did not know the name of the point, nor was it attacked correctly. The pressure point in question was SI-16 [small intestine 16]. This is best a strike point. Yes the technique hurt! But under adrenaline this would not have been anywhere near as painful, because it is the wrong way to attack the point. 

Second and most important! The attacker has 2 hands and you are now within grabbing range, and no options to get out!  

Perhaps this man could "pull this off" himself, as he has about 45 years experience, but my issue is it is begin taught as "correct." And there was nothing correct about it!

There are many things I can do, but I would not teach these of techniques as some kind of "fact" of self defense.

Small Intestine Meridian

Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques - Proper Pressure Point Usage

When adding Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques you gotta do it right! As an example let's say you are teaching a center lock. If the student knows the center lock, and you wish to add Kyusho Jitsu knowledge to it. Then it takes time to change the understanding. If they have never seen the lock before, it becomes easier obviously.

Next you need to make sure you understand the pressure points "universal effectiveness." What percentage of people does this pressure point work on?  With SI-16 it is in the very high 90% range. 

Here is an example of adding pressure points to a "lock." This is a "Z" lock in this case.

There are also variations of this. But you will get the result! However, the technique itself must be fully understood and internalized. Then you can make it work. You also MUST understand the escalation level for such a technique!

Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques - Self Defense done RIGHT

There is a lot of information out in the wild on self defense. But in my view a lot of it falls short of getting the job done! And a lot of it will just get you killed! There are things you need to understand, and then ways in which you must proceed!

What you must know!

  1. You must know what the THREAT level is for the incident at hand. This cannot be an "I can handle it" moment in your life. This can get you killed!
  2. How to position yourself to cut the threat! The high percent of attacks begin with an "interview." You need to see this happening and respond to it! 
  3. How to preemptively handle the situation before it becomes life and death. Making 100% sure you are safe while doing this!

How to Start!

There are stages to all this. What I am referring to above is stage 1!

The situation could turn bad, but it has not yet done so! Today this is the most common stage. This stage is so prevalent today because of the current political climate and all the special interest groups of people thinking they have been "hard done to."  

They are angry and looking for someone to take it out on! So be cautious!

Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques

It used to be more commonly an interview for a robbery or some such event. 

Here are the 3 Stages

  1. Confrontation not yet become violent
  2. Dealing with the confrontation that has become violent
  3. A weapon is produced during the confrontation. Or there are multiple attackers.

You need a handle of all 3 Stages!

In Conclusion - What are the Solutions?

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Yes there is a solution! No matter what your level of self defense training, or how good your pressure point self defense techniques are this will help you! 

I have a  3 Level Certification Course available at Kyusho Jitsu University. This is called Humane Pressure Point Tactics. This is a 3 level certification course for both student and teacher. And is vital information on dealing with our current levels of street violence and confrontation.

 I will leave a link to another article below for you to look at also on a new program at Kyusho Club called HPPT Self Defense Solutions. And if you have any questions please feel free to comment here!

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GM Art Mason

Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques - Ending the Threat Effectively
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Pressure Point Self Defense Techniques - Ending the Threat Effectively
There is a lot of information on the NET about self defense techniques. A lot of it falls short in today's chaotic world. Understanding how the THREAT needs to be met, and how pressure points can make this happen is CRITICAL. Read more here!
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