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The Martial Arts Punch [Sport]


Martial Arts Punch

* The Martial Arts Punch [Sport]

One of the worst techniques seen in the martial arts world is the current version of the punch being taught today. And as i am calling it here, the Martial Arts Punch. it is mechanically terrible and in my view has been taught to the western world wrong for many reasons. 

Today I will examine what is wrong with it, and how easily it can be corrected to increase its effectiveness dramatically

Martial Arts Punch - History

Much of martial art history is passed down from master to student. Often times there is really very little written documentation.However the history of the punch we see today in the Korean and Japanese martial arts is a watered down sport version. I am told this style of punch was created for the teaching of children to assure safety.

And then taught to the western military as being correct. And I can understand why too! Right, wrong or indifferent WWII had a profound affect on the Japanese people. 

So what is wrong with the punch? First the fist is over rotated and the position of the thumb is usually incorrect.

Martial Arts Punch - Bad Body Position

The Martial Arts Punch [Sport]

From the image to the left you will notice the rotation of the hand. Mechanically this is 45 degrees over rotated!

Plus you can see how the thumb touches the "middle finger" or Pericardium Finger. And also notice the shape of the top of the hand.

All working together to produce an inferior striking implement. 

We also need to take in to account the 2 bones inside of the arm. We have the Radius Bone [Thumb Side] and the Ulna Bone. [Pinky side] 

Rather than go into a 1000 word explanation of exactly why this all matters please watch the short video below. 

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

The more time, effort and study you put into understanding Kyusho Jitsu & Correct Body Mechanics the more devastating your results will be. It is simply part of the laws of physics and energy transfer. 

You also help greatly reduce the chances of injury, while increasing the effectiveness of your techniques. 

Have you ever injured your hand or wrist striking? Tell us about it here!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Martial Arts Punch - What Most Martial Artists Don't Know About a Punch
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Martial Arts Punch - What Most Martial Artists Don't Know About a Punch
The Martial Arts Punch [Sport] - What Most Martial Artists Don't Know About a Punch. Learn the correct Body Mechanics to a devastating punch!
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