Kyusho Hapkido Octagon. How to blend martial arts styles.

( Kyusho Hapkido Octagon

How does Kyusho Hapkido Octagon all work together to form one martial art system? How did this happen, and more importantly WHY did it happen?

Let's take a look at the martial art I ended up founding, and the reasons why it happened to begin with. 

Kyusho Hapkido Octagon - Hapkido

We must first begin with my root art of Hapkido, or the more accurate name of Kuk Sul Hapkido. Unfortunately there is little information available online, or at least that I can find. The system I come directly out of is the late Chung W Oh from Kitchener Ontario.

Can you find me in the picture?

* Kyusho Jitsu Winter Season

Mr Oh came to Canada from Korea as part of the big Tae Kwon Do wave of General Choi Hong Hi. Mr Oh and the General were very close and GM Oh is even found in the Generals Encyclopedia of Tae Kwon Do,  My direct instructor was Master Philip Hollohan, who was one of Mr Oh's first students when he came to Canada. (Philip Hollohan is center picture above)

This is the Hapkido part of the Kyusho Hapkido Octagon connection.

Kyusho Hapkido Octagon - Octagon

Secrets of the Octagon

Part two of the is the Natural Laws of Motion, AKA the Octagon.

In approximately October of 2000 I began my Octagon training with a Kempo Grand Master by the name of Richard Buchan from the Toronto area.

Today I do not believe GM Buchan is still teaching, which is why I make the claim to be the only person currently still teaching the laws of the Octagon. I could be wrong, but I have not no found anyone else doing these teachings. 

The organization Kosho Ryu International does still have its website online. However it has not been updated in years!

Kyusho Hapkido Octagon - Kyusho

The final leg, or major leg of the journey began in late 2001 when I attended a George Dillman seminar at Steve Stewart's Modern Martial Arts in London Ontario.  After this seminar I was hooked on the pressure point science of Kyusho Jitsu and began a 10 year plus journey as a direct student of GM Stewart. 

With Steve Stewart. George Dillman and Louise St Jacques

With Steve Stewart. George Dillman and Louise St Jacques

All of which was incorporated in the root art I founded in 2006 called Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido. 

Kyusho Hapkido Octagon in Conclusion

Kyusho Hapkido Octagon CONCLUSION

The reason for the creation of my own systems was seeing the shortfalls and missing aspects of my original root art.

It took me 22 years to found the art, which is self defense based and has no sport aspects at all!

Here is a History of Hapkido from the World Budo Alliance. You can read my full biography here. I will also provide links to all related courses below! Thank you for reading Kyusho Hapkido Octagon.

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