Kyusho Education not Indoctrination – Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

* Kyusho Education not Indoctrination

Kyusho Education not Indoctrination - Chance Favors the Prepared Mind: People "take" martial arts classes for many different reasons, and most of the time it is the wrong reason.

That is why the quit rate in a martial arts dojo is so high. In some Dojo's it is as high as 90%.

But eventually everyone quits. And those who decide to pursue a Kyusho education also have a high quit rate, and one reason is we need Kyusho Education not Indoctrination.

Kyusho Education not Indoctrination

* Kyusho Education not Indoctrination

The education system in the west DISGUSTS ME. In the upper levels professions wish for their students to becomes slaves to their "brilliance" and yet they are only corrupt minions of the system they are involved in.

 Selling out their students to keep their boss happy.  In Canada, a sad and now pathetic country of the indoctrinated the "education" system does NOT teach cursive writing to children. 

Which destroys their potential as human beings PERIOD. Indoctrination is the "order of the day" in Canada.

But I am a little off topic, what does this all have to do with Kyusho Jitsu? I am a Kyusho Jitsu teacher not instructor, I believe in Kyusho Education not Indoctrination. My job is to provide the student with information and then make them think about it. Assess the information and decide how to be apply the information. Then using the knowledge attempt a knockout or create brain dysfunction in their Uki. Following protocols of safety of course. 

Not to provide answers, but to encourage pursue of knowledge and then to apply it! 

Kyusho Education not Indoctrination

I do not believe in showing off. There is lots of video out their of me teaching seminars and doing knockouts. But unlike many in the field I do not post hundreds of videos of me showing how great I am. I want my students to be great, better than me.

But that requires commitment on not just my part, but the student also. Sometimes I see Kyusho people with cute little titles and nicknames. Things like the "Mozart of Kyusho." Nice, but I would rather be the "Doctor House" of Pressure Point Study making you think in the abstract, and developing your ability to connect the dots and make pressure points WORK.

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

* chance favors the prepared mind

This is a great saying. And it is true beyond measure. Interestingly enough you could sum up the classic book The Art of War using this phrase!  

And this is also about learning to THINK, not just accept everything you are told as fact, but rather use both logic and reason to make you own conclusions based on the information given. 

Understanding the answers are not etched in stone, but will grow and develop.

 And today with the fact that almost everything to see, read and hear is propaganda then deductive reasoning becomes a survival skill. Martial arts training is about survival and war.

Today the war is not fought with guns and knives, but with words and mind control. Manipulation, lies, gas-lighting and censorship

Most of the world today suffers from cognitive dissonance, and that is a serious and dangerous mental condition. Don't believe me? Go outside and watch the people. It should concern you greatly. Unless you are a fool.

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind, what does this mean? Are you educating yourself constantly based on research and facts, not trying to make yourself "feel" good with the outcome, but understanding from a point of LOGIC, cold and hard,  so intelligent decisions can be made?

Kyusho Education not Indoctrination Martial Arts is about MIND

I have been int he martial art world going on 37 years. And thankfully because I am a risk taker therefore the majority of this time has been full time. Martial Arts is a physical avenue designed to connect the body to the mind. Then ultimately the body-mind-spirit connection.

And that is rarely if ever accomplished with sport or competition. Competition is a emotional based ego trip to prove yourself better than someone else, rather then to become better than you were yesterday.

*Value of celebrity opinions

All you have to do is look the world of profession sports, the drug addiction, the physical abuse of spouses and children to see that EGO is not the answer.

You now see the egos on every playing field, as they try to force their unresearched opinions on the masses to make themselves feel important. But I can say that about Hollywood too! 

Developing the MIND is everything. Then as a by-product developing the spirit. This is the path of life. A Kyusho Education not Indoctrination is one way to get on that path. The path of using the brain, the mind to its full potential. A calm, focused, propaganda proof, questioning mind. 

Chance favors the prepared mind, and MIND is everything.

Kyusho Jitsu is a Puzzle to be solved

Kyusho Jitsu is a puzzle to be solved, not a truth. Solving the puzzles develops the mind, Applying the knowledge learned makes any martial art more effective.  It take the focus off the physical and makes the martial artist ageless. 

And we all grow old! I knew one day I would grow old too, I just did not think it would be this fast! Kyusho Education not Indoctrination!

Kyusho Education not Indoctrination in Conclusion

Kyusho Education not Indoctrination CONCLUSION

The other day I had a gentleman approach me about learning some Pressure Points. Plus he sent me images of his note taking.

He wanted me to teach him on my Dim Mak Group on Facebook directly. But that is just not possible,  I have laid out a specific path for students, and the path works because the quality of the students in the KJWA is very high. 

And I hope he will follow that path! Also I hope you will seek this knowledge also. And if you are a student recommit your efforts to learning. True commitment has no expiry date.

The path is hard, it requires time and perseverance to become good. Seek a Kyusho education not indoctrination. If your teacher does not push to make you think, then it is indoctrination.  Thank you for reading this article called Kyusho Education not Indoctrination.

Kyusho Education not Indoctrination
Chance favors the prepared mind. Are you ready?

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