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Pressure Point ST-35
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Why Study Kyusho Jitsu?
Why Study Kyusho JitsuYou study martial arts and train hard every night! And you have been doing it for years![...]
Kyusho Jitsu Grand Cross
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Deadly Back Pressure Points
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Kyusho Joint Locks Octagon
Kyusho Joint Locks OctagonJoints in the body are a wonderful thing, until they stop working or cause pain! I remember[...]
Alarm Point CV-14
Alarm Point CV-14I am a martial arts teacher who specializes in Pressure Points. My area of expertise is very specific.[...]
Kyusho Jitsu Learning Online
Kyusho Jitsu Learning OnlineOur world is a very different place then it was even 9 months ago. Now no matter[...]
Self Defense No More
Self Defense No MoreI cannot save the world, and the world does not want to be saved anyways! After "beating[...]
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master
Art Mason

About the Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason began his formal martial arts education on November 10th 1984 in the Chung Oh system Grand Master Oh from Kitchener was at the time a 7th Dan Black Belt Hapkido master as well as a 7th Dan Taekwondo master.

During his early years his head  instructor was Master Philip Hollohan, where he spend 16 years under his direct supervision. At the rank of Green Belt began his teaching career in the arts therefore creating a passion to pass on his learning. At the rank of assistant Black Belt, which is a probationary Black Belt level we still use today he began to run a branch school for Master Hollohan. During this time his passion and hunger for the arts continues to grow.

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