Self Defense Secrets. Learn the things you must know to be safe.

Self Defense Secrets

Self Defense Secrets. It is interesting, but when I make the subject line of an article anything about secrets more people will read it.


I think people deep down inside hope there is a way to get things done, win, without having to do the work. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am! So, what self defense secrets am I talking about?

Well you did not read this far for nothing. But the secret may not be as exciting as you hoped. 

The Self Defense Secrets......

Self Defense success is simple, its WISDOM, and wisdom is only extraordinary common sense. Are there really any Self Defense Secrets?

I see today so many online courses from EX military men that talk about "teaching you to defeat any man." And about their "special techniques" to assure success. Common sense will tell you this likely CRAP. 

Now assuming the person they refer to in the add is really a Veteran, and if so my respect to him or her for serving his country, does not make him a self defense expert. It makes him a military person. 

Men like Jesse "the body" Ventura are ex-seals but you do not see them teaching this stuff to the general public. Why? He is not qualifiedWAR - Combat is NOT self defense!  The things these men and women train in are for WAR, they cannot be turned down for real life!

Self Defense Secrets

Plus often times when you watch the video this is nothing spectacular going on. It is BASIC STUFF. But the theme is someone looking for trouble! And if you look, you will find it! Real self defense is avoiding trouble!

So, why is this so bad? Because the focus of their content, and all the talk is about winning the fight. Self Defense is NOT about winning the fight, it is about surviving the attack. 

Physically and mentally and hopeful without a murder charge against you. And without a life of mental issues from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD]. 

Self Defense Secrets to success are simple, the secret is WISDOM, and wisdom is only extraordinary common sense.

Self Defense Secrets - Things you need to know!

  • How to keep your cool! Train to depersonalize the attack
  • Understand every element and sign of escalation
  • How to create an escape path. It is not about winning, but surviving.
  • Use reasonable force always! You do not want to end up in JAIL! 
  • Know exactly what the law says, and stay within those limits.
  • Simply effective strikes and movements

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Self Defense training begins long before any attack, and concludes long after the attack has ceased! 

There are many elements you need to understand, and apply in order to come out as a survivor and not a victim. 

What self defense training do you have? Are you sure it is not "fighting" you are training for? There is a BIG difference! Thank you for reading Self Defense Secrets! I hope you enjoyed this article.

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