Kyusho Jitsu Factors of an Opponent gives Ultimate Control

* Kyusho 3 Factors

Kyusho Jitsu Factors of an Opponent: There is a principle in Kyusho Jitsu that causes some questions and confusion. So today I am going to address the 3 Kyusho Jitsu Factors of an Opponent.

This is not a technique or an application that you perform. But rather an understanding of the natural laws of self defense and the world. 

The main idea behind this is we live in a 3 dimensional world, and this FACT can be used to our advantage.

What are the 3 Kyusho Factors of an Opponent?

  1. Height - How tall is the attacker?
  2. Width - The measurement from shoulder to shoulder
  3. Depth - This is the front to back measurement

This is all pretty basic right? And one thing to always remember often times the simplest things are the most powerful.

Pay attention to this concept! Power lies in simply things, that most people ignore. The 3 Kyusho Jitsu Factors of an Opponent are extremely important.

Kyusho Jitsu Factors of an Opponent - Height - Width - Depth

* Stance Kyusho Jitsu Factors of an Opponent

The actual height of the attacker really has no meaning. it is only the fact that there is height we are concerned about. Why this matters is that in order for someone to stand, and to move forward, sideways or backwards there must be "balance." And this balance is very fragile!

Next we have the "width" of the attacker. Once again the distance is irrelevant. Only the fact that his exists is what matters. Power of the 3 Kyusho Jitsu Factors of an Opponent.

Finally we have "depth" and without depth movement would not be possible. And that is what the 3 Kyusho Factors are all about. Movement and how to control movement by attacking these Factors.

And the idea behind this is very simple. If when I respond to an attack I eliminate 2 of the 3 factors and then the 3rd automatically cancels out. But there is more to it than this as we must be efficient and not end up affecting ourselves. Are you seeing the importance of the 3 Kyusho Jitsu Factors of an Opponent?

Kyusho Jitsu Factors of an Opponent - Balance

The key to this entire process is balance and balance has its primary basis in depth. If we look at a "forward bo" or "walking stance" and add a reverse middle punch we have a very power geometric stance with the focal point of the power being the fist of the reverse middle punch. 

What you have is a "triangle" which is the basis for the power this punch can deliver. You can also say that the "body mechanics" of this punch are excellent. 

This punch delivered with the correct body mechanics will mean the back leg is locked, the front knee is bent, and the punch is centered within the body. The feet at a shoulder and a half wide.

This provides a triangle from the feet to the fist, and also the shoulders to the fist. 

Kyusho Factor - stance

Now lets go into detail on how this all ties together in this exclusive video!

A Video on the 3 Kyusho Jitsu Factors of an Opponent

How do you deal with this?

So the question is how do you effectively deal with and control the 3 Factors of an Opponent? You cannot stand and fight. Do so is an ego based ideal, rooted in sport combat. To stand and fight on the street is foolish. I have an article called Which Martial Art is Best that will help you understand how this is done also.

But to make is simple, you must learn to MOVE in a preparatory manner using the theories and principles of the Octagon. This opens up very effect pressure points that cannot easily be accessed if you stand and fight. Learn more about Octagon and its art Kosho Ryu here.

Kyusho Jitsu Factors of an Opponent in Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

What does any of this have to do with Kyusho Jitsu? I never once mentioned the words "Pressure Points" did I?

Well you can use pressure points in a grappling situation to make this happen. 

And when you fully understand how this works and can apply this knowledge you can open the body up for more and better pressure point access!

That is why this is such important information! Plus you should also read the sister article on the Kyusho Jitsu Power Principle too!

Thank you for reading the 3 Kyusho Jitsu Factors of an Opponent.

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