A Martial Artist is NOT a Self Defense Expert


Self Defense Expert

Self Defense Expert

I am going to upset a few people today, but a Martial Artist is NOT a Self Defense Expert! In fact most know little to nothing about the topic. They pretend to because they either won a few street fights in their day or some tournaments. Sorry guys, self defense is not the same thing! Now a martial artist can be a self defense expert, but this requires a different type of training and knowledge!

Now I am not saying that these men and women cannot fight, that is an entirely different subject, with almost no relationship between them.

Self Defense Expert - The Fight

I have great respect for fighters. I was an amateur boxer in my youth as well as a full contact and point style TKD fighter. However I discovered one day when I got into a situation I could not handle that there was a big difference between the 2! Yes it did have a lot to with physical skills, but much more of it was mental or psychological than anyone realizes. 

* Right to Self Defense

Sample #1:

You are in a bar with your "significant other" and a problem arises with another person there. Words are exchanged perhaps because you choose to defend the honor of the person you are with. So you take it outside! Depending on whether there are drugs and or alcohol involved the average martial artist will do very well here. But this is a FIGHT. There will be a winner and a loser, because their ego dictates there must be one! And no one is trying to kill the other, at least not in this scenario!

Sample #2

A man is stationed at a military base that comes under attack via ground forces. Without a weapon in his hand he defeats and kills an attacker. This is not self defense, this is combat. In the real world he would likely succeed in most self defense situations. However he will likely end up charged with at least manslaughter and end up with prison time for excessive force. 

There is also a difference in the psychology of the attacker. In a military or combat situation the attacker is expecting a problem with the defender. On the street the attacker has chosen a victim! 

Sample #3

You are walking out of the movies with your wife and child. 2 guys approach you and demand your money. As you are about to comply, becasue you are smart the situation turns violent. You must SURVIVE not win, and protect your wife and child. You were chosen because you appeared to be easy. And with the right kind of training, both mentally and physically you could survive this! But not if you think the championship you won last year, or your knife fight training will help you.

This is a different UNIVERSE and it is not even a parallel one!

A Martial Artist is NOT a Self Defense Expert

Self Defense Experts - The Real Deal

Do I consider myself a self defense expert? That is a yes and no answer. I am still training and researching to discover the truth of our every changing world and the violence issues we face. They are not the same ones we faced 5 years ago even. Therefore while I am adept, I do not like the word expert. 

Can anyone be a self defense expert? It depends on several different things.

  1. Unless you have never been robbed, or attacked on the street it is pretty hard to relate to the situation. You need to have experienced the adrenaline when this happens
  2. You must be trained in a system that focuses on simple and solid movements. It ain't Hollywood and Bruce Lee's movies were pretend. 
  3. You need to research situations with people who have been there. Learn how they did, what they did and how they survived the threat!

This is the beginning, getting on the path to becoming a self defense expert. But the lessons never end.

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

Becoming proficient at self defense or becoming an expert is a no ending journey. Situations change constantly and we must develop our skills accordingly!

Have you ever been in a life or death situation? Leave a comment and tell me about the experience!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Self Defense Expert - Truth of the Matter, a Martial Artist is NOT an Expert!
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Self Defense Expert - Truth of the Matter, a Martial Artist is NOT an Expert!
There are many misguided opinions in our culture. One of the is that because you are a martial artist you are a self defense expert. This is simply WRONG. Learn the FACTS now!
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