5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense

5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense

* 5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense

What are the 5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense?  In fact most of what is being taught is dead wrong! It is based on the things people see in movies, therefore making it dangerous beyond belief. There is nothing wrong with practicing fancy gun disarms, and other techniques. However to think they apply to real life is fool hearty at best! 

Back a few years ago I posted an article on the 13 Misconceptions of Knife Attacks. This article told the truth from a expert in the field. Today we will look at a different aspect, GUNS. Share these articles! They may help save a life!

5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense

This is a NO WIN. It is ONLY about survival, not being a hero!

5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense #1

The first of the 5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense is the idea that you are somehow going to disarm the attacker and not get yourself or someone else shot! Back in the mid 90's my first instructor had his variety store robbed at gun point. He very famously disarmed the robber when he saw an opening to do so. 

5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense

So why am I saying you cannot disarm a gunman? The ONLY reason my instructor was not shot was because the safety was still engaged on the firearm. Otherwise he would have had a hole in him. One thing to understand about this is, that if you have not been shot there is ONLY one reason! The gunman has not decided to kill you yet! The gunman is holding all the cards, you have none!

5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense #2

If you grab the gun it won't go off! While there are some firearms this may be true for don't be foolish! It takes very little pressure to squeeze a trigger and the odds are no matter how fast you are you will be shot!

This is a VERY serious situation and you are not in a position to "see what works." The ONLY priority you need to have is to get out alive and survive!

5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense

5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense #3

"The gun will recoil upward and so I can duck." While there is logic in this idea there is a lot to be considered! If the assailant misses you the bullet is likely to hit someone else who could be behind you! The object is to end this and escape without the gun going off so that the police can then deal with it. Plus, he can still shoot!

5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense

This gun would have fired long before it got to this position. If it did not kill you then it will kill anyone in the way!

This is FOOLISH!

5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense #4

"If I disarm them I can use the gun." Yeah, well NO you cannot. If by some miracle you disarm the attacker and get the gun you legally become the attacker! This ideal is pure Hollywood and therefore a pile of CRAP

5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense #5

"I can fight back if the bullet does not hit a major organ" Yeah again NO. The moment the bullet enters or even grazes the body you will go into shock! You will not then begin to be able to fight back! Plus there will be a large loss of blood! The object is only to keep the gunman from shooting!

The 5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense

These are all really common sense. However common sense is not very common these days! So let's look at some logical ways to deal with things.

5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense - Solutions

The first step in this scenario is to understand if you have not been shot it is because the gunman has not decided yet to kill you! This is where your skills at de-escalation are paramount! You do train in deescalation right? You cannot talk someone down from this position, but you can find out what they want and do your best to give it to them! 

Back in 2010 I had an incident I came out of OK because all they wanted was money. Had I tried to be a "hero" it could have gone very bad, very fast! I tossed the money to one side of the attacker, and I went the other way. This ended the conflict. There is more to the story then this, however time contains do not permit me going into it in great details. 

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

The only opportunity you are looking for is escape! Then allow the police to do their jobs and deal with this!

Question: Have you ever been in a life or death high escalation situation? If yes please comment below and tell us about it! This kind of information will help others be safe.

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5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense
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