Which Pressure Points Make you Faint? How is this possible?

* * Which Pressure Points Make you Faint?

Which Pressure Points Make you Faint? I saw this question the other day in a search that gave Quora as the source.

And I did not answer which Pressure Points Make you Faint on Quora, because I am not of a fan of the website. There are too many big ego there who are trying to impress people with how intelligent they are. Sorry not interested.

But the question:  Which Pressure Points Make You Faint?  Or in other words which pressure points to knock someone out ? This is an excellent question! So lets discuss this one today!

Which Pressure Points Make You Faint?

There are dozens of pressure points on the body that can cause a faint. But we also should define the word faint. 

Faint: pass out from weakness, physical or emotional distress due to a loss of blood supply to the brain. Drop in blood pressure. This is also referred to as a Vasovagal syncope.

There are several pressure points on the body, due to their proximity will cause a serious drop in blood pressure result in a "vasovagal syncope." 

But this is only one type of "knockout" practiced in the science of pressure point self defense called Kyusho Jitsu. And can be viewed under the topic of Which Pressure Points Make you Faint?

Pressure Points to Knock Someone Out

The prime examples of pressure points that will cause "vasovagal syncope" are ST-09, and ST-10 to name just two.

This is caused by an overreaction of stimulation of the Vagus Nerve, which is also called the "Heart Nerve."

To answer the question at this point one such pressure point that will result in a faint is a strike to Pressure Point ST-09.

ST-09 lies in the Carotid sinus, and when struck the reaction of the Vagus nerve to the brain is an increase in blood pressure.

Therefore this results in an instant drop in blood pressure and the resulting "faint."

And is referred to as the Carotid sinus reflex."

Vagus Nerve Which Pressure Points Make you Faint? Why?

You can read more about ST-09 from by book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy by clicking the button below.

Which Pressure Points Make you Faint? 

Now these types of pressure point knockouts tend to be very dangerous for many different reasons. This ranges from the drop in blood pressure to nervous system overload that causes the brain to shutdown to protect the body. They can have serious consequences up to including death.

Another type of knockout, can also be referred to as Brain Dysfunction. The person may not go fully unconscious, however they will not be able to function "normally."  Plus the extent of the effect or reaction depends on many different circumstances. Many of these are discussed in my book Understanding Neurological Pressure Point Knockouts. There you can learn more about Which Pressure Points Make you Faint.

Which Pressure Points Make you Faint? What is a "knockout?"

There are 3 different types of knockouts and their causes. But the root cause, no matter what the cause all end up being neurological events. Here is a breakdown of the 3 basic types,

  1. A concussion can be caused by heavy impact to the skull such as a martial arts strike, a fall, car accident, etc. However trauma does not always cause unconsciousness, but when it does it is a neurological event. Therefore these are very dangerous and can result in death.
  2. Next on the list is the neurological knockout. A neurological knockout is caused by a short circuit, overload, or imbalance in the central nervous system, involving both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. Therefore this can be done using Kyusho Jitsu techniques.

    And these may also be caused by extreme stress, emotions, shock, or extreme trauma to any area of the body. [A broken bone or crushed limb for example]. Neurological knockouts also occur due to excessive use of drugs or alcohol. What is often called "fainting" is also a purely neurological event. As an example someone may faint at the sight of a needle. Since some do not believe that pressure point knockouts are real does this mean the person fainting is not real also? Using the correct Pressure Points Make you Faint.
  3. Then we have cardio/respiratory. This type of knockout is caused by limiting the oxygen supply to the brain. Therefore this can be caused by choking or strangulation involving the air supply, the flow of blood or both. These can also be caused by impact to veins or arteries. Which cause a disruption in the flow of blood,  possibly dislodging plaque from the arterial walls causing clots.  

The question today with the term "fainting" refers to the 3rd type of knockout listed here. This is also part of the Dim Mak systems of training. 

Below is a short video example of the 2nd example from above of when Pressure Points Make you Faint.

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

Today I am only touching on one pressure point that when activated will cause a "faint."

This is a very in depth topic, and therefore a complete answer requires several chapters of a book. 

One of the questions I get on this topic is about "how to pass out on purpose with pressure points." You cannot knockout yourself out with a pressure point strike. The survival instinct kicks in long before you can do any real damage. I hope you enjoyed Which Pressure Points Make you Faint?

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