All Inclusive Self Defense. The things you do not know.

* All Inclusive Self Defense

All Inclusive Self Defense: Today the word inclusive has become very important, but when it comes to the self defense world so many things are simply overlooked. Today we are going to discuss All Inclusive Self Defense and what this really means. I am going to breakdown the things you need to know, learn and understand to survive the threat of today's streets. 

One of the biggest disservices being done to people today is the constantly telling them what "victims" they are because someone did something bad to them. Really I feel that this behavior, which we see a lot on the "Left" in USA politics is CRIMINAL. They are teaching people to be weak rather then showing them the way to succeed, all while making themselves famous and richer. Pathetic we put up with this! These employees of the people need to be put in their place! 

But let's get on with All Inclusive Self Defense

All Inclusive Self Defense - Situational Awareness

I know you have heard this one before! But when I look at  people out on the street they are only intellectually understanding this idea.

Walking alone with headphones on in  a park, or their nose firmly planted in their smartphone have no idea of what is going on around them. 

Are you one of these people? Addicted to Facebook or Instagram? 

* All Inclusive Self Defense

Myself I use my smartphone on average  of less than 10 minutes per day. There is a "Digital Wellness" app that will tell you exactly how much you use your phone. Try it out!

When you are out in the world know exactly where you are at all times, and who is around you. Plan your route ahead of time, don't us the GPS! Look confident as you travel to your destination. Bad Players are looking for distracted, lost people. Starring at your phone will make you look like a good target.

When going to and from work or school try to not be predictable taking the same route and the same time everyday. And if possible travel with friends. Learn about the city you live in and where the problem areas are. Stay away from problem areas.

Cellphones - Ultimate Self Defense Weapon

Part of All Inclusive Self Defense is the cellphone. While it can be a problem is also an amazing weapon! If you have a 911 service this is best. If not make sure the local police are on the speed dial.  Don't be afraid to call for help! The police would much prefer coming to a false alarm rather then to mark out a crime scene after an attack.

All Inclusive Self Defense means taking advantage of everything at your disposal! And this certainly means technology. OH, and if something is going on around you. Turn on the voice recorder. This can be used to help with the police if something does happen. 

All Inclusive Self Defense - Body Language

* All Inclusive Self Defense

Body language and understanding it is an art in itself. But remember this is a 2 way street!

You can read the other person or potentially bad situation, but they can read you too! All inclusive self defense means 3 dimensional thinking.

If you look nervous they will see this! But to not look nervous means training to be braver. You cannot overcome fear. 

Always walk with your head up and shoulders back! Know exactly where you are and possible escape routes if needed. But do not look around intensely like you are panicked. If someone talks to you answer but keep moving.  Do not stop to answer the inquiry! "Hey bud what time is it?" " Sorry no watch," and keep going. Eye contact is OK but never stare!  Best to look disinterested. Use your peripheral vision too! Practice to use it!

Watch the body language of those around you. Do they look nervous or "suspicious." Your gut feeling is almost always right. If something feels wrong get "out of Dodge."

All Inclusive Self Defense - Escalation

This is something in my Humane Pressure Point Tactics Certification Courses [H.P.P.T] I talk about non stop. How much danger am I in here?  What can I do to lower the threat? Threat management is also an art!

* HPPT Self Defense Psychology

And things can go from 1 to 10 very fast! Especially if you run into someone with a mental illness. Words, like disagreeing with someone can "trigger" violence at a moments notice. A question like "what do you think of..." is best answered with a shrug. 

When we were kids we were told by mom "don't talk to strangers", this seems to be very good advice today when a simple greeting or kindness can trigger one of the "woke" to go off the deep end and become violent. 

Be prepared mentally, and "Chance favors the Prepared Mind."

In True Self Defense

"In True Self Defense there is No Body Contact" a great quote from the late Jame Mitosi. And once understood and even mastered can lead you to becoming safe on the street, and to avoid bad situations.  A lot of what is being taught today as "self defense" is simply BAD advice. And because someone was a "seal" or claims to be a "seal" does not really meaning anything.Self Defense is NOT WAR and not sport either. Get that out of your mind!

All inclusive self defense is about personal security, personal privacy and defensive techniques and learning designed to make you safe and allow the police to then do their jobs.

All Inclusive Self Defense in Conclusion

All Inclusive Self Defense CONCLUSION

The most important thing in all inclusive self defense learning is surviving the threat! Really that is the only thing that matters!

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