Benefits of Martial Art Training

Benefits of Martial Art Training

* Benefits of Martial Art Training

Today, considering the dystopian age we now live in, I want to discuss the importance and benefits of REAL Benefits of Martial Art Training with you. And I promise some people will not like what I have to say. But if you are a like minded person please share this article, My views today, more than ever are being censored. Why? Because I talk about people thinking for themselves and in this world that is now considered RADICAL,

Benefits of Martial Art Training

Real martial arts training is not only about the physical. Today most of what is called martial arts are ONLY physically based and are NOT based in ethics or values. They are only based on winning at any cost. Sport is a piss poor example of martial arts, and all you have to do is look at the drug use, abuse of family and other illegal activities running wild in all sports to see there is NO VALUE THERE AT ALL 

Yet people watch them, worship the participants and pay big money to see it. And the value returned is ZERO. If truth is has a negative result on the world.

Martial Arts World Today

Martial Arts were at one time all based on the values of Buddhism.  Originating from India, but most famously known as being from China. Yet look at what happened to China when they abandoned these values? You can begin to see the self destruction from the 1959 invasion of Tibet. China is a HELL HOLE of repression and evil. 

Censoring the World

All you need do is look at the TRUTH of China to see it is a repressive Communist Dictatorship working hard to concur the world,  just like the Nazi's of WWII, as well as Japan in the same period. Today however it is done economically, and with bio-weapons.  Everything is censored, and like in the West now people are afraid to speak out! And afraid for good reason. Yet BIG CORRUPT media like CNN find repression virtuous and wonderful.  CNN love communism because lies are the order of the day! 

Yes, sadly there are  lot of STUPID people out there who think communism has virtue. But the FACTS speak for themselves. In the 20th Century Communism KILLED over half 300 million people! (That number is disputed today by communist minded people)

Let that sink in fora while.....

Real Martial Arts Training

Taught correctly martial art training teaches the student to connect the mind to the body via strict discipline of movement. The reward is personal progress, self control and a disciplined mind. Not a trophy or fame! 

Self Defense is a bi-product!

And one of the most important benefits is the ability to think clearly because the MIND is disciplined and in control.  It is not easily influenced by liars or politicians, (same thing), selling an agenda. You discover the connect of the mind to a strong body and good health! And would certainly avoid all unnecessary drugs being pushed today like candy on the various media. 

Proper martial arts training is like a moving mediation. Quieting and focusing the mind. Once achieved the spirit becomes center.

In Conclusion

Benefits of Martial Art Training CONCLUSION

I write this today our of concern for our world, our way of life. We are in a bad place and the only way we can begin to change anything is to change ourselves.

If you are reading this an not a practicing martial artist look into it. If you are older get involved with Tai Chi. At the very least start to medicate.

We need more people seeing CLEARLY today.  People share my content on Social Media, especially Facebook. I am being actively silenced on Facebook. Thank you for your attention.

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Benefits of Martial Art Training - More Important Today Then EVER
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Benefits of Martial Art Training - More Important Today Then EVER
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