Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle


Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle

* Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle

One of the most fascinating principles of pressure point self defense is the Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle. Colour has a BIG affect on the body, and often times people don’t realize it!  Colour has been used in the healing arts for a very long time. However they do also have their destructive applications.

Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle - Good Guys Wear Black

Black is often in the western world associated with “bad guys” when in fact black is very important and is a “non colour. 

Black is the absence of colour and so can be used as any colour the imagination can impose on it.  It also happens to be “healing” for water, which makes it very powerful when used by the Kyusho student.

Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle - The Colours

* Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle

Looking at the chart to the left you can see the breakdown of colours. 

Each element of the body has a "healing" colour and a "destructive" colour.

And when fully understood their "effect" on the human body is very dramatic! However, this is not a simple principle to apply. The more "right brained" a person is the more successful they will be with this principle.

Kyuso Jitsu Colour Principle - Affect of Colour on the Brain

Colour, like sound is a controversial subject in the science of pressure point self defense study. But there is a lot of main stream science on the way colour works with the body and the brain. Here is a little for you below.

* Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle

"The first thing to tell you is that colour is part of the powerful spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. These forms include microwaves, x-rays, infrared rays, and heat. In addition, color impacts the brain because it can greatly affect our physiology, since it influences anxiety, pulse, blood flow and arousal."

Color Memory Is SignificantA recent study examined differences in peoples’ recall of words and memory for colors. Results show that people recall color to a higher degree. And when people were asked to recall objects versus color, color memory was significantly greater. Even when people attempted to remember words or objects, color had the greatest affect on recall.

In the body the brain and neurology are everything. Since colour as you can see has a direct affect on the brain, and therefore the hypothalamus, Triple Warmer is very heavily involved.

When looking at colour for the purpose of self defense it does become very involved and requires a lot of training to accomplish the correct result in a live environment.

Applying the Kyusho Jitsu Colour Principle

Like all of the other principles you need to memorize these colours and their effects! Here is an example of how this can be used.

You are working with an Uki who is wearing a Red Gi. In your mind that Red Gi will represent the destructive colour for Fire. Try a hit on a fire meridian and see how strong the affect will be! 

Next you are wearing a Red Gi. In this case, you can use the healing aspect on yourself to enhance your fire, and burn more of their metal. The destructive colour used against the attack and the healing colour used to enhance you. Straight forward, right?

Black – If you are wearing black this can be used to represent any colour you wish. You can also use black and its healing properties for water.

White – This is all colours and so is a neutral colour.
You also do not need to have the colour you wish to use present. You can visualize it very easy just by saying the word. The Uki does not need to know anything about colour for it to work.

Play with colour using these basic rules and you will get amazing results!

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Therefore in Conclusion I will state that each element of the body has a certain frequency.

Each colour, varying on intensity also has a certain frequency. Plus each elements frequency also relates to an organ of the body.

And each organ has a frequency also.

When the colour enhances the element, harmonizing with the frequency and therefore increasing the energy level it is considered to be a healing colour for that element.

And when the colour's frequency cancels out the frequency of the element, causing a depletion of energy it is consider to be a destructive colour. 

Have you ever worked with colour? I would love to hear about it! Leave a comment here.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

5 Deadly Pressure Points


Deadly Pressure Points

Deadly Pressure Points

Well here is goes! Today I am going to talk about 5 Deadly Pressure Points on the body. I am going to exclude ST-09 & 10 as I have discusses these are several difference occasions. I get asked a lot this question "can pressure points kill someone?" So let's get down to it!

Never play with the pressure points I discuss here today. And always speak with a qualified Kyusho Jitsu teacher before you ever do knockouts or other high risk techniques. To do so without proper instruction is Gross Negligence

Deadly Pressure Point LV-14

Deadly Pressure Point

LV-14 is the Alarm Point for the Liver Meridian. This is an interested pressure point located on the mamillary line, 2 ribs below the nipple, in the 6th intercostal space.

This pressure point is 6 cun above the navel & 3.5 cun lateral to GV-14, near the medial end of the 6th intercostal space.

This is a very important pressure point because it can have many different dangerous effects. A solid strike on the left side of the body can cause the Heart to stop and the Lungs to collapse.

Vision issues or a knockout can occur from a medium strike. Serious Liver damage can occur instantly on a strike to the right side  and continue into the future if untreated.

Deadly Pressure Point GB-25

Another Alarm Point GB-25 is extremely dangerous. GB-25 is located on the lateral sides of the abdomen, on the lower border of the free end of the twelfth rib.

This is another very dangerous pressure point due to its proximity to the Kidneys. A medium strike can cause a knockout, a more sever strike can cause Kidney failure. If the Bladder is full it will be evacuated. GB-25 is also the Alarm Point for the Kidney.

* Deadly Pressure Point GB-25

This is one of the reason why Kidney punches are outlawed in Boxing and other sports. Sticking a knife into GB-25, metal to wood will result in death without even a scream. This pressure point, like all listed here are Dim Mak Pressure Points.

Deadly Pressure Point SP-12

*Deadly Pressure Point SP-12

Located superior to the lateral end of the inguinal groove, on the lateral side of the femoral artery, at the level of the upper border of the symphysis pubis, 3.5 cun lateral to Conception Vessel 2 (CV-02).

Striking this pressure point can cause immediate and severe damage to the femoral artery. The strike can cause damage to the femur at the hip, as well as damage to the hip itself. Damage to the femoral nerve can also paralyze the leg. NEVER use this pressure point as a demonstration point! Liver 12 (LV-12) is also located in the same space.

This is a VERY dangerous pressure point!

Deadly Pressure Point - TW-18

* Deadly Pressure Point TW-18

I usually discuss TW-17 as a very dangerous pressure point, which when struck hard and correctly can result in death. However this feat is not very easy with TW-17 to accomplish. Now TW-18 is another story.

Located in the center of the mastoid process, at the junction of the middle and lower thirds of the curve by TW-17 and TW-20, posterior to the helix at the root of the auricle.

This is a very dangerous strike as the brain is shocked or in other words an electrical storm in the brain. A concussion is very likely from this strike, even with a medium hit. And a hard strike can cause death. A neurological knock out will occur with a medium strike.

Deadly Pressure Point SI-16

SI-16 is in the lateral aspect of the neck, on the posterior border of the Sternocleidomastoideus muscle, posterior to CO-18, 3.5 cun lateral to the laryngeal prominence.

Striking this pressure point will often cause the person to laugh, however the possible resulting damage is nothing to laugh at! If struck on the left side of the body hard enough it can stop the Heart resulting in death. 

SI-18 Most Painful Face Pressure Points

A lighter strike can cause Heart issues in anyone with a disposition to Heart problems. Sometimes this pressure point is used in knockout demonstrations, but this is fool-hearty as death can result.

Save this pressure point for life and death situations!

Deadly Pressure Point BL-15

The Associated Alarm Points

This pressure point is the Associated Alarm Point for the heart. Associated Alarm Points, all of the them are very dangerous as they relate directly to the neurological aspect of the organ involved. 

BL-15 is located 1.5 cun lateral to the lower end of the 5th thoracic vertebra.
A strike to this pressure point can stop the Heart as you will be affecting the actual neurological wiring to the Heart.

The nerves for the Heart exit the spine at this location. This is also a resuscitation pressure point in case of Heart failure. Striking correctly to BL-15 on the right side of the body on a person whose Heart has stopped has the same effect as jump starting the Heart electrically.

Warning: Do NOT play with this pressure point!

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

I am really just touching on the potentially deadly pressure points on the body with these 5. There are dozens more to consider. Which is the reason I wrote the book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy which I consider to the be Gray's Anatomy of Kyusho Jitsu.

Are there any other pressure points you would like to see me discuss? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training


Kyusho Jitsu Training

* Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training

So what are the benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training, aside from the 'self defense" aspects.

If we are honest every action we take in life has selfish motives. Even some of the most "altruistic" examples give us pleasure and this is a big driving force. Martial Arts training as an example is a very selfish act. And one with so many benefits!

And you know what that is a good thing! 

#1- Kyusho Jitsu Training - The Root Art

Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training

My root art is Hapkido. I began my training in 1984 and loved it from day one. Setting goals to reach my Black Belt and beyond was easy. And I was not a goal setter at first, but that developed quickly! Because I wanted that Black Belt. And because it stood for personal achievement. I was a quitter in many things in life. 

After I founded my school in 2000 which is named Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute i realized that if I did not do something the learning would truly STOP. And I did not want to stop learning!

This was the main reason I had left my instructor.  We sat in the office and talked while others ran class. I was dying of stagnation!

Then I found Kyusho Jitsu! It revealed to me things locked inside the movements of my root art I had no idea existed.  My self defense training became more effective and I discovered things in my Kata I had not idea where there!

And then I really began to see things clearly and it changed how I looked at every aspect of my martial art training. But then you have heard this before! After all this is one of the major selling points of Kyusho Jitsu.

#2 Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training - Healing

The next thing I discovered as I progress in the science of pressure point self defense, and my knowledge of the anatomy grew was that I could help students out with different pain and injury.

This was done with a combination of Chi Work and pressure point manipulation. 

The restoration of the natural flow of body energy. For me this was HUGE! This allowed me to use my training partners longer, and still have them be fit for work the next day. 

Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training

I also noticed because of the extensive Chi work, like creating and controlling a Chi Ball my personal health improved. My pain tolerance increased dramatically and so did my focus.

#3 - Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training - The Brain

Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training

After I began my martial arts training I discovered how much I wanted to learn about other things. But when I began in Kyusho this became an unquenchable thirst. Many people refer to my knowledge of Kyusho Jitsu as being clinical, like a doctor.

It drove me to want to organize the information and write books that I could share with the world. I already had a passion for the study of the spiritual, which I had been involved in for better than 10 years at this point. This was Buddhism to be exact. 

However I began to see the connection between the mind, the brain, science and spirituality. And with Kyusho Jitsu being the study of the energy pathways of the body, as well as the neurological systems and therefore the brain,  this all came together for me.

This led me to even realize the methods I had learned to help me study had a massive impact on every aspect of my life. Including my memory and cognitive functions. 

So let's explore this idea a little more!

#4 Linguistic Skills

If you follow the path I have set in the KJWA you will develop better linguistic skills. So what do I mean by this? First of all Linguistics is the study of language. Linguistics of course being the study of words and language. One way to build your intelligence is to try to learn a new word everyday. With Kyusho study, you can do this easily!

What words are these? The way I teach the information, the understanding of human anatomy you learn the correct names of the different parts of the body. An example would be when discussing GB-24 and talking about "intercostal space."

#5 Copious Notes

Successful Kyusho Jitsu Study

I encourage everyone to take "copious notes" during their study. Not to just read the materials, or watch the videos, but to take hand written notes with pen and paper and not on your device. 

Why? Because hand written notes increases memory. The act of writing things, slowly and neatly is proven to increase retention of materials by the brain. Hand written, not printing has many benefits. And to my mind written is the most important and beneficial one!

Now I have heard that when dealing with conceptional topics, and Kyusho Jitsu has a lot of Concepts and Theories that retention improves up to 60% more than using a laptop. Here is a link to study talking about this.

#6 Reading

In today technological world reading is becoming a lost art! From a marketing standpoint I should not be typing all this information out for you to read. 

I should do a video! But the benefits of reading are just too great for me not to write this out!

Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training

Here are some Benefits to Reading: These are from this article.

  • Increased Intelligence
  • Boost Cognitive Brain Power
  • It may help fight Alzheimer’s disease

And this to me is the big one! There is much scientific evidence that reading can help prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease. 

This is one I personally believe is critical. My mother, who passed away at 96 in 2015 was an avid reader. She had read likely several thousand books in her lifetime. I always saw her with a book!

And at 96 she still had ALL of her MENTAL FACULTIES|

How do I know this for sure? Well for one I took care of her in last years of life, which included her palliative care. She was assessed when she decided on her final requests not to be resuscitated and the doctors were shocked at her still fully functional mind.

I don't think there could be any greater benefit!

#7 Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training - Self Defense

Pressure Point Art of Self Defense

With all that being said, there are many other ways to get the benefits listed above. But, since we are all martial artists, and I hope concerned about personal safety and self defense, Kyusho Jitsu is the great path!

You can get all of the above, and increase your self defense / martial art effectiveness and odds of survival during a street attack.

Why would you not do this?

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

So how do you get started? That is really very simple. Follow this LINK and take a look at the 3 different FREE Kyusho Jitsu Courses I am offering.

Do you have any questions on the information above? Of just wish to leave a comment? Click Here!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Why Are Pressure Point Strikes Painful?


Pressure Point Strikes Painful

Pressure Point Strikes Painful

Why are Pressure Point Strikes Painful? Are they all painful or only a few? How do I know which one causes the most pain? How do i need to strike a pressure point to cause enough pain to be effective in self defense?

All great questions! So let get to it and answer each one!

Why are Pressure Point Strikes Painful?

Pressure Point Strikes Painful

Pressure Points are painful due to their proximity to certain nerves.

And this will also depend on how dense the muscle tissue is withing the area.

As an example, a very painful pressure point of the leg is GB-31. Let's look at GB-31 or Gall Bladder 31.

If you want a better look at the pressure points themselves, please download my free set of Kyusho Charts

The Pressure Point GB-31 is located on the mid-line of the lateral aspect of the thigh, 7 cun above the transverse Popliteal Artery "crease."

When a person is standing erect with hands by their sides, the pressure point is located where the tip of the middle finger touches the leg. 

There are many different effects from striking this pressure point. But we are talking about pain, so I will stay on topic.

As an example driving your knee into this point with the attacker have his weight on that leg will effectively crush the nerve into the bone. 

The brain will interpret this at possible damage to the Popliteal artery and react very strongly.

It is very common for this strike to cause muscle tears as well, due to the brains reaction.  The attacker will no long be able to walk. 

Pressure Point Strikes Painful

Are all Pressure Points Painful or only a few?

The answer to this is both yes and no. Can you think of anyplace on the body that when damaged does not cause pain? However this being said it depends on if the pressure point can be successful struck and how much protection the area has with muscle tissues and fat. 

The are many pressure points on the abdomen, in this heavily muscled area, that are not worth any attention. But where there is a strength there is a weakness. This means there will be a pressure point in the vicinity that will cause intense pain. 

How do I know which ones cause the most pain?

I have a very different definition of certain terms used today, so let's begin here. As I stated above when asking why are Pressure Point Strikes Painful we need an understanding of  human anatomy. 

As an example many martial artists refer to striking "vital" places on the body. Example are the "eyes" "groin" etc. The issue with this idea is that the brain will instinctively protect these "vital" places. And this WILL AFFECT the effectiveness of your strike!

Let's look at the eyes as an example. What happens when someone or something comes close to your eyes? They SHUT right? This protects the eyes and actually does a decent job of it. When this line of defense fails, or is perceived to fail the head will turn. 

Ex=HN-9 Kyusho Extraordinary Pressure Points

But if I instead attack a pressure point in the area, as an example Extraordinary Pressure Point M-HN-09 I will cause great pain!

The brain will close the eyes to protect them, but not defend this pressure point!

And there are many pressure points on the face you can use! All still in the area of the eyes.

So if you want to be really effective and get a great result from striking pressure points. Learn the body's anatomy well!

How do I need to strike a pressure point to cause enough pain to be effective in self defense?

This is pretty basic too! You begin by reverse engineering your martial art style or system. Where are your striking? What areas of the body?

From there you reference the pressure points in the area and what functions they have. This will give you a clear picture of which pressure point strikes will be the most painful. 

Now the answer to the direct question is, your then strike HARD, with 2 Way Action and then you will get a result!

Pressure Point Strikes Painful
Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

Pain is not the only result of striking pressure points. There are many, like brain dysfunction that can occur depending on the pressure points being used.

These dysfunctions include, paralysis, unconsciousness and even death. You can learn more about which pressure point does what from my book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy.

Question! Do you have a favorite pressure point to strike to cause pain? Leave me a comment, I would love to hear about your experiences!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

HPPT Self Defense Solutions


HPPT Self Defense Solutions

* HPPT Self Defense Solutions

I have some exciting news today! I am bringing forward a NEW Kyusho Club exclusive! it is called HPPT Self Defense Solutions. Or in long form this would be Humane Pressure Point Tactics Self Defense Solutions.

Now this is not actually a course, even though it will have a lot of teaching materials in it. It is also not just a product, because it is part of the Kyusho Club membership. So I do not really have any words to describe it!

Part of this will include "podcasts" in which segments of it will be available on YouTube, but the majority will be JUST at Kyusho Club. Here is a video to give you a few more details on HPPT Self Defense Solutions.

Why Do We Need HPPT Self Defense Solutions?

Apathy, this is the reason this project, HPPT Self Defense Solutions is so very critical to everyone today. Let's look at why!

Apathyis a lack of feeling, emotion, interest, or concern about something of great importance. Apathy is a state of indifference, or the suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation, or passion. An apathetic individual has an absence of interest in or concern about emotional, social, spiritual, philosophical, or physical life and the world.

HPPT Self Defense Solutions

How did this happen on such a wide spread numbers in the population? People today are bombarded by images of violence and no long really even notice them.  So why would they be concerned with their own safety? And they should be!

And we are even hypocritical about it! Out of one side of our face we will condemn violence, and that even go to our favorite bar and watch 2 men beat each other to a bloody pulp and call it entertainment! I mean really think about this?

Why is there so much violence?

There are a few reason that our world has become so violence. The number one reason is as I have said apathy. Even the police are apathetic about their jobs when it comes to violence. Plus the courts release people after they commit violent offense due to prison overcrowded or "first offense." There should NEVER be a 1st offense suspension of sentence for any violent act!

About Gun Crime

Now I am talking about real physical violence here. Not this left wing bullshit that your "feelings being hurt" is due to a violence act. My message to these people is grow up.

Now today the UK is a hotbed of this kind of stupidity! Back in December a woman was arrested in front of her 2 young children because of something she said on Twitter.  And they sent 3 cops to arrest her! What a joke! Perhaps they should have sent the SWAT Team for this obviously dangerous verbal crime. 

All this while there is a 70% INCREASE IN STABBINGS IN THE COUNTRY! And a 23 increase in RAPE at knife-point

And the cops are worried about "offending" the criminals who have created violent no go zones in countries they should not even be in!

Do you think maybe it is time for action yet?

Let's talk Canada

Now crime stats in Canada are little tricky. This is because Statistic Canada has some very interesting rules when it comes to the lies that it tells the pubic. So if you want to know the truth you need to talk to the police themselves. 

An example of this cover up is that a murder is not statistically a murder until someone is charged with the crime.

Murders in Canada are up in 2017 7% on average with some cities being as high as 25%. Here are some statistics for you if you wish to see them.

Violence in our World

Let's talk about how violent crime is handled by the Prime Minister of Canada Justine Trudeau. Mr Trudeau decided without a mandate from Canadian Parliament to give convicted terrorist Omar Khadr 10 MILLION dollars after his release from GITMO after KILLING a US soldier and blinding another with a hand grenade.

Do you see the message this is sending to terrorist? This murdering bastard is now one of the richest men in the country! All because Trudeau care nothing about the people, just the international view he has from his true interests. 

But the fun with Mr Trudeau does not end there!  No Trudeau welcomes back those who went to fight with ISIS back to Canada with all forgiven!

Perhaps Mr Trudeau should stop worrying about things like changing the words to the National Anthem to make it more "inclusive" and his other "identity politics" and start doing what is RIGHT. But that won't happen. 

Canada do you think maybe it is time to stop the apathy and become a more than just concerned? And I am not even going to touch the issues in the USA. I do not know where to even start

Violence Today's Root Cause

HPPT Self Defense Solutions

What is the cause of terrorism? Extreme views. Is terrorism the only violent crime we need to worry about? No it is not, but the root cause is the same.

Extreme Views. Extremism is by definition is "the quality or state of being extreme" or "the advocacy of extreme measures or views."

Now extremism, while I disagree with the viewpoint here, is not a mental illness in of itself, but is oftentimes a symptom of a serious mental illness. The reason I do not believe this because there is so much violence today coming from extremest! Be they religious or political! Not that there is a difference.

So i my mind extremism is a mental illness. So how are you feeling today about your safety? 

Now YES I am painting a bleak picture..But that is because as soon as I talk Personal Protect or Self Defense the walls of apathy go up! 

But it does not need to be the case. If you seriously take your own personal safety in today's world seriously, then one by one we can make a safer place. I know you are a Black Belt with years of experience. Awesome, keep training! But complacency is as dangerous as apathy. 

"Chance favors the prepared mind."

HPPT Self Defense Solutions

Now as I said this will be a Kyusho Club exclusive. However their will be a FREE excerpts posted weekly on my YouTube Channel! So at minimum you should subscribe to this and see if what I am saying has real value for your or now!

You can subscribe right here

What is next? I you have not yet done so download my FREE H.P.P.T Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level One Lesson 1 video. But don't just download it. WATCH IT!

Fill out this form, confirm your email and watch the video!

And if you see value in the above take advantage of the 7 Day FREE Trial Membership to Kyusho Club and see what HPPT Self Defense Solutions is all about!

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

What will I be covering HPPT Self Defense Solutions? Well this will be an all inclusive look at the dangers of today world, from street violence, to home invasion to online safety. 

There are no magic techniques, secrets, or any other such rubbish. We are going to deal with something really radical today. Common Sense and wisdom.

So tell me? Are you concerned or are you one of the millions of the apathetic? The warning signs are all there people! Just as they have been throughout history. Please comment here.

Related Self Defense Topics

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Pressure Point Fighting is it Effective?


Pressure Point Fighting

* Pressure Point Fighting is it Effective?

What is Pressure Point Fighting? What does this "term" really mean? Today I want to discuss this very commonly used term that is used to refer to the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu.

Pressure Point Fighting - Meaning

I draw a very big thick black line between the terms "fighting" and "self defense." And for me I believe this is a very important differentiation. 

The "fight" people are referring to is a disagreement or an argument that turns to violence. The cause can be many different things. However it is a lack of discipline on both parts. And it does seem to be the human condition. But when we glorify violence like we do today this cannot be a shock.


So how is Pressure Point Fighting a things? What makes it different than any other kind of fighting?

I had to really consider if I was going to write an article referring to "Pressure Point Fighting" at all. Then after some consideration I decided to do so, hoping perhaps I can make people see this in a different light.

Today the world is all about marketing. Your data is harvested and sold by Google and Facebook really without your permission. Yes you signed a terms of service, but to understand this most of us would need a lawyer!

Right to Self Defense

Martial Arts is no different. Some of the best marketing I have ever seen is in our industry. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. As long as we question and look at things objectively.

An great example of great martial arts marketing is and was the Gracie's. They sold the martial arts world on the idea that 99% of fights go to the ground, which is not statistically true, but then creating a venue for their product to prove their claims. They became, and rightfully so martial arts icons. 

I market to the martial arts world non stop the ideas of integrating pressure points into your self defense system to make it more effective. But I do not want you to believe me! I want you to question and try it out, to make your own "informed" decisions! 

Does Pressure Point Fighting Work?

The Pressure Point Stomach 5

This is a very common question, however the wrong question. And how questions are asked is very important!  If I strike ANYONE in this world on ST-09 I will get a devastating result up to and including DEATH.

Now if you refer to a "fight" once again the question really is "do I have the skill and level of training to deal with a stronger, bigger appointment?"

Now if you refer to a "fight" once again the question really is "do I have the skill and level of training to deal with a stronger, bigger appointment?"

Or in a "Self Defense" situation "do I have the training and presence of MIND to deal with an attacker?" 

Are pressure points themselves effective? That question has been proven time and time again my men and women who have been trained in their usage, who's livelihood has them in high risk jobs.

I personally have trained several military and police personnel who will confirm this claim And the ones who say pressure points do not work are those who did not do the work, study and apply the knowledge

Opinions can vary, but if you have never done the work, your opinion has no value. This is why I do not comment on combat systems like Krav Maga.  I have never seriously studied it! So how can I have an opinion? 

I do however believe that selling people "​combat" systems is a reckless idea. But that also depends on how it is promoted and if the ideal of "reasonable force" is explained. In true combat there is no need for reasonable force. 

Pressure Points Fighting - Self Defense Solutions

Since the mid 90's after being in a bad situation with a very dangerous man I began to pursue what real self defense means. And this was after 10 years of intense 7 days a week martial arts training. I could not have handled him alone. Very few people could have. 

What saved me was my "presence of mind" which allowed me to take the best possible action and let the police deal with the man. And they did. 

Humane Pressure Point Tactics - H.P.P.T

After many years of non stop study, taking courses and other martial arts from some amazing teachers, I developed what I call "holistic" systems that can be incorporated into any martial art, or taught alone, to improve the odds and your effectiveness on the street without ending up in prison. 

Back around 2009 I was introduced to a certification course Grand Master Steve Stewart offers called Humane Pressure Point Tactics. This was the BEST heads up information I had seen to date. I took the courses and certified as a teacher.

I also taught these courses non stop back in Canada. But recently I took the information and updated it. Why? Because to my mind the original courses are aimed more at law enforcement. I wanted to create something for the general public.

So what is the difference? In my systems I have added information that pertains more to the "civilian" looking to protect him or her self and their family. Not someone in law-enforcement who is looking to apprehend the assailant.

However I do use the same term, as I include all the same information, and I am a certified instructor in these courses. 

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Do pressure points work in a fight? As long as you have done the work they most certainly do! But you must always keep in mind, win or lose, die or survive is up to the person and their training, awareness and common sense.

I would love to hear what you think? Feel free to comment here.

Start Humane Pressure Point Tactics FREE!

Right now I want to start you are the road to seeing how important my Humane Pressure Point Tactics Course really is!

Therefore I am going to offer you a FREE copy of HPPT Level One Lesson 1!

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Pressure Point Fighting Posts you may have missed!

I link these articles for a reason. The more information you have and "act upon" the more you improve you odds in a BAD situation!

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Are Pressure Point Knockouts Dangerous?


Pressure Point Knockouts Dangerous?

Are Pressure Point Knockouts Dangerous?

So are Pressure Point Knockouts Dangerous? Today let's take a look at what is a controversial question and see if we can put the controversy to bed! Controversy comes from a misrepresentation of Kyusho Jitsu, and usually perpetrated by those who do not know. Time to clear up the mystery.

Pressure Point Knockouts Dangerous - Not Light Touch

Are Pressure Point Knockouts Dangerous? The answer is a resounding YES. This is where I must start! However some pressure points are more dangerous than others, and some are not dangerous at all.

And not all pressure point will result in a knockout. While others will do so very easily!  How dangerous a pressure point is depends on its location on the body of the pressure point in question. These points are not magic! That is a common misunderstanding of what a pressure point is. They are tied to the neurological systems of the body.

Standard pressure point lie on energy flow channels called meridians. There are 12 main meridians on the body, each with varying numbers of pressure points on them. Now some pressure points are purely energy related, while others lie in critical areas with important nerve functions. 

Pressure Point Knockouts Dangerous

Below is a list of some of the common pressure points that are used by many Kyusho Jitsu practitioners and exactly how dangerous they can be. 

Are Pressure Point Knockouts Dangerous?

Pressure Point ST-05

This is most likely the favorite of all pressure points for knockouts. The reason is that it is very accessible and give a great result about 90% of the time. Is it dangerous? Yes, depending on how hard you strike it. Let's take a look!

The first thing I must add is all pressure points of the head are dangerous! Hitting them correctly and hard can cause death. This is for many different reasons too! And this includes ST-05.

What makes this pressure point dangerous is its proximity to the  "jugular vein" under the jaw bone. This vein is monitored by the vagus nerve which is also called the heart nerve. 

You can read all about Pressure Point ST-05 here. Below is a video of a knockout on ST-05 done in a way as to protect the Uki and still get a clean knockout. 

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips

Pressure Point CO-24

This is a knockout I did that came under fire for doing [below].  Many of the Kyusho people in world were concerned because this can disrupt the Yin energy in the body and result in long term issues for the Uki. There is also a concern of permanent and serious jaw damage. However the way I did the knockout was to assure the safety of the Uki, and prevent damage.

Striking this pressure point shocks the brain and therefore causes dysfunction.  In this knockout because the body was out of alignment, the head back, it was easy to get the result without much impact. 

I do understand people's concerns about this knockout, as this one can be very dangerous. However that being said I have done my homework for years.

I know these pressure points inside and out. And I never strike a pressure point in a demonstration, or teaching environment just to see what happens.


Pressure Point GB-24

Is Pressure Point Gall Bladder 24 a dangerous pressure point? OMG YES! It is however often times used for demonstrations not realizing the potential dangers of striking too hard.

GB-24 is located on the upper abdomen, directly below the nipple, in the 7th intercostal space, 4 cun (finger widths) lateral to the anterior mid-line of the chest. This area of the body, the rib cage is monitored and protected by the intercostal nerves. The intercostal nerves are part of the somatic nervous system, and arise from the anterior "rami" of the thoracic spinal nerves from "T1" to "T11." 

Are Pressure Point Knockouts Dangerous?

GB-24 is not the most dangerous pressure point in the area. There are several others, however a solid strike can break the ribs and cause serious lung damage. GB-24 is also an Alarm Point

Here is one more knockout, this time on GB-24 using sound as to not have the need to strike hard. Caution is required with sound. But once again I have done my homework.

Are Pressure Point Knockouts Dangerous?

Now that I have discussed the dangers of a few of 3 pressure points found on the body lets tie this in with the effect of a knockout. 

I have been very cautious doing knockouts as demonstration in order to prevent issues later on. In other words I have done the work! There is nothing more important than cautious, responsible training. I have seen Kyusho students do serious damage in the past and it is all unnecessary. 

So where do I begin? First and foremost understand FULLY the pressure point you intend to strike. Set the pressure point up properly so you do not need a ton of impact to get the brain dysfunction you are seeking. 

On the street is different, in Dojo responsibility is a MUST!  First, NEVER allow the Uki to free fall after a knockout. This is careless and STUPID. Leave your ego at the door.

 You cannot guarantee the fall will not result in a neck injury that may result in the Uki being paralyzed or even DEAD. You cannot have a student sign a waver to protect you against GROSS negligence! And this is GROSS negligence.

Next study resuscitation and understand it FULLY! No one will want to work with your of they feel terrible after a knockout. 

Now let's take a look at one more Pressure Point in reference to "are pressure point knockouts dangerous."

The Pressure Point Stomach 5

Pressure Point ST-09

One of the Top 10 Most Deadly Pressure Points ST-09 is NOT to be played with!

Striking this pressure point with "low to medium" force will result in a knockout due to the drastic drop in blood pressure the strike will cause.

Depending on the health of the Uki, and you NEVER really know, this can result in the heart stopping because of the drop in blood pressure. It is also possible as the blood pressure comes back quick for a stroke to occur (yes there is more to this, which I am not going into here.)

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

To wraps this up, the only way you should be doing knockouts is to have done the homework first!

I have heard so many times people saying "I tried using pressure points in a fight and it did not work."

Well when you do not do the work, you will not get the results PERIOD. And if you do some of the work, the result may NOT BE what you want!

Many years ago I know of a situation personally where a inexperienced man accidentally killed some playing around with ST-09. He was a Novice student in the USA.

There was an inquest and I know one of the witnesses personally. No charges were laid, but this man must live with his carelessness for the rest of his life. Not to mention the family of the man who lost his life.

Tell me about any experienced you have had with knockouts. Good or bad! Ask any questions you would like also! Just click here to comment

Become Knowledgeable!

All New Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy eBook

In order to use the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu in real life on the street you have to do the training. And you NEED knowledge, exact knowledge of what pressure point does what and why. And what are the potential consequences!

Back in the fall I put 100's of hours of research and writing into a book called Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy.

This is the "Gray's Anatomy" of Kyusho Jitsu. And a must have for any serious student. I have no other book like this one.

The retail price is $59.97, but for a LIMITED TIME if you use the promotion code "anatomy" without the quotes at the checkout I will knock $30 off the price! But this will not last long! You will pay ONLY $29.97!

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George Dillman Kyusho Controversy


George Dillman Kyusho Controversy

The George Dillman Kyusho Controversy

Grand Master George Dillman [DKI] is one of the most, if not the most controversial person in martial arts history. So today I am going to give my viewpoint on this very controversial man. All from personal experience. So let's rock!

George Dillman

The martial arts industry is certainly an interesting one. And after 35 years in the arts I have to tell you I am NOT a fan! Martial Arts students and their teachers are supposed to stand for certain values, things like "integrity." But sadly this seems to be missing in a LARGE number of people in the industry.

Integrity Meaning:

Meaning of Integrity

"Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, or moral uprightness. It is colloquially a personal choice to hold oneself to consistent moral and ethical standards."

I just do not see in that definition anything that says "envy, jealousy, gossip, back stabbing, egotistical, or manipulative." Now I may be wrong, but this is what I see with every person shooting off their mouths with regard to GM George Dillman. 

AND those of you who do this are PATHETIC!

Over the years I have met MANY martial artists, masters, grand masters who did not impress me. But not ONE TIME have I violated my code and talked about them. It is one thing to discuss or disagree with them. it is another thing to run off at the mouth and SLANDER/DEFAME them. There has been a witch hunt for George Dillman for decades now. ENOUGH PEOPLE! Time to act like adults!

However in the western world today this is just the path people now take. A path that will bring an end to the western civilization, and it will END SOON if this does not stop!

The First Time I met GM Dillman

With Steve Stewart. George Dillman and Louise St Jacques

I first met George Dillman in London Ontario back in I believe 2001. He was doing a seminar at Steve Stewart's Modern Martial Arts. This was an all day event and it hooked me into wishing to learn more about the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu. 

Meeting GM Dillman the first time I found him to be somewhat distant. Then as I began to see the childish, jealous behavior of many in the martial arts community I began to understand why.

At this seminar he taught us things i could take back and make work the next day. Many seminars over the years I have attended were designed simply to sell products. George Dillman taught, and he is the REAL DEAL as GM Steve Stewart, my Kyusho teacher puts it!

Over the years as I began to know the man more, the more I liked him as a caring, genuine person. A man with great knowledge, that not all are able to learn and use.

However your shortcomings as a martial artist do not give you the right to slander anyone else. I am not writing this to defend George, he does not need my help, but instead to point out the TERRIBLE behavior of my own industry! 

National Geography

The "report" National Geographic did on GM Dillman was appalling. It was a one sided attempt to discredit someone and damage them.

Then they did a "report" on real vampires and why these people need to drink human blood. They slander one person, then enable those with a SERIOUS mental illness!

National Geographic is just another MAIN STREAM TABLOID. No different than CNN, BBC or CBC! All NO watch stations for me. 

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Love him or hate him, your opinion is yours and you are entitled to it! You however are NOT entitled to slander of defame someone. AND THIS IS LAWSlander and defamation are not FREE speech and NEVER HAVE BEEN.

It is time to lose the EGOS and put the VALUES of Integrity, self control and honesty BACK into the martial arts. And POLITICS IS NOT A VALUE. You cannot fix the industry nor can I! However I can be responsible for my behavior and teach my students to be responsible also. I have on many occasion fired student over childish behavior like I am talking about.

What do you think? Not about George Dillman, but the current state of the martial arts world. Click here to comment.

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Martial Arts Pressure Points and Self Defense


Martial Arts Pressure Points

Understand Martial Arts Pressure Points Self Defense

How do Martial Arts Pressure Points and Self Defense really work together? What is the relationship and do they need to be separated into 3 different topics? Let's go into details today on how these 3 entities all work together, or how they should work together. 

Martial Arts Pressure Points and Self Defense 

Martial Arts World Today

Let's begin today at the martial arts part of the equation. When I began my martial arts journey in 1984 the sign on the Dojo I joined said "learn the art of self defense." Now this was true in one way, but also completely false in another.

The school I join was outstanding!  A combination of Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido being the self defense aspect.  However the school was very sport oriented and I honestly had a hard time relating what was taught to the street.

Being I was a former boxer also, I understood the sport aspect. But what was taught as self defense reached a "limit" in which I did not see any progression afterward.

Honestly it seemed like you were learning more to bar fight than deal with an attacker. And on a scale of 1 to 10 a bar fight is maybe, maybe a 4. Your life is really for the most part not in danger. 

Then in the winter of I believe it was 1994 I met a man bent on harm. He was big, mentally disturbed, and dangerous. And I also knew I could not handle him! It came out OK because I did escape the situation and reported the man to police where they returned him to the PSYCH ward he escaped from.

This was a turning point for me, I began to search for real answers to the street Self Defense Question.

Martial Arts Pressure Points - Pressure Points

Martial arts Pressure Points on the Body

My search led me to look into several different martial arts. These were all life changing as one thing led to another. One of the most important discoveries where the Natural Laws and the Octagon

This knowledge allowed for being safe, avoiding being hit or stabbed. And most importantly ESCAPE. But I also knew I need to improve my ability to strike. Because power is not enough! It never has been. If it was then MMA fights would end in seconds, not rounds. 

The one day I received a seminar invitation from Grand Master Steve Stewart in London Ontario. He was having Grand Master George Dillman in and wanted to let me know. I went and took a few of my senior students to the event.

I was blown away. Not because of "knockouts" or anything like that. What I learned there I could take home to my dojo and actually use! Plus it worked on my toughest Uki's. I was HOOKED. 

I pursued Kyusho Jitsu as a passion. Then thanks to the amazing teaching and personal attention of GM Stewart I became the most qualified person to teach Kyusho in Canada, other then GM Stewart naturally!

The rest is history. 

Martial Arts Pressure Points and Self Defense - Self Defense

From this point I began serious work on creating a self defense system within my school, that I could teach with confidence and KNOW I was improving someone's chances of "surviving the threat" of today's ever changing streets. 

Self Defense for Knife Attacks

This led me to my certification as not only a Child's Safety Expert and Women's Self Defense instructor under the WBA, but most importantly a Level III Instructor in Humane Pressure Point Tactics from GM Stewart.

H.P.P.T a set of courses I have since updated for today's very violent streets! You can learn more about these course below. 

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

What is being taught today in the martial arts world is not designed for street self defense. And there is nothing wrong with that! Unless the instructor is misinforming people. 

What kind of martial art are you involved in? Do you train for self defense? You can click here to answer!

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Which Pressure Points Make you Faint? Why?


Which Pressure Points Make You Faint?

So Which Pressure Points Make you Faint?

I saw this question the other day in a search that gave Quora as the source. I did not answer on Quora, because I am not of a fan of the website. Too many big ego who are trying to impress people with how intelligent they are. Yeah right! But the questions,  Which Pressure Points Make You Faint? Why? Is an excellent question.

So lets discuss this one today!

Which Pressure Points Make You Faint?

There are dozens of pressure points on the body that can cause a faint. But we also should define the word faint. 

Faint: pass out from weakness, physical or emotional distress due to a loss of blood supply to the brain. Drop in blood pressure.

Vagus Nerve Which Pressure Points Make you Faint? Why?

There are several pressure points on the body, due to their proximity will cause a serious drop in blood pressure result in a "vasovagal syncope."

But this is only one type of "knockout" practiced in the science of pressure point self defense called Kyusho Jitsu. 

The prime examples of pressure points that will cause "vasovagal syncope" are ST-09, and ST-10 to name just two.

This is caused by an overreaction of stimulation of the Vagus Nerve, which is also called the "Heart Nerve."

To answer the question at this point one such pressure point that will result in a faint is a strike to Pressure Point ST-09.

ST-09 lies in the Carotid sinus, and when struck the reaction of the Vagus nerve to the brain is an increase in blood pressure.

This result in an instant drop in blood pressure and the resulting "faint."

This is referred to as the Carotid sinus reflex."

You can read more about ST-09 from by book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy by clicking the button below.

Which Pressure Points Make you Faint? Why?

Now these types of pressure point knockouts tend to be very dangerous for many different reasons. This ranges from the drop in blood pressure to nervous system overload that causes the brain to shutdown to protect the body. They can have serious consequences up to including death.

Other type of knockout results can also be referred to as Brain Dysfunction. The person may not go fully unconscious, however they will not be able to function "normally." The extent of the effect or reaction depends on many different circumstances. Many of these are discussed in my book Understanding Neurological Pressure Point Knockouts

What is a "knockout?"

There are 3 different types of knockouts and their cause. But the root no matter what they cause all end up being neurological events. Here is a breakdown of the 3 basic types,

  1. A concussion can be caused by heavy impact to the skull such as a martial arts strike, a fall, car accident, etc. However trauma does not always cause unconsciousness, but when it does it is a neurological event. Therefore these are very dangerous and can result in death.
  2. Next on the list is the neurological knockout. A neurological knockout is caused by a short circuit, overload, or imbalance in the central nervous system. [involving both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. Therefore this can be done using Kyusho Jitsu techniques.

    And these may also be caused by extreme stress, emotions, shock, or extreme trauma to any area of the body. [A broken bone or crushed limb for example]. Neurological knockouts also occur due to excessive use of drugs or alcohol. What is often called "fainting" is also a purely neurological event. As an example someone may faint at the sight of a needle. Since some do not believe that pressure point knockouts are real does this mean the person fainting is not real also?
  3. Then we have cardio/respiratory. This type of knockout is caused by limiting the oxygen supply to the brain. Therefore this can be caused by choking or strangulation involving the air supply, the flow of blood or both. These can also be caused by impact to veins or arteries. Which cause a disruption in the flow of blood,  possibly dislodging plaque from the arterial walls causing clots.  

The question today with the term "fainting" refers to the 3rd type of knockout listed here. This is also part of the Dim Mak systems of training. 

Below is a short video example of the 2nd example from above.

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In conclusion

In conclusion today I am only touching on one pressure point that when activated will cause a "faint." This is a very in depth topic, and therefore a complete answer requires several chapters of a book. 

Is there a specific pressure point you would like to learn more about? Please ask in the comments here!

Kyusho Jitsu Octagon Principles

I have an all new video course coming soon on Kyusho Jitsu and the Theories of the Octagon. This new course will go from basics to advanced levels. And all of this you can apply to your current self defense system!

Right now you can register to learn more, and get a FREE video on Octagon Basics!

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