Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection


Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection

* Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection

My martial arts training began officially on November 10th 1984 in Windsor Ontario Canada as part of Chung Oh's School of Tae Kwon Do. Grand Master Oh was at this time a 7th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido as well as Tae Kwon Do.  The TKD element was really only the Hyung or Kata we learned bases on the ITF or International Tae Kwon Do Federation. GM Oh and General Choi were very close. But today I want to discuss the Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection. 

My direct instructor was Master Philip Hollohan, who was an amazing teacher. I was with him for about 16 years before venturing out on own in July 2000.

What was the main reason? One day I met a man on the streets of Windsor who was dangerous. And there was no way I could handle this man alone. I found out the follow day from the Windsor Police who apprehended him after my call that was a dangerous psychotic

GM Mason 1997

This caused me many sleepless night and I wanted desperately to learn more and take my focus from sport, to real street self defense. So in 2000 I opened my own Dojo full-time in pursue of knowledge.

Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection

The Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection was not the first part of my learning when I went out on my own.  At first I met a Kempo Grand Master named Raymond Hayes. He spoke of the Octagon, which I found fascinating. Soke Hayes passed away several years ago. I miss the many conversions he and I had, as well as his wisdom and direction. 

But I did end up working directly with one of his former students who had pursued and attained a high rank in Kosho Ryu.  I worked with Grand Master Buchan intensively for about a year and incorporated all I learned into my root art. Changing if dramatically. 

While I only remained with GM Buchan for about a year he generously shared his knowledge. I departed due to a different direction we both had. He was looking for expand his organization and I was not willing to be absorbed into it.  I cannot give you a link to GM Buchan as it appears he is not longer teaching. He was a student of Hanshi Bruce Juchnik.

* GM Mason June 2000

Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection

After this time period around mid 2001 I attended a George Dillman Seminar in London Ontario, about 2 hours east of Windsor.  At this seminar I was very impressed with how the materials were presented and also that I could make it work very easily.

I was hooked and contacted seminar host Grand Master Steve Stewart and began formal Kyusho Jitsu training with him the following month. I worked directly with him for better than 10 years becoming a Level Five Kyusho Jitsu Instructor under him.

Grand Master Stewart is a 10th Dan in Kyusho Jitsu. Below is a video when he was awarded this honour. GM Stewart is an 8th Dan in American Kenpo under the late Grand Master Frank Trejo, another amazing man and great friend.. 

Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido

As I mentioned I have a thirst for learning. I took all the things I learned in Kyusho and Kosho, plus Small Circle Jujitsu and Systema and integrated them into my root art. Then in 2005 while talking with a high ranking Tae Kwon Do Master he pointed out to me he was not sure what we where training in any longer. This was the inspiration to name and register my eclectic art which is called Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido with the World Budo Alliance.

Today, in the Dojo that bears my name,  Kyusho Jitsu study groups are still going on today. High rank (4th Dan) in my root art does require the student to rank in Kyusho Jitsu also. My 2 ranking instructors in Canada are board members the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance as well as still training with Grand Master Stewart on a monthly basis.

Kyusho Jitsu Hapkido Cane

And I also want to take a moment to mention the ONLY traditional weapon in Hapkido which is the walking cane.  

While I did not learn this from my first instructor, Grand Master Chung Oh we incorporated this into our teachings in 2000.

* Kyusho Jitsu Caen Defense System

My son Curt pursued this information originally from Grand Master Mark Sheuy of Cane Masters.  Years later we restructured this with Octagon and Kyusho to create a Cane Defense System within our new root art. You can learn more about Kyusho Jitsu Cane Defense here.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Kyusho Jitsu is the missing part of every martial art. Learning Kyusho causes you to develop a deep understanding of your root art.

And it this development is revolutionary to your training. Please feel free to leave a comment below.. 

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

HPPT Self Defense Psychology


HPPT Self Defense Psychology

* HPPT Self Defense Psychology

No matter who tells you the contrary violent crime is on the rise. The government supplied statistics are deliberately misleading no matter which country you are living in. There is a reason too! Governments love to collect money from citizen but they prefer to put it into their own pockets rather than into services for the people. Enter the need for HPPT Self Defense Psychology

Most police forces are shrinking. And with today's "WOKE" world police are chasing things put on twitter rather than as an example the 23% increase in knife crimes in 2018 in the UK. You will hear a lot of positioning about "gun laws" like that would actually matter. Criminals do not care about laws, especially when the system has so many holes in it they get out anyways.

Here is a great example! Back several years ago a man went crazy on a bus in Canada and stabbed, cut a man head off and began to eat the body. The victims name was Tim McLean.

HPPT Self Defense Psychology: Are you prepared? 

Can you image the life long trauma of those passengers? Why do I bring this up? Because this man was released and walks the streets of I believe it is Manitoba today. Having been deemed "cured" by doctors.  And this is because of the mental illness of today's western liberal extremist! 

Tell me would you be prepared for something like this? If you have that tough guy attitude I see in the martial arts world today you would die in such circumstances. 

* HPPT Self Defense Psychology

The Greater Good Lie

Today in our propagandized world you hear the powers that be refer to the "greater good." Like National Security this has nothing to do with the greater good of the people. But the greater good of the government agenda. 

Please read this important article on Violence Rises in Dystopian Hell.

You CANNOT be a tough guy with someone mentally disturbed.  And today not only has mental illness gone off the charts with the addiction problems in society,  but politics has created an envy based hate culture. Also enabling those with serious illness, illness that needs treatment not encouragement! This man in the crime above should have been deemed a "dangerous offender" and never released! But today politics makes criminals into victims! And victims into criminals! This is why real heads up Self Defense courses like HPPT is so needed.

And this problem is going to get worse. You have to understand you need more today in your training than just the traditional martial art / self defense knowledge.  

In Conclusion

HPPT Self Defense Psychology CONCLUSION

With that in mind I am going to recommend 2 books. These are being bundled together for a special price. I really want this information in everyone hands!

Follow this LINK to learn about The Psychology of Self Defense. This book explains the psychology of many attackers and well as training for it! The second is my Humane Kyusho Beginners Guide.  

The links will provide all the details you need. Also checkout this article on Humane Pressure Point Tactics. The article will offer you a free video too!

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below. Also I am adding a 4th Level to my Humane Pressure Point Tactics Course, and because of this I am going to run a special price on ALL levels.

Don't miss the special price on the HPPT courses!
Follow the LINK below to read more.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Self Defense: Martial Artists Do Not Understand This


Self Defense: Martial Artists

* Self Defense: Martial Artists

Self Defense: Martial Artists do not understand this at all! What am I talking about? Most martial artists young and old alike do not understand the correlation between online privacy, security and self defense. Perhaps too may kicks to the head? Well no, that is not true I have been kicked in the head many time and I see the link wide and clear. I had a skull fracture from a spin hook kick back in 94. So what is it? Basically not preparing for the worst and hoping for the best! The issue is that "chance favors the prepared mind."

Self Defense: Martial Artists Do Not Understand Surveillance 

How does this all work? Self Defense: Martial Artists need to understand this!

First if you have a smartphone, no matter who makes it, you are under surveillance 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. And this is verifiable FACT.

Data Center

This is a Google Data Center in Georgia. Can you imagine how many computers are in this massive building running for the soul purpose of indexing your data?

There are 19 of these Google Data Centers Worldwide. And this is ONLY GOOGLE, not Facebook, Apply, Microsoft or Amazon to name a few.

They say that iPhone is better for security, but security and privacy have nothing directly to do with each other. iPhone is a little harder to hack. That is all! But I am not talking just about hacking here. Google and Facebook collect massive amounts of data about everyone online. Facebook follows you even if you do not have a Facebook account

Everything you say in the presence of your phone is recorded, indexed and stored in data centers. Your location is monitored all the time down to the meter. And sometimes even when you turn off location services you are still seen because some apps can turn it on and they do. Plus your camera takes picture both front and back without your knowledge or consent. All for the purposes of "Marketing." Sure......

For Advertising 

All this is done to feed you very targeted advertisements. If you and your significant other are talking about going somewhere, these corporations hear and then they can even do their job better. Deliver you more relevant ads.  They know where you are, what you are doing and where you plan to go. Plus if you use a debit or credit card they even have the details of what you purchase. They know everything about you. Likes, dislikes, speech, and habits. in terms of  Self Defense: Martial Artists how do you feel about this?

National Security [Bullshit]

And of course the NSA has access to all this data, as well as damn near every other government on the planet. But all this is only part of the equation. The surveillance in China should terrify you! And who do you think is helping them?

None of the information is properly secured. Some of these databases are even in plan text. This means other bad players beside the governments and these corporations can get access to this information. 

* Self Defense: Martial Artists

Companies, banks, governments, school are all hacked daily. 

Real Danger

Let's look at a scenario. You work hard and live in a nice area of your city. Like everyone else you have a Wifi router for your internet access and to save bandwidth your phone connects to the wifi too. Now this Wifi is registered internationally on a website called Wigle, plus a few others. The information is public and anyone can access it. Here is the LINK.  

Your phone is broadcasting to world exactly where you are! Your Wifi is broadcasting to the world too! Cell Towers pick this information up and forward it to databases. Your Wifi, phone and laptop each have a unique identifier called a MAC address.  This is register to you, and only you.

Some friends come over and you discuss going out for dinner.  The 4 of you decide on a place and off you go. Everyone has a cellphone therefore the conversation is recorded on 4 different devices, all tagged to your exact location and travel route. 

* Front Lines of Self Defense

If there is a bad player listening you just told him you are not home. This is like skywriting please come rob my house.

Plus if you end up going home early you just might walk in on this! No matter how tough you think you are because of your martial arts mastery this is all going to go BAD.

How things can go bad

But instead you end up at your favorite chain restaurant. You are hooked to your Wifi and you go on Facebook and tell all your friends your location and tag who you are with. Great, now how many hundreds or perhaps thousand of people can see where you are?

Of course everyone knows you are an accomplished martial artist because of your posts and pictures.

Better hope that one of these "friends" is not a nut-bag stalker who you just told where you are and now may decide to come and call you out! 

* Self Defense: Martial Artists

Big feather in his psycho cap to beat the hell out of you while his friends video this. Or perhaps some pervert "has a thing" for one of the ladies because she was careless with the pictures she posts. But everyone online are good honest people right? And you LOVE getting  those likes on your posts! That dopamine hit always makes your day!

So now any advantage you may have had in a self defense situation is gone because the attacker can know everything about you and the people with you.

And he does not even need to be an hacker to do this. This is nothing compared to the endless different possibilities or scenarios. And all because you feel complacent in your online presence and will not further education yourself about your online privacy and security.

You just tolerate this intolerable situation because you think there is nothing you can do about it. WRONG this much you can do.

In Conclusion

Self Defense: Martial Artists CONCLUSION

Please take all this information seriously.

Learn everything you can about the topic. And feel free to fact check me on all the above.

Once you are convinced learn all you can and go out and spread the word!

This is very serious stuff.  We need to be vigilant!

Life is hard enough without imjurty or loss of a loved one due to the insanity going on today. Be vigilant and prepare yourself now!

I want to add today a postscript to this article.  On the Social Network a comment was made that I am "fearmongering" with this information. This is the result of a person who finds unrest in what I say, but who is not willing to take action in his own life. So be it.

However addressing Fearmongering, are you aware that via undisciplined and un educated use in Social Media is today what drive sex trafficking. Young men and women are stalked via these methods, and snatched for sale.  Now I can write another article with images, examples and proof. But my hope is people will stop this idea that they need to be right and ok, and take and teach responibility for their and their loved one safety.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Problems with Kyusho Jitsu in 2020


Problems with Kyusho Jitsu

Problems with Kyusho Jitsu

What are the Problems with Kyusho Jitsu is facing in 2020? This article is purely editorial and only my opinion. However, these are the observations I have made in 2019 that I believe will come to a head and therefore affect Kyusho Jitsu / Pressure Point students and study in 2020.

Problems with Kyusho Jitsu - Dillman Retirement

Love him or hate him when it comes to the Martial Arts world Grand Master George Dillman has had a huge effect! As I am writing this article I just turned 60. This means I am now officially in the season of winter.  GM Dillman from my understanding is now officially retired. And even if he is not, it is down the pipe. Who will replace him? How can anyone replace him? No matter who is chosen the in fighting will begin! 

All you need to do is look at American Kenpo and what happened when Grand Master Parker passed away. Now I am not a "member" of DKI, however my Kyusho Jitsu rank does come from DKI. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

But working to unite Kyusho would be the smart idea! But I do not see it happen! 

Problems with Kyusho Jitsu - Inflated Egos

Now I admit I am on a soapbox here. BUT, it seems to me many Kyusho Jitsu teacher are more interested in showing off their skills than teaching pressure points. Why do I think this? Because people are leaving other organizations in droves, coming to me because I focus on the student and not my personal profile. For me it is about teaching. 

This "may" be good for me, but not Kyusho in the long run. I also see law suites coming because of this ego issue and Uki's being allowed to Free Fall after a Knockout Pressure Points strike that could result in serious spinal cord and neck injuries. And the Kyusho instructors will lose because this is GROSS NEGLIGENCE. 

And once this happens once we are going to be looking at legislation restricting what we do, ad that is ALL BAD.

Problems with Kyusho Jitsu - Apathy

"Tolerance and Apathy are the final virtues of a dying society" Aristotle

The 3rd of the Problems with Kyusho Jitsu is people today do not want to move. Now I have students who's dedication to the art blows my mind. And my thanks to them! However, many people today want a result but do not want to do work. And politically speaking that is the narrative today. Guaranteed outcome. But that ideology is simply not a reality.

I even wrote a lot of a book based on this. The book is called Body-Mind-Spirit Budo without the BS. Check it out when you have a moment.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

When it comes to the Problems with Kyusho Jitsu coming in 2020 I will say right now I hope I am 100 percent wrong on all accounts here!

Plus there are more concerns.And what bothers me most about all this is that each of these is political in nature. But I think all this needs to be said.

I would love to hear your comments, leave them here.

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Pressure Points Are Fine Motor Skills


Pressure Points Are Fine Motor Skills

Pressure Points Are Fine Motor Skills

I hear this almost everyday! Pressure Points Are Fine Motor Skills are therefore cannot, and will not work under the stress of a street attack or fight.  The statement is DEAD WRONG and simply propaganda. There is NO basis for fact unless you are talking about the untrained.

Saying this is simply and EXCUSE for your personal failure in training. [Know your Limitations]

So let me explain why. 

Fine Motor Skills vs. Gross Motor Skills

What are gross motor skills? They are "Gross motor skills involve movements of the large muscles of the arms, legs and torso."

What are fine motor skills? The definition is as follows. "Fine motor skills are the ability to make movements using the small muscles in our hands and wrists."  These are basic definitions but will do for the purpose of the article.

These definitions being given striking at a pressure point is therefore considered to be a fine motor skill. However by this definition so is punching, slapping etc. And by this definition all martial arts training including striking with the forearms and knees is fine motor skills and therefore cannot me done.

The problem is they all can be done. Because gross or fine motor skills are irrelevant, and training is the only object, the only path to success. One of the more detailed fine motor skills is using a firearm. Yet these are used in high stress situations daily!

Watch this short video for a detailed explain on why Pressure Points Are Fine Motor Skills and this does not matter!

In Conclusion

Pressure Points Are Fine Motor Skills CONCLUSION

I am sure by now you can see that the martial arts world has been sold a "bill of goods" telling them that only gross motor skills work today! 

They are trying to convince people that training is worthless and a waste of time. This is only true when society and the powers that be want to create a culture of sheep!

I have many concerns today about the martial arts world. Please follow this link and have a look at my latest eBook offering on the subject. 

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Grand Master Art Mason

Deadly Pressure Point KD-21


Deadly Pressure Point KD-21

* Deadly Pressure Point KD-21

We hear the stories all the time, more often than anyone wants too. A child is hit by a baseball or soccer ball in the chest and dies on the field. Doctors who are not versed in eastern medicine have no idea as to why. But the answer is the child was struck with the correct "spin" at Deadly Pressure Point KD-21, usually on the left side of the body. 

Deadly Pressure Point KD-21 Location & Affects

The location of Deadly Pressure Point KD-21 is 6 cun above the umbilicus, and 0.5 cun lateral to CV-14. This is an extremely dangerous point as it combines a serious shock to the life
force meridian.  The shock also is crossing over to CV-14 which in itself
is a very dangerous pressure point.

Correct striking of KD-21 will result in immediate heart stoppage that requires reverse CPR to be immediately administered, or a defibrillator unit to shock the heart back into action. 

Reverse CPR is covered in details in my Kyusho Home Study Course.

Notice in the image to the right the position of the pads from the defibrillator? Which pressure points are being shocked?

* Deadly Pressure Point KD-21

Striking Actions & Angle - Direction

In order to get the result you must attack Deadly Pressure Point KD-21 with the correct striking action, plus the correct angle and direction. And we must not forget 2 Way Action

So how does this cause death from a strike by a ball? It does defy the odds when it happens.

The ball must hit the "heart side" or the left side of the body, dead on the pressure point, but spinning "clockwise." This is the only way to get the heart stoppage result! If you strike the other side of the body the strike would be anti-clockwise. 

As for a strike itself, you would attack with a "grasping" action for water, spinning with the right hand in an upset or clockwise direction. Therefore this will interrupt the hearts electrical connections to the brain and cause the stoppage. 

This is accomplished with a high-medium to heavy strike. And a softer strike will result in brain dysfunction as well as spasms of the diaphragm resulting in dangerous breathing  issues which could also result in death.

I cover healing this issue in my Kyusho Healing Course.  Deadly Pressure Point KD-21 falls into the category of a "Combat Pressure Point."

In Conclusion

Deadly Pressure Point KD-21 CONCLUSION

And I am sure you can see how dangerous this pressure point is and that is should never be used for demonstration purposes.

Striking the pressure point is very straight forward and require little training.

But extreme caution needs to always be used.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho: Know your Limitations


Kyusho: Know your Limitations

* Kyusho: Know your Limitations

Have you ever noticed that those who know the least argue the most? I know I see this almost on a daily basis. But, I cease communications anytime I encounter a "closet intellectual." Kyusho: Know your Limitations, it is good that these alleged martial artists do realize their potential as they try to impose their limited thinking on others. 

Why do I saw alleged? Because when someone is willing to argue a point to prove they are right I see holes in the stories. People lie to protect their lies. Recently I had some "closet intellectual" ask me about "fear" and how to control it. When someone asks this question I am always on guard.  This is usual a "baited" question. And in truth I am not the one to ask. You should be asking a psychologist if you have fear issues.

Pressure Points Don't Work on the Street

Now whenever someone comes with this question about fear we end up in the "pressure points don't work on the street" talk. This is where I cut communication and spam the address. Why? Because I do not have time for "closet intellectuals." 

Whatever you believe will become your reality, and the more limited your thinking the more limited your life will be. There are no exceptions. If you cannot target pressure points under stress this has nothing to do with pressure points. YOU ARE A FAILURE IN YOUR TRAINING

Kyusho: Know your Limitations!

Today we are dealing with some very BAD, limited thinking. Ideologies of envy and failure. "Oh this person has more than me, it is not fair." Do you know what a loser you must be to think this way? Make excuses for your lack of effort? Seriously! 

Failure is part of life and you will fail more than you will ever succeed. That is just life! And the most successful people in life,  be it in business, martial arts or any other aspect have failed more than 99% per of whiners will ever try!

If you have never failed it is because you have done nothing in life! 

Triple Warmer Overload

* Pressure Point TW-18 [Triple Warmer]

We have a serious problem in society today. Self Control is a thing of the past as people are ruled by their addiction to their emotions. Because you "feel" someway about something does not make it true or right.

And this addiction people have will always lead to more failure. Because the Triple Warmer Meridian is overactive. 

The reason is simple, under a high emotional state your ability to make an objective decision is gone. Instead you become easily manipulated by the narrative. Today people sound like robots as they spew out the current narrative they see on social media. 

Martial Art training is a remedy to this, but only if you actually quit making excuses and do the damn work! 

Check your Addictions!

So what are your addictions that are preventing you from succeed in Kyusho Jitsu, martial arts or anything else?

  1. How much time do you WASTE on Social Media like Facebook each day? Nothing wrong with using Social Media but the always being logged on is BAD. The average person wastes 144 minutes per day on Facebook. I limit myself to 10 minutes per day.
  2. Are you obsessed with politics? Have you lost friends over differences?
  3. Do you get very anger for no real reason? And do posts on social media upset your day? If yes stop reading them. I don't read my timeline. 
  4. Do you make excuses, blame others for your failures like the "left wing nutbags" tell you that you should?

If this is you, then perhaps it is time to forget the status quo and get back into the Dojo and training for REAL! Focus your MIND.

Stop the Excuses

Take a look at this image on the right. These are the pressure points on the right side of the head and neck.

The area of activation of each one is the size of an American Silver Dollar.

And there are a total of pressure points on each SIDE OF THE BODY!

Can you see why when some clown tells me that hitting pressure points is not possible I call him out as his training being an EPIC FAILURE?

* Pressure Points that Kill

Kyusho: Know your Limitations CONCLUSION

in Conclusion

Are you ready to stop making excuses in life?

Can you see whey I do not bother with these BAD THINKERS or "closet intellectuals" I speak of?  If you do the work pressure points WORK period!

No matter what some loser will tell you.

What is a closet intellectual? It is someone who knows little to nothing about a topic but their ego is so big they need to argue their expertise anyways. I'll bet today you know a lot of people like this!

Thank you for reading this article Kyusho: Know your Limitations. This is basically an editorial rant. Feel free to comment at the bottom of the article,

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Deadly Pressure Point HT-01 [Heart]


Deadly Pressure Point HT-01

Deadly Pressure Point HT-01

The Heart Meridian, one of the most under rated of the 12 Kyusho Jitsu meridians on the body, and Deadly Pressure Point HT-01 is perhaps the more ignored pressure point on the body because of its location. But I can tell you the results of a strike to HT-01 are a fight ender, with the potential of it being a lethal strike

Deadly Pressure Point HT-01 - Location 

Deadly Pressure Point HT-01 is located in the armpit, AKA the Axilla. The contents of the axilla include the axillary vein and artery, as well as the brachial plexuslymph nodes and fat. The axilla is the space between the side of the thorax and the upper arm. 

Pressure Point HT-01 is located In the center of the axilla, on the medial side of the axillary artery, at the lateral inferior margin of the pectorals major muscle and in it's deep position the point lies in the coracobrachialis muscle. The axillary nerve is also present at this location.

* Deadly Pressure Point HT-01 [Heart]

Effects of Strikes to HT-01

What happens if you strike Deadly Pressure Point HT-01? Well let's take a look at this. A strike to HT-01 on the left side of the body will stop the heart immediately. This is accomplished with a little as a "medium" strike. This is also possible on the right side of the body, but not probable.

A neurological pressure point knockout will also occur immediately on either side of the body. A light strike will cause intense local pain and disorientation from brain dysfunction. Speech impairment will result as well as a very unstable emotional state.

Great physical damage can also occur in the area such as dislocation or the arm at the shoulder, permanent nerve damage, and possible rupture of the Axillary Artery or vein. 

In Conclusion

Deadly Pressure Point HT-01  CONCLUSION

As you can see this is another very dangerous pressure point and one that should never be played with. 

Access is not as difficult as you might think This is especially true with a taller attacker or if a front choke is applied

If you would like more information like this please checkout my eBook Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this article. This pressure point is also discussed in my article on 5 Best Combat Pressure Points.

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Grand Master Art Mason

5 Best Combat Pressure Points


5 Best Combat Pressure Points

* Best Combat Pressure Points

I do not personally like the word "combat" being used in the martial arts. But that is because I am a man who believes words have meaning and cannot be interchanged because someone wishes to. A great example of this today is the misuse of the word "phobia." That means an irrational fear of. Because I disagree with an ideology or way of life does not mean I am afraid of it. Anyway, lets today look at the 5 Best Combat Pressure Points. 

So when I say the 5 Best Combat Pressure Points, what is it I am referring to? Combat is essentially a military term for engagement with an enemy. I do not consider the meaning to apply to martial arts because martial arts is about self defense training in peaceful times.

And that is OK. So the best combat pressure points need to be very specific. Therefore to the purpose of this article they mean pressure points with a very predictable result and no setup required. 

Best Combat Pressure Points

With this in mind I am going to provide you with a list below, and a link to a more detailed explanation of each pressure point. One of my students left my school back in 2006 to join the Canadian military. He commented of all the things he learned in training under me that the pressure point information was really the only part that translated and worked in hand to hand, kill or be kill combat.

I wish more people understood this.

#1 Pressure Point GB-20

Best Combat Pressure Points

The first pressure point on this list is GB-20. Why is that? Because of its relationship to the occipital nerve at the back of the head it is an excellent pressure point to cause massive brain dysfunction.

And as an added bonus it is a "blind strike" which means the person does not see it coming, and therefore cannot mount any real defense. 

#2 Pressure Point BL-10

Next is a very dangerous pressure point. This is Pressure Point BL-10. Perhaps one of the most dangerous pressure points on the body this one fits the criteria of Best Combat Pressure Points perfectly. 

BL-10 is also tied in with the occipital nerve and the brain dysfunction associated with this.  BL-10 is also a kill shot. Hit correctly you can cause damage to the brainstem which is right there, with very little tissue to protect it. 

It's position at the back of the head also makes for another important "blind strike."

Best Combat Pressure Points

#3 Pressure Point SP-21

Best Combat Pressure Points

Pressure Point SP-21 is located on the ribs, about center of the bicep with the arms hanging. The exact location is on the lateral aspect of the chest, on the mid-axillary line, in the 6th intercostal space.

An intercostal space is the "meat" between the ribs which is a hotbed for nerves! 

A solid strike to this area can break ribs, cause lung punctures and has the potential to stop the heart. And its location at the weakest point in the rib cage is a definte bonus! 

#4 Pressure Point ST-09

Again we look at a very dangerous pressure point, and how, like the above this is a one shot kill. Pressure Point ST-09 is located right over the carotid sinus. The carotid sinus is a Baroreceptor, whose purpose is to detect an increase in blood pressure.

When it detects an increase, it sends a signal to the vasomotor center of the via the vagus nerve. This initiates a Vasodilatation, and slowing of the heart rate to lower the blood pressure to normal.

Striking the area will cause an immediate drop in blood pressure resulting in unconsciousness and potential death. 

The Pressure Point Stomach 5

Damage to the carotid artery and sinus are possible which if not treated immediately will result in death. This is a dangerous pressure point, but definitely one of the very best combat pressure points. 

#5 Pressure Point HT-01

* Best Combat Pressure Points

I have only written about HT-01 in my book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy. However it is a very dangerous pressure point. The location is in the arm pit itself.

The pressure point is right over the top of the axillary artery  and therefore great artery damage is also done when this pressure point is struck.

A medium strike, especially on the left side of the body will stop the heart instantly. Lighter strikes will damage the shoulder and cause sever brain dysfunction. This is a fight stopper no matter how you use it. 

in Conclusion

I hope you found this article to be of benefit to you. I also hope my have given you a deeper understand of just how dangerous pressure points can be.

This is lost knowledge today. Please consider sharing these posts with like minded people. 

Best Combat Pressure Points CONCLUSION

You can find information on every pressure point on the body with my eBook Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy. Please check it out now. 

And feel free to comment here

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Pressure Point BL-56 [Bladder]


Pressure Point BL-56

* Pressure Point BL-56

For the last year I have been writing articles about once per month on different, important pressure points on the body for self defense. Today I am going to look at Pressure Point BL-56 [Bladder Meridian] as well as BL-55, 57 because there are so very close together, and all extremely important. I will focus on BL-56 because it gives the best effect. However any of the pressure points in the calf can cause sever damage and end any assault. And a typical strike is going to be blind without intense training. 

Pressure Point BL-56 - Location

* Pressure Point BL-56

Located in the in the center of the of the gastrocnemius muscle, midway between BL-55 and BL-57 is pressure point BL-56.

The gastrocnemius muscle consists of a lateral head, a medial head, and their single tendon of insertion.

Each head is a thick muscular column, separated from the other by the back of the knee. As they descend, they come together.

The medial head is larger and wraps around the leg more towards the front than does the lateral head. The muscular heads end at or slightly above the middle of the leg, where they attach to their tendon.

The tendon descends and fuses with the tendon of the soleus muscle, which lies just beneath it, forming the Achilles tendon

The gastrocnemius muscle raises the heel, which lifts the body. It also assists, though minimally, in flexing the knee joint. This muscle group carries a tremendous weight burden making it susceptible to attack.

Effects of Striking

There are 2 basic methods of successfully striking these 3 pressure points in total. And that is either with a front kick using the toe, or with a heel strike. My personal preference is with a heel as this can be done from the position of being in front of the attacker.

The results of a strike are instant cramping of the muscle, which depending on the condition of said muscle will include damage up to and including massive tearing of the tissue and possible separation of the muscles from the Achilles tendon. Interesting the stronger the muscle, the more potential for damage.

Knockouts are also possible at pressure point BL-56 due to the brain shock that can occur with a solid strike. This is an excellent area to teach novice students in self defense training. 

In Conclusion

Pressure Point BL-56 CONCLUSION

A strike to Pressure Point BL-56 is a fight ender. No one can continue an assault with calf and/or tendon damage. Walking becomes impossible.

If you have ever awakened in the night with a calf cramp imagine that at a magnitude of plus 10. 

Over the last year these articles have been very popular. And they are also a very important part of the learning process. However to use such articles for reference can be a very big challenge. You need information like this all in once place!

Therefore have a look at my eBook Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy. This reference eBook which has been called the Gray's Anatomy of Kyusho Jitsu cover all 361 plus pressure points on the body like Pressure Point BL-56. Follow this link to learn more now!

This eBook, Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy is also going to be included in 2020 in the Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu.  If you any questions or comments please leave them here

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