Pressure Point HT-02. What it takes to stop a heart

* Pressure Point HT-02

Pressure Point HT-02: It has been a while since I authored an article on a specific pressure points of the body. Therefore today we will take a look at a good one, Pressure Point HT-02. This pressure point is also listed in the article on the Heart Meridian which I do suggest reading also. 

Some pressure points are extremely dangerous for many different reasons. Others are simply very painful. Some are both. When it comes to attacking meridians on the body, as an example with the idea of meridian theory, this is a powerful one. 

And this pressure point can cause a knockout as well. However something to remember is that sometimes one of the advantages of pressure points are their ability to cause imbalance, and therefore make great setup points. Pressure Point HT-02 also falls into this category. 

Pressure Point HT-02 - Location

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When the elbow is flexed, the point is 3 cun above the medial end of the transverse cubital crease, (HT-03), in the groove medial to the biceps brachii

This is also a “nerve” pressure point and striking will cause incredible pain and loss of use the arm. A knockout is also very possible because of the proximity to the radial nerve and radial artery.

While not as dangerous as Pressure Point HT-01 or PC-02 you can still get an excellent result with this pressure point. Whether it be attacked via an punch or grab and press. 

Pressure Point HT-02 In Conclusion

Pressure Point HT-02 CONCLUSION

So where and when is this pressure point the most useful? Today the streets are very volatile, perhaps the most volatile seen in a century.

This pressure point is very useful on anyone who believe may have a heart issue. And with the tremendous real epidemic of obesity today heart issues are very common. 

And since the arms always present in an attack, pressure point HT-02 becomes accessible and a great choice. Thank you for taking time to read Pressure Point HT-02.

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