Self Defense against Crazies. Being safe in a Mob

Self Defense against Crazies

Self Defense against Crazies. Being safe in a Mob. We are living in a time of epidemic mental illness and it is walking around town, often in gangs, like they own the place.

And in many ways they do. The have the courts and politicians in their front pocket. For now anyways. But history will repeat and the tables will be turned by the same people saying they support them right now.

But I am remiss. This is not the reason for the article. I care nothing of these people, they are not my problem. 

What I am concerned about is dealing with the issue this is creating a warp speed. Extreme violence due to cognitive dissonance in these "people." Self Defense against Crazies.

Self Defense against Crazies

I personally am out of harms way. I made sure of this years ago. But chance favors the prepared mind, and you must prepared. And this is not like the survivalist ideas, I am not talking about food for a disaster, while that is possible also. But rather realizing the things you have done in the past may no longer work the way they once did. 

However pressure points, and an understanding of their application can save your life. But this is going to require work and study. But it is never too late!  Who is in danger? In my opinion the primary people in trouble live in the larger cities of the western world

Now I could write a ten thousand page book on WHY this problem exist today. But that does not matter. What is needed is solutions for the average person, in this case martial artists, so they can protect themselves and their families.

Mental illness today is being enabled by the political system, this happened in the 1930's too. We all know how well that worked out. Enabling causes an over reaction to very nominal things, and explosive emotional reaction, that will be violent. 

And with every person have a video camera in their hands everywhere they go, you can lose everything defending yourself because the courts will rule against you because they have been paid off by the political systems. Therefore safe means something more today. 

Self Defense against Crazies

You have seen this building in the news for 40 years now. But people are so apathetic, stating it will not happen here, it is now almost everywhere. 

So you look at someone today, and simply because they did not like the look you gave them their Triple Warmer Meridian goes into overdrive and they enter attack mode. Instantly you are in a face to face confrontation with a sleepwalker, a crazy. 

What will you do?

You have decades of training and you believe you could defeat this person. But how many more of them are there? Crazy is often found in gangs. 

You MUST learn to ESCAPE first, do battle second. Time to lose the ego. Today a win on the street can be a lost WAR in a courtroom. You must master Self Defense against Crazies!

Self Defense against Crazies - Win by Escape

Secrets of the Octagon

The first thing you must be is prepared. Stop wearing headphone when out in the world. Be alert 24/7. Self Defense against Crazies is serious business. And the ONLY real way to escape is using the natural laws of the Octagon. 

And this information that I am promoting was removed in the 20th century from the martial arts as they became a commercial product.

But now, with the insanity of the 2020's this must be once again taught to all students.

My former Dojo in Canada is even teaching this to children who are students beginning the first day. Why? Because it works. Teaching children how to move to escape is the best idea. Then to fight only if there is no other choice. And the parents love it!

Self Defense against Crazies in Conclusion

Self Defense against Crazies CONCLUSION

Below I am going to give you several opportunity to start along the path of Kosho Ryu, the study of natural laws.

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