What about Self Defense? It is not what people think!

What about Self Defense?

What about Self Defense? 

What is self defense? In truth it has nothing to do with any attacker. As James Mitose stated it is "learning to deal with yourself."

Recently I was promoting my Advanced Kosho Ryu Concepts Course on Gaps and Voids via email, when a man who is very concerned about self defense, and what I am doing in regard to teaching self defense replied to the message stating "what about self defense?"

Like so many people today who wish problems to be magically solved without work or sacrifice he cannot see the course, everything I have ever written or released is about self defense.

What about Self Defense? Well, what about it?

He told me once he had a black belt in I think it was JuJitsu. So what?? I even wrote on article on this years ago called a Martial Artist is NOT a Self Defense expert. Perhaps if he holds his black belt up to those causing him issue this will change something?? But his attitude and actions are typical in the world today.

In my new book called Kosho Ryu the Awakened Mind, which is about self defense because it is about dealing with yourself speaks of the R.A.S or Reticular Activation System which is the part of the brain, part of the unconscious that shows you in your environment, gives you your predominate thoughts in the real world.

As an example with this man he is focused on violence, being beaten up, so he ends up in positions where this becomes a reality. Yet he asks after all I have said to him "what about Self Defense??" When everything I have done is about self defense. 

He also considers himself a coward. And this will manifest in reality for him, giving him many opportunities to life up to this self image. 

What so I do? I focus on martial arts, calming the mind, self improvement and learning, and I have few to no issues. Now some will say this is more where someone lives than anything else. While this is a contributing factor I spend 55 years in one of the most crime invested cities in Canada, that made no different. 

The brain will give you, show you your predominate thoughts in reality. Every time. 

And if this person is having so much conflict on the streets perhaps he needs to learn self control?? To shut up? I know many in Canada who have similar issues. And they shoot off their mouths too. Predominate thoughts become reality. Each and every time without fail!

What about Self Defense?

He is really so concerned yet he has never purchased a single course or book? Not even my Humane Pressure Point Tactics which going for about $30 per level because of the hard times. You reap what you sow. Inaction has Karma attached to it.

And he has also on many occasions pointed out that pressure points do not work. Yet he has done no real study. But his "uncle" or someone told him. 

If you cannot get pressure points to work it is on YOU, not pressure points. 

Now I have shut this guy off. His messages go to SPAM and he cannot purchase anything now even if he wished too. Why? Because some people are unteachable. Therefore I will no longer waste my time and energy on him. But the nerve of the question, what about self defense, is a teaching opportunity. 

Martial Arts training regardless of "style" should be a study, not an activity. I teach Kosho Ryu, which is a study and included Kyusho Jitsu, Hapkido, Cane and by default self defense. It also includes writing this article, language study and anything else I do. Because a student of life I am.

What about Self Defense??

Perhaps a mindset change is needed. Self Defense is learning to deal with the self, your fears, your ego, and your prejudices.

I recently watched a younger man walking very fast down a trail I was on with my Huskies. He passed us quickly on his way. He was getting some good cardio exercise. Kudos to him! But, he was wearing a set of headphones. Oblivious to the world.

You often see, especially women walking and talking or typing away on their phones. Again oblivious to the world around them. In the case of the man he would never hear the bear he could run into.  And we have lts of bears. The most in all of Europe.

The woman was easy prey for anyone interested in robbery.

Because crime is low here one should never become apathetic towards personal safety. 

What Mitose Said

What about self defense? As James Mitose stated self defense is  "learning to deal with yourself." But 99% of the martial arts world views it as a technique or waza. Or worse that sport offers solutions. Combat systems are NOT self defense.  Combat is kill or be killed. Do that on the street and you will be defending yourself in a prison cell.

What does "learning to deal with yourself" really mean? Bruce Lee stated it well when he said "all knowledge is self knowledge." Yet how many martial artists study self defense beyond the belief in their system or waza?

What about Self Defense?

How many study the psychology of the attacker? What about escalation levels of attack? Do you teach or train that everything life and death? Or has the training been broken down to smaller segments? 

Not to mention weapons like knives. What I see in the wild about knife is pure fantasy. Waza is a training tool, not a street application. Waza training only works when the opponent is not trying to hurt you. Octagon, Kosho Ryu ONLY works when the opponent is trying to hurt you. 

And it does not matter how fast you are. The knife you do not see is the one that will cut you. And the attacker is not going to show you the knife. Anything else is fantasy. What about Self Defense? Do you think I have spent time with a focus on solutions?

What is the main objective in self defense? To escape! Not stand and fight. If you cannot escape then you must do damage. But that should never be the go to response. 

What about Self Defense?

Creating more self defense courses is pointless unless someone does everything i have put forth in the last 10 years. And after that much time they would be well able to deal with anything. And even, which is best, find their own solutions. 

What about Self Defense? The question makes no sense at all. I did not answer the email. I marked as spam. 

What about Self Defense in Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Martial Art training is a path we choose as part, a major part of life's journey. It is not about Black Belts, trophies, awards or any such thing. Those a cute, but do not truly matter. 

What about Self Defense? Self defense becomes an important byproduct of the life long seeker of understand and knowledge.  

As I have said many times lately I am learning a language. As I write this I am listening to music in Romanian. And this is also martial art training. Unless you do not realize it, or do not care. What about Self Defense? You answer the question for yourself. 

I hope you enjoyed What about Self Defense and got something from the article. 


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