Fall of the West. Thoughts and 10 Reasons why!

* Fall of the West

Fall of the West! what are the reasons for "the decline of the west"? Let's talk about this right now.

We live in the craziest time history has even seen, We are seeing the Fall of the West. And the final days of the fall, or the western culture.

I was asked why I stopped creating and teaching self defense techniques in courses recently. And as good as it is I do not promote my Humane Pressure Point Tactics courses any longer. 

Why is this?? Because there is simply little to no interest. 

Martial Artist believe that the "krav mega" they have in their system is all they need. So, who am I to disagree? Maybe they are 100 percent right and I am the one wrong. I hope so for their sake. But, from experience I do not think so. 

I teaching Kosho Ryu, and therefore I also teach Kyusho Jitsu. Kosho Ryu is a study of natural laws. Learning to learn and that there is ALWAYS something more. Infinite knowledge means just that. NEVER ENDING. There is always more to learn. The study of life itself. 

Now Kosho, has concepts and theories based on the Natural Laws that government the world. Not the silly man made laws that try to control you via fear. That will always fail in the end.

Theories they have today that have no proof or research behind them, then called laws.

Gravity has never been PROVEN. Their idea of proof is observation. Things fall because of the proven law of density and buoyancy. Gravity is a theory, not a law. And when you question them about this they get mad! If it is heavier then air it falls. That is all there is to this. The same law applies in water. But they need the fake gravity to push an agenda. 

Why is it like this?? When someone questions me about my findings in Kyusho we talk about it. I do not attack them. Recently I was questioned about a knockout I did about 15 years ago. I was happy to explain. 

Is this true of the narrative today? Truth is self evident. Lies need protection. This is why they challenge you when questioned. Because they LIE. 

Challenge the narrative and you are attacked every time. The reason should now be obvious...

This example is one of the tell tale signs of how the western civilization will collapse. LIES will cause it. Today lies are policy for governments and virtue for the people. And this leads me to the first way to rebuild a better world. STOP LYING, PERIOD! 

Humans lie, and those who say they do not lie are liars. Within the values of martial arts training, "integrity" will tell you to stop the lies. Imagine a world were no one lied. How would it be? Do you think we would have today's problems?

Fall of the West - What is the decline of the West about??

  • When did the decline of the West start? It has been happening a very long time, but i would say 1919 prior to the great depression. When the federal reserve came fully online. 
  • What is the decline of the West about? That is easy. Corruption and Power. The same story across all of history. 

I also talk to a lot of people, even though they never know who they are talking too. I like to be not known. People love to talk about themselves and give their opinions. Now they do not give their thoughts, only opinions.

Very view people think today. Actually from what I have read only about 2 of the population in 2023 are able to think critically. They just regurgitate what they read on social media. Or the lies of CNN and MSNBC. 

The average person has about 75,000 thoughts per day. Unfortunately they are the same ones as the previous day. Worse they are also someone else's thoughts. Not their own.

Most people vomit forth crap that the Facebook face checkers sold them. Taking to people sometimes you learn a lot, other times you just shake your head. In 2023 I shake my head a lot. The things they say defy logic and common sense.

A great example is the scam of vaccines, and if you actually look into it they are ALL SCAMS right down to the first one. I had a discussion once with a woman about the measles vaccine. She believed people should be forced to do it. This was in 2011.

When I asked her if she believed that they worked, she said yes. SO what does it matter what I do if you are protected? She deleted me. See the mental illness of brainwashing?

One example in the martial arts is the "pressure points do not work, I know because I am an expert street fighter." I had this said to me once. I do not believe in experts. That means they know everything. And the "authorities" have told people to "trust the experts.

But that makes me ask a question. If I should trust the experts, doctors as an example, then why is "doctor treatments" the number 3 leading cause of death in the USA? The answer was that "this is the price you pay to save lives."

WOW, really?

I opt OUT! Thank you.

Fall of the West

The martial arts is the same, all is the same. There is nothing new under the sun. I watched once as a martial arts expert told his student, taught them, to disarm a gun with an X-Block. FACE PALM TIME! If you want to die do this!

Learning, in my opinion, is a duty in life, a responsibility. And the masses are allergic to responsibility in the western cultures. Both parents working to support a lifestyle. It may not be their fault, but the problem still remains. 

Parents also abdicate their children's education to indoctrination camps because they must "keep up with the Jones" and have more stuff they do not need.  

Children are left to others for their care because the parents what better things in their world. McDonald's drive thru is always busy with people who bitch about having no money. 

Kids are coming out of colleges in Canada who cannot sign their name or do simple math. But they can tell you they know socialism, the greatest killer of people in the 20th century can save the world.

Perhaps parents should stop worrying about the new car and bigger house and raise their children? Maybe I am wrong?? My parents sacrificed themselves to raise me. 

Sadly, I know personally of one woman who spends 24 hours a day on Skype with her boyfriend, who she has never been in a room with and ignores her 10 year old son.

This boy who recently lost his father, while she was cheating on him with this clown online, while he, the father was on his death bed.

And this was NOT East Europe, but CANADA. Do you see ANY values here? Sadly this is common today and one other reason for the fall of the west. LACK OF VALUES and MORALS.

I found out recently one high school in Windsor Ontario put a little box in a room because one student believes they are a CAT.  I SHIT YOU NOT!!!

Fall of the West - War Times

We are in a war my friends, and information war of GOOD vs EVIL, and it is time to choose sides.

How do you choose sides? EDUCATE yourselves! All knowledge is self knowledge. Whether you learn and expand your martial art training with the things I have spent 40 years full time learning Martial Arts. No matter what, just act.

We cannot change the corrupted and lying evil culture we live in. But we can change ourselves!

We can become better people, alert and educated people. And I see NO evident that education comes from any public system. Indoctrination comes from there. That is why they are called "doctors." If I had young children today they would not be in these indoctrination camps. 

Do the work, ask questions, train to clear the mind. Focus on what is important not expedient.

A few years back I was told leaving Canada and moving to Romania was biggest mistake I could ever made. The mistake was I could not do it sooner. But I could not have done that and kept promises made and responsibilities.  

I put another, in this case my dear mother ahead of my wants and needs. And I have never regretted that. 

Fall of the West - it is happening now!

Hence the fall of the west is happening right now. Not coming someday, but right around the corner. Days away, not years.

And in order to move on to better things you must let the old and dying go. If every person took care of their own, themselves and their families we would not be here today. But instead they focused on the distractions, things that DO NOT MATTER.

I remember one Friday night a former student posted on Facebook that she was watching the Big Bang Theory. There is a great way to improve the quality of life!  Yes, flush the mind down the toilet. Fall of the west is here now, right in front of your eyes.

A Warning was Given

And I warned of this coming a few years ago in an article called the Death of the Western Culture. People asked me why I thought this way. Upon explanation I was either ignored or told "I wish you were wrong." And I got banned on Linkedin for posting it there. 

How does this relate to martial arts teachings? Today, these teachings have been based on the ideal of the western culture, abandoning the traditions what made them great to begin with. And using modern methods and ideas. Ideas that failed decades ago.

Another sign of the fall of the west within our own industry. The MAIN reason I do not run a Dojo today, dealing with parents.  My former Dojo is part time now, with me and my boys gone. I have taught the values of martial arts personally to literally thousands of kids.

And the kids were great. The problem was mom and dad. No support, bad attendance, and a million excuses. I could go on for hours on just this!

Are you a martial art teacher? Do you teach the history of your art to your students? Or did you make the mistake like I did founding my own system? Bragging about how good you are, and not showing the truth.

"You cannot know where you are going when you do not know where you have been." 

Fall of the West - Recovery

This is not bad new, none of this. Why? Because you only lose when you quit. Socrates said "The secret of change is not to focus all your energy on fighting the old, but to focus on building the new." This is a brilliant quote. And back in the early 2000's I studied many of these great philosophers. 

To accept something is to be enlightened by it. Pretending it is not happening is not acceptance. Because once accepted something you can work around it, or perhaps change it. Find ways to make things better.  A great example is the fraud of the USA elections. That is proven beyond any doubt.

The PCAP data shows this, and this cannot be altered. Many people pretend it did not happen. I know once such man. His mental illness is great.  And because he listens to the "experts" his health is terrible. So is his thinking, or lack thereof. 

Fixing Problems

So, with this as an example why would you look to any new election to fix this? That is just foolish. Now I do not live in the USA and I will never be in that country again. And there are many reasons for this. But this does not matter.

"You cannot resolve any problem with the same mind that created it" which Albert Einstein said. Yet today this is likely considered an evil quote by those indoctrinated. See why 2024 will fix nothing? The problem as not been solved to make 2024 viable. 

Yet those unable to think believe it will. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a differ result is true insanity. Thus the fall of the west is here. 

And here is a kick in the ass for the masses. You have the exact government you deserve too. Why? Because of the never ending apathy of the culture, the 1st trigger to the fall of the west. The second is tolerance. And history, something hidden, shows this countless times over the centuries. 

Tolerance and Apathy

Aristotle said "tolerance and apathy are the final virtues of a dying culture." Try to find a meme with this quote today. But, both tolerance and apathy are considered virtues by the minority trying to run the world. Why? It is better for them. 

So what am I saying? The western culture is DEAD and cannot be saved. THANK THE LORD. It was a failure 1000 years ago. Time to bury the stinking carcass.

What is coming?

After the fall of the west what is coming? Something wonderful. But not for everyone. I am going to truth tell here. Yes I know what is coming, but it is yours to discover! Recovery from the GREAT LIE or 2020 will take 10 years. 

It amazes me people still believe that whopper of a lie. When people bring it up i just ignore them. They identify with illness. There is no help for such a person. 

The world will become much simpler, much more value and family focused. Today people in mass are looking to leave the city for country life. Grow their own food and end the dependence on those who wish to enslave and murder. 

I have had many Americans ask me about leaving America for other lands. And which places would be best. Think about that for few minutes. What YOU believe you KNOW about other countries is DEAD WRONG. Russia comes to mind.

People believe, wrongly that the Ukraine is the victim, sorry no. Look at the men tied to the country. If you think Obama is a good man you are a FOOL. 

But the truth is coming! 


Here is a  collapse of western civilization summary for you. But, this is far from inclusive of all reasons we are here today.

Oswald Spengler predictions and in this video below. And at the bottom of this article is a link to the book. I do not offer this because I agree. I believe the thinking is shallow. The problems we see today while political are based totally in the corruption of the human heart and mind.

The view given does not fully admit the root cause. Man puts up with those who are corrupt. Even make heroes of the corrupt.

All the reasons are beyond any article or book. But we need to take responsibility for it. All civilizations eventually fail. And the reasons always end up being the same.

A similar thing to today happened at the beginning of the 20th century. All the weird things, which I will not name as to prevent this post from being banned everywhere happened then too. So did the event of 2020. Nothing is different.

Except this time it will cause complete collapse of not just the financial system, but the culture itself.  Here is a short list of causes.

  1. Lying - When lying is virtue nothing is left
  2. Lost of respect for life. ONLY humans KILL for pleasure. Murder as birth control is a great example. All life is precious. Unless you are a murderer.
  3. Apathy - The government should do something. Rather then what can WE DO?
  4. Enabling mental illness. Rather than dealing with the problem pretending it does not exist. Virtue signally solutions.
  5. SEX - any culture where children can be exploited has FAILED. And children have been exploited for decades. The number ONE profit center in the world is the trafficking of children. Pornography everywhere. Young males needed the chemical "de-jour" to function. MORE western medicine corruption and lies.
  6. Over eating and lack of respect for the self. 
  7. Chemicals - drug addiction both legal and illegal. When is injection of chemicals into a body a good idea? Their statistics prove what I say too! But people do not research before they take action. Too much work. Cause? Government....
  8. Lack of disciple and self control. Look at the real epidemic of obesity, road rage, homicide, and the list goes on and on.....
  9. Focus and obsession on politics and ideologies. Been on social media lately? The term is an oxymoron, social media. 
  10. Death of belief in God. Believing the lie of NASA and other "science" organizations that this world is an accident, and what people do does not matter. The church pushed this lie too! In fact they first funded it. 

And I could go one and on, but 10 is enough!  How will western civilization collapse? When will western civilization collapse? The end is close, and will happen very very fast. 

In Conclusion

Am not pessimistic on my outlook of the future. While we are in the beginning of the end of times it is not what people think. No matter if you believe in God and creation or not, the prophecies are always fulfilled.

After the defeat of the evil trying to take control, and they have lost, the signs are there, we will have to recover. Much time and work is ahead.

We are going to enter the Golden Age, 1000 plus year before the real fall. Many will fall, unable to accept change, even if it is good change. 

In December of 1012 someone close to me asked about the date of 12/21/12 being the end of the world. While it did signal the end of times, that does not mean the end of the world. The fall of the west is simply a necessary part of history.  The end of times as we once knew it.

Not to be mourned, but rather celebrated! 

Also, before I forget here a link to a book called the decline of the west pdf format. It was written by Oswald Spengler in 1926. And is one of the most widely read books on the subject. Consider when it was written also! 

Don't forget to download the the collapse of western civilization pdf from the link above. 

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

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