Pressure Point Combinations. Assuring Victory on the Streets

Pressure Point Combinations

Pressure Point Combinations . Assuring Victory on the Streets. Are "they" burning down the streets of your city? Arson is NOT climate change no matter how many times they lie. Lies never become truth.

The reality of the streets today is very different and very dangerous. In many places those who should be defending you are opposing you! Corruption is the word of the day!

Therefore you MUST be prepared, and prepared today for anything.  Chance does favor the prepared mind

But sadly many martial artist are complacent. You know the saying "it will never happen to me." If I had a dollar for every time I have heard that one!

And if you look at the History of the Martial Arts, and the reason for the creation of different styles over the years you will see truth. Connect dots. They were creations of the times. And the master of old understood Pressure Point Combinations even if they did not teach it. 

Pressure Point Combinations

When you learn Kyusho Jitsu you learn about principles. And the Cycle of Destruction is one of the first you learn about. Next is the Yin/Yang principle and later the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle becomes important. And these are all based in application on Pressure Point Combinations.

Without Pressure Point Combinations there is no way to get any result with this information. Yes I could ONE TIME a pressure point like ST-05 and get BIG result, but I would also do a ton of damage. And that cannot be done in a Dojo. The health of the Uke is of great importance.

And optic rule the world. Digital recording is easy to fake or alter for an objective! 

To solve this issue you create WAZA in order to train and show your proficiency in Kyusho Jitsu. And all of this makes perfect sense. The issue comes when people think, and think wrongly that WAZA will work on the street. It was never intended too!

But because the western culture is so pathetic they believe in instant results, and deny the idea that all this requires time and HARD work. Work is really a  letter word in the west. 

Pressure Point Combinations Natural Laws

You must also understand the natural laws that govern what the attacker is going to do! And almost every still ignores this. Because it is hard to sell to the public! So they "play" sport and try to convince people that you can be a tough guy and win on the streets this way.

Best of luck to you!

I know several "champions" had their asses handed to them in bars. idiots.....

Combinations happen when you learn to move rather then stand and fight. And I do not mean to bounce around like a boxer either. Natural movement based on the angles of the Octagon, not circles either. Then because of the actions of the attacker targets present themselves. This is what is referred to in Kosho as VOIDS.

The brain is an amazing thing. Train it, teach it and it will do things when you relax that is beyond belief! But people are just not willing to do the work. I made massive sacrifices in order to learn Kyusho Jitsu from Grand Master Steve Stewart. These included a lot of money, tens of thousands and years of dedicated training, and time. 

And it was worth it!

But it did not solve the application issue. However what I learned about the Natural Laws thought in Kosho put all the pieces of the puzzle together!

Pressure Point Combinations in Conclusion

Pressure Point Combinations CONCLUSION

I strongly urge you to study Kyusho hard, learn as much as you can, but also to train in Kosho Ryu so that you can apply this knowledge when needed!

You can begin learning Kosho FREE from this LINK.

Waza ONLY works when the opponent is NOT trying to hurt you. Kosho ONLY works when the attacker is trying to hurt you. Sport is a game. 

Thank you for taking time to read Pressure Point Combinations.


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