Pressure Point Specific Self Defense in a Real World Situation.

* Pressure Point Specific Self Defense

Pressure Point Specific Self Defense in a Real World Situation. I stopped writing articles, and producing courses on self defense a long time ago.  Why? Because for the most part martial artists are simply not interested. Most of all they believe based on their experience in the ring or tournament competition that they have the answers. 

And I spent about 8 years on the TKD tournament circuit, and a few boxing. When I was done I had more questions then answers. But I think that is the sign of the times today. 

Hence people become convinced they know everything, when in truth they know nothing. Why do I say this? How do I have the nerve to say this? Because after almost 40 years of training and learning, most of which is full time, I know that I know NOTHING yet.

Pressure Point Specific Self Defense

But I have studied the specifics, and do have some experience.  So what do I mean by Pressure Point Specific Self Defense?  Very simple, pressure point or Kyusho Jitsu learning does not give you the skills needed for street application. And if you do not see the application within your own root martial art, then you will fail under pressure.  

Therefore the pressure point must be "open" for attack or it simply will have little to no effect. And most martial arts train to defend in the "conflict zone."  All sport exists within his conflict zone. And it must otherwise it would not be sport, but a death match. And there is also a big thought process difference. Most important to realize what someone is thinking about matters. And it matters a lot!

Therefore when you are attacked on the street there is a reason. It will rarely be to kill you, but that does happen. Once thing is very common. You have been chosen because the attacker believes they will be victorious in their quest. In combat, which is very different the attacker KNOWS they have a problem and might be killed. Combat is kill or be killed.  Combat is a different set of skills. And while worth learning application can lead to a prison sentence for murder. 

You are bound to the laws of the land.

Pressure Point Specific Self Defense

In self defense the main objective is to survive, get away. And you may legally use reasonable force to do so. HOWEVER today the justice system is corrupt. They have sold out to special interest groups. Many today are above the law. The "rule of law" is gone in the west. 

I will not mention these "groups" by name as that would flag the article and search engines would ignore it. But if you come up against a "humanoid" from one of these groups you will be considered guilty and punished regardless of truth. This is why ESCAPE is the only option. 

If you study natural laws, and understand the principles of the Octagon you can use your pressure point knowledge to disable the attacker without undue bodily harm and escape. What else is there needs to be done? This is a higher purpose of the martial arts. 

Do no Harm

To do harm, whether the attacker deserves it or not is not our place. And when I harm another person I am actually harming myself. Showing the world I LACK self control. Sometimes it cannot be avoided. Then there is no KARMA or judgement in doing so. Most of the time it can be avoided. 

Escape is always the primary goal. Most important to understand is that when you cannot escape, you must be very effective in your defense. Exchanging blows with a madman is deadly. And these people today are insane. And this makes them dangerous.

Martial arts training needs to evolve with the times. And while what is seen today is about to FALL. The recovery period with be at least 10 years.  This is world wide, but the worst in the western culture of North America and Western Europe. 

In Conclusion

Pressure Point Specific Self Defense CONCLUSION

I have many course that will help you. The specific place to start is to learn the art of escape from my Introduction to Kosho Ryu Course. This is part of the Kosho Core Concepts Series.

If you have done this then checkout Pressure Points of Kosho Ryu to learn how to apply pressure point strike when in motion. And on the streets there is always motion! 

Remember learning should never stop! And I offer my courses and books at very low prices. Because I believe the knowledge needs to be taught. And perhaps I do not know what I am talking about. I do admit I know nothing and have much to learn. But MY TEACHERS KNOW and this is their information.


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