Kyusho Jitsu is NOT for Demonstrations. Why this is a BIG Problem.

Kyusho Jitsu is NOT for Demonstrations

Kyusho Jitsu is NOT for Demonstrations, why is this a BIG problem? Today Kyusho Jitsu is looked at as a demonstration art.

But how much real self defense training is going on, integrating the pressure point study? Why can we practice, are we allowed to Kyusho Jitsu in modern times?

The truth? The BITE is long gone from martial art training. Back a few months ago I wrote an article called the Removal of Deadly Techniques which I am linking here. 

I also wrote one for the World Budo Alliance site also about the Death of the Dojo. But most people do not see the writing on the walls for the future of the arts. 

Kyusho Jitsu is NOT for Demonstrations

Kyusho Jitsu is NOT for Demonstrations! While demonstration is important it is only a small fraction of the practice and study. Like the way the "breaking" of boards and bricks is, or should be. As Bruce Lee stated in Enter the Dragon "boards don't hit back." 

These are not just clever words, they are a truth. Kyusho Jitsu demonstrations are only demonstrations. Done for the most part on a stationary opponent. An opponent in a more or less neutral point of view. They may be nervous, but nervous is not a high state of emotion.

They are not trying to hurt or kill you.

And that is what street is, a heightened state of emotions. When someone decides to attack you their emotion state is often times off the scale. They want to do damage and even end your life! This changes everything.

Kyusho Jitsu is NOT for Demonstrations

But can Kyusho Jitsu actually be practiced in real life? In true safely?  Does not mean that all the steps that lead up to the final pressure point strike cannot be practiced? That depends on how you are training. And most training falls very short. 

But as I have stated many times now, the BITE is long gone from the martial arts. And I mean 99% of them. MMA included. If MMA was actually effective there would be death in the ring, and then it would be banned. But it is a moderately thriving, but declining sport. 

Martial Artist practice waza to perfect their techniques. But in a WAZA, and also kumite, the opponent is not trying to hit you, do damage or kill you. These training methods while needed are incomplete. Even in full contact fighting this is the case.

To truly learn, to become truly effective you must train in such a way as intent to injury is present, yet injury does not occur. 

How is this possible?

Kosho Ryu

I have been stating for years now that Kosho Ryu ONLY works when someone is trying to hurt you! Because Kosho Ryu is a preparatory martial art, and not a reactionary martial art training with full power and intent can be done. 

Kyusho Jitsu is NOT for Demonstrations, but if practiced in the way Kosho Ryu is trained then it is possible to target pressure points on the street with deadly accuracy.

So with this in mind why is KOSHO not practiced everywhere? BIG ego, unteachable martial artists who are not willing to admit they do not know everything. Few people today wish to learn anything. The just wish to be in authority on subjects they know nothing about. 

Kyusho Jitsu is NOT for Demonstrations

Knockouts, pressure point knockouts are an important part of this training. But once again this is only a small part of a much bigger picture. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying here. 

You must be able to do these live, on demand, under life threatening conditions. That will never be done in a demonstration atmosphere, nor should it be. High level Kyusho Jitsu requires high level training. And what am I talking about? Kosho Ryu, the only way to complete Kyusho Jitsu training. Because Kyusho Jitsu is NOT for Demonstrations.

Kyusho Jitsu is NOT for Demonstrations

Does Kosho teach pressure points? Yes it does. However to study Kyusho Jitsu as a separate study outside of Kosho is even better. Kosho is a study not a style of martial art. It is a complete study also. Including all things.

But the very nature of Kosho Ryu means you can expand the learning. Martial Art training today has become a sport and an activity for children. And while that is OK it is very myopic in view. The martial arts should be a lifetime path of learning. 

And it is interesting to use the word myopic here also. Because in my Kosho Ryu teachings I also teach about visual planes. 

Kyusho Jitsu is NOT for Demonstrations in Conclusion
Kyusho Jitsu is NOT for Demonstrations CONCLUSION

I did a special course called Pressure Points of Kosho Ryu to help Kyusho students transition to the use of pressure points on the street. In real life where it counts the most.

I began my martial art journey in 1984 with Hapkido. Then in 2000 began Kosho Ryu. After which in about I was taught Kyusho Jitsu for about 10 years. 

But looking at these numbers I have come to realization that Kosho Ryu is my true ROOT art system. Because all I teach and do is based upon it. 

Thank you for taking some time to read Kyusho Jitsu is NOT for Demonstrations. 


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