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Kosho Shorei Ryu: Life always comes full circle. And for me it has been doing this for a while. This does not mean you continue to repeat things in your life like the movie "Ground Hog Day." 

But it does mean that often times something learned happened to soon in life for a complete understanding. One of these things for me is Kosho Shorei Ryu - The Ancient Teaching of Natural Laws

Kosho Shorei Ryu Journey

My journey in Kosho Shorei Ryu began in 2000 when I met Soke Raymond Hayes at a seminar in Toronto.

This led me to work with Hanshi Richard Buchan intensively for about 18 months, the study was Kosho Shorei Ryu, the Octagon. These teachings here changed the course of my life and my martial art. It was the basis for the founding of Hon San Mu Sa Hapkido

And it also made pressure points work better. The reason I am as good with Kyusho Jitsu is I apply the knowledge based on Octagon theories.

And I have written several articles on Octagon over the years, and created 2 different video courses with the basics.

But after I stopped working with Hanshi Buchan only the physical information truly stuck with me. This was mostly due to me working 70 hours a week building a school.

My focus was different. I was not yet ready.

There were elements of Kosho I knew intellectually, but they had not become part of me yet. I left the Dojo world in 2017 completely. I was tired of teaching people my root art. They would joint, and ultimately leave. Today ONE remains of my original students. Therefore my focus went to Kyusho Jitsu. I love Kyusho Jitsu. It is a body - mind experience. 

Kosho Shorei Ryu - Not a Martial Art

But Kosho Shorei Ryu is not a martial art system, it is a concept, an deep understanding of self knowledge, the natural laws of life, the world and God.  Before his death James Metosi stated "Aikido, Jujitsu, Judo, Kempo are arts of man, Kosho is God's art."

Kosho Shorei Ryu is a study!

What is the number one tenet of Kosho? DO NO HARM. He also coined the phrase "In True Self Defense there is No Body Contact." This is the highest level of martial art training. Kosho does not ignore the truth of having to hurt or kill someone. And the training which is a complete training gives you the skills to do so. But because it is an escaping art, you have choice. Can Kosho Shorei Ryu become part of any art or system? Yes it can.  Because a punch is just a punch.

My first teacher Master Philip Hollohan used to tell me "if you cannot dance you cannot fight." I understood this at the time from a superficial point of view. This is about tempo. But I discovered recently I was missing something. 

Dancing as a martial art

I believe it was Professor Thomas SH Young who clarifies that "the only different between dancing and fighting is intent."  That made the picture very clear to me. In modern martial arts training people bump into each other all the time. When dancing you do not bump into your partner. It is a harmony of motion. "No body contact."

Two of Mitosi sensei books were:

  1. What is Self Defense - A Beginners look at self defense
  2. In True Self Defense - Kosho

Recently I was asked by a student if I was going to do an a high level Octagon course. I gave it a lot of thought, but my current circumstances make that hard. Perhaps in the future. But I did decide to do a book, which is called Mastering the Octagon. In this book I will breakdown the concepts that I understand, and the meaning of the art. 

But now so with a big change. Because I wanted this to be the best work I have done to date I tried to contact Hanshi Buchan. He is no longer teaching and I have not found him. But the quest led me to his teacher, Hanshi Bruce Juchnik. Hanshi is considered to be the prodigy of James Mitose.  And gratefully I now have the opportunity to access his teaching, and work to improve my own knowledge of Kosho Shorei Ryu.

I have begun my pursuit in earnest now.

Kosho Shorei Ryu International

Back while I was with Hanshi Buchan I did receive rank from Kosho Shorei Ryu International. I was once an officer in the organization. And the reason I left had more to do with my Dojo's future than anything else.

Hanshi Buchan is an awesome man, and was a good friend. I am sure fate will bring us together again at some point. He likely stopped teaching for the same reasons I did. People are very different today then when we began our journey. Shidoshi as we called him, which means "head of the family" was a controversial man. But then so am I. When you work to be the best in your field you are often attacked by others all the time.

But as one of my mentors said "you need to become immune to the opinions of others."

When Shidoshi awarded me my rank, after teaching at a Kosho workshop to show my skills I was also given a plaque. Much was written about me on this plaque. It is around somewhere I Canada I am sure.

Kosho Shorei Ryu - My experience

Now i will tell you that at this stage in my life rank is not a priority to me. And if you have been following me you likely do not even know about my ranks. Therefore I just so not talk about it. I let my knowledge and understanding of what I do speak for itself. For for the sake of the article, and all the arts I have studied I have been "Dan - ed" 24 times.

So what did the plaque say. Lots of really nice things about me, but more importantly this:

"Learning through humility by example."  This became the Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute Black Belt Creed. But also the following:

  • Perception equals your reality
  • Opinion equals your Illusion
  • Love equals your Forgiveness

This is not fluffy martial arts philosophy!  Most of all this is an understanding of the Karma of life. Once understood you find a peace of mind. Even while the world is on fire. The final writing on the plaque before the signature of Shidoshi was:

In True Self Defense there is No Body Contact." 

This I understood then, but at the age I was I still enjoyed "bumping into people." Today I am just too old for that! 

When the Student is ready

"When the student is ready the teacher will appear." This is a very old and wise saying. However sometimes people come into your life to plant a seed, and that seed takes time to grow,

The fact that I have found Hanshi Juchnik has rekindled my interest in the arts. And with the current situation in the world today martial arts of "peace" and healing are going to be needed. In my book "Mastering the Octagon" I will be talking about healing arts.

But everything happens for a reason. People come into your life for 3 reason. It is either for:

  1. A Reason
  2. For a Season
  3. A Lifetime

We have all seen this happen.  This journey now makes me understand the reason one man came into my life for a very short time. We met at a seminar I hosted in 2000 that he was presenting at. This is Nimr Hassan, (known years ago as Terry Lee, a student of Mitosi Sensei.)


Again another very controversial man as he went to prison along with James Mitose for murder. Hassan served his time, and has spent his life teaching his Kosho, to try to bring peace to the city of Philadelphia where he lives.  The seminar he taught on "responsibility of a martial artist" was incredible. We ate dinner together and had a very long talk. This was also the seminar I met Soke Ray Hayes at. I will be sending Hanshi Juchnik an email about that conversation. 

Most of all I must say that I am honored to having been accepted by these men, and other men like Grand Master Stewart for teaching me. I have talked about my Kyusho Jitsu linage at length. But I thought today, in this unstable world of unprecedented corruption and propaganda what I could shed some light on what should be our purpose.

Teaching martial arts to unite people, the that above all else to do no harm

Learn about Kosho Ryu Instructor Courses here.

Kosho Shorei Ryu in Conclusion

Kosho Shorei Ryu CONCLUSION

Thank you for your time and attention in reading Kosho Shorei Ryu. And my thanks to the many who have influenced my journey. I took the title Grand Master in 2010 for one reason. I was a grand father.

Some believe because I moved to Romania that does not mean anything to me. But those who do not know me. 

Today Shidoshi applies. I am the head of a large family globally. Here is a link to the History of Kosho Ryu also.

The world will soon take a redirection from dark to light. Make Kosho Shorei Ryu part of your study, go from a style to a martial art. 

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