Chi Development & Martial Arts


Chi Development & Martial Arts

* Chi Development & Martial Arts

Chi Development & Martial Arts has for some reason always be a bit controversial. One reason is we as a culture have become very nihilistic. Today people to put their faith in politics as apposed to ethics and morals. And politicians do not possess ethics or morals, history proves this. However "martial artists" and their journey should. 

But yet, not always....

I watch as martial artists often times attack and ridicule other styles, arts, and Dojo in a egotistical battle of needing to be right! Why is this? Because a core principle has been lost. And that is Chi Development and it link to martial arts.

The Words of Bruce Lee

It is funny as we allegedly "progress" I see more and more attacks on the memory of Bruce Lee. This is by men who wish to show their knowledge, or in my opinion, how pathetic they are, by attacking Lee, and the things he taught, well what a sad world! There is even a website dedicated to attacking Lee! 

"All knowledge is self knowledge."

In my thought the above is one of Lee's best, if not his best quote. And it exemplifies martial arts training! The training of Body, Mind and Spirit. Spirit is Chi Development! Now in this article on Chi Development & Martial Arts I am not going to explain what Chi is. You can learn that from one of my previous articles on the subject. The article is called Kyusho Jitsu Chi Development.

Chi Development & Martial Arts

Today the primary focus in martial arts training is the physical. And while the physical is important it is really only about 10% of what matters.

Mental and Spiritual are for the most part ignored. 

Why do I say this? Because today the focus is on creating a body to show off and winning trophies under dangerous conditions with the potential of life altering head injuries.

Their idea of mental preparation is chest pounding and promotion.

Chi Energy Development

This is a disservice to the martial arts industry. Chi development for most martial artists is left for them to explore on their own. And much of the information out there is well, pretty bad.

Who I am to comment?

There are people who will ask that question. And I am happy to answer it! I was fortunate enough to be trained by a Korean woman, who was a Chi Master having spent her adult life totally in pursuit of this knowledge. She was a close friend of my first martial arts teachers wife.

And we worked together from late 1989 to mid 1996. I cannot even guess at the number of hours. Typically 30 or so per week, much of the time.  The things I learned, did and saw in that time has shaped me into the person I am today.

What she Taught

Thought the lost art of meditation she taught me many things. I will give you a bullet point short list below.

  • Real Buddhist based mediation to open energy channels
  • How to feel and follow the Chi in the body for better health
  • Pain control
  • Using chi to make important decisions
  • calming the mind and letting things roll off you like water on a duck's back
  • And much much more!

Today the meditation done in the self help world does very little compared to the "real thing." But most importantly chi based meditation teaches ust to hear and understand  the body, to connect with it, and also at the same time connect to the universal intelligent known as God or the infinite.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Chi Development & Martial Arts training is something we need to bring back together.

I have been teaching Chi Development for years as it is based in Kyusho Jitsu / Dim Mak training.

But that is not what Master Che, my Chi Master taught me. 

Recently I had an email from a man training in some of our Chi Development techniques. He asked me if he could over train. Based on what I have been teaching the answer is yes.

Unless you follow my Chi Master's path, then the answer is never. This is what made me decide to for the very first time teach the things my Chi Master taught me. And the new course is called Chi Lessons of the Grand Master

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Chi Lessons of the Grand Master

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Jitsu POST Covid-19


Kyusho Jitsu POST Covid-19

* Kyusho Jitsu POST Covid-19

2020 has been a very strange year. The strangest I have seen in my long life. And I have been around a long time now. The last 6 months especially has been very strange indeed! But I want to discuss Kyusho Jitsu POST Covid-19, even though we may call it POST, Covid is NEVER going away. And I think most of you see that now.

What they call the "new normal"  is anything but normal, just the way things have become. And I am NOT going to link to ANY information on Covid. We have been lied to so many times that knowing what is fact and what is outright lies and BULLSHIT is impossible to determine. 

Therefore in this article I am just going to discuss the future of Kyusho Jitsu POST Covid-19, or from this moment onward. I have an article on the future of the Martial Arts Dojo if you wish to read that one. 

Kyusho Jitsu will Disappear without Teachers

The martial arts could due to "Social Distancing" will become more water down that it has ever been in history, and may in fact disappear completely with time.  And especially when it comes to certain teachings and knowledge I have, that I have not yet completely shared. And this concerns me greatly. 

I know a lot more Kyusho Jitsu than I have been teaching via distance learning courses.

I have been teaching a lot of this "hidden" information to a few of my coaching students who are always asking questions. This also of course depends on their levels! But I worry this information will die with me!

This also includes Octagon Training which once understood opens up Kyusho to entirely new and different levels of effectiveness. 

My son's who where once my partners running my old Dojo The Peaceful Warriors's Martial Arts Institute are out of the equation, and have long since retired from teaching. I do not see them returning. What can be done to correct this?

I need dedicated students to learn and take the reins down the road by teaching!

Kyusho Jitsu Post Covid-19 - We need DEDICATED teachers!

Dedicated students to become teachers. That is HARD to find! People are very easily discouraged and often make excuses for their lack of movement. Now some do have very good reasons for why they "stop" learning.

But most simply hit a plateau and give up.

That is true of the martial arts in general. It is hard to keep student for long periods of time. I have done a great job of this in my Dojo. But I did recently I lost my senior Black Belts in Canada after the green light was given to reopen the Dojo. 

I don't know the reasons, and honestly it does not much matter anymore.  Everyone eventually quits, minus a VERY FEW.

How do I keep people learning? I have offered massive incentives for taking the courses, joining the coaching program. And I cannot make it any cheaper and still survive! If I cannot keep the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance running then it all does die with me! Spain, under Master Federico has been the exception to this.

But Spain is ONLY one country. This could happen everywhere!

Kyusho Teachers

To keep Kyusho Jitsu alive and people learning I need dedicated students learning and teaching. After Covid many Dojo's, sadly in fact a majority, have tossed in the towel! 

If you are a person who wishes to learn everything I know, and contribute to keeping this knowledge on Kyusho Jitsu alive please consider doing the Kyusho Jitsu Instructor Certification or the Coaching Program

Do not wait. Time marches on, and time is not on our side.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Jitsu POST Covid-19 - What the Future Holds for Kyusho CONCLUSION

Yo never realize what you have until it is gone. Without people on the ground teaching the martial arts in general and Kyusho Jitsu in specific will disappear.

That would be a tragedy! 

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Natural Laws of Motion


Natural Laws of Motion

* Natural Laws of Motion

At a fundamental level what is martial art training really all about? It is about some style of movement, or that any one style is better than any other? Nor is it about fitness, or survival of the fittest? In my 36 plus years in the martial arts world, with what I have been taught and what I have seen it is about one thing. The Natural Laws of Motion.

Now I am not going to give you a physics lesson here today! While that might be fun I am instead going to discuss the Natural Laws of Motion and how they apply to martial arts and thereby self defense. This will relate back to some Kyusho Principles also.  Specifically Body Mechanics.

Tough Wrong on Purpose

A new martial arts student needs to be broken down. Before anyone gets all bent out of shape about that statement let me explain. Everyone comes in the door with their own idea of how things need to be done. Methods of movement, in punches, blocks, walking, kicking, running, all things, that need to be reprogrammed. 

This is one reason martial arts is a lifelong journey. Because it is discovery of the self. As Bruce Lee said "all knowledge is self knowledge."

What do I mean by taught wrong? First the new student learns very large movement, all in a linear fashion, as to show in great details what is happening. You can look at an Kata and see great examples of this. And this is 100 percent the correct thing to do! The student needs to be broken down!  Then rebuilt, new and improved. 

What is WRONG with linear movement?  What you will see at the beginning level in self defense training is someone being taught to rush in to block and counter attack in a straight line. Why is this a problem? This relies on "timing" and speed, as well as putting the defender at risk rather than making them safe first, then to counter. 

Timing is great when you are 21, but not 50!

As I said this is OK to start out. But most martial arts instructors I see never take their student beyond this state. I see Black Belts training this exact same way as the day they started. That is OK for sport, in fact it is perfect with sport. This coupled with "ring control" makes for a great fighter. But not for self defense or personal safety!

Natural Laws of Motion - Circular Motion

In Aikido circular movement is taught from day one! And this is awesome, and should be the second step in the harder styles of martial arts I am discussing at the inception of this article. 

From the majority of what I see this is also large circles. And that is the best way to start. But once again it cannot stay there! Circular motion is defensive and that is great! But the attack become linear, then the advantage is given back. And once the large circular motion is well learned by the student, it MUST be converted to small circle, so small at times it is not even seen. But today that is also lacking.

Natural Laws of Motion - Zig Zag

* Natural Laws of Motion

The body and movement must be studied, mimicked and felt! Then advanced movement based on the natural laws of motion can be understood. 

Despite what you think, you cannot walk in a linear fashion or a straight line. You walk in a Zig Zag pattern like the image above. As an example if you step to the right, your hip retraces, and you move to a 45 degree angle, then after the step return to the center. 

The next step to the left is the same thing, on the opposite side! So since this is natural movement, the natural laws of motion why would you not train to do this more effectively once basic movements of the style are understood?

If your instructor taught this you are very fortunate! This is also why walking a straight line is a ridiculous test! Most people have issue doing this exercise because it is not natural. 

When you look at the diagram above what do you see? I am hoping you see triangles and 45 degree angles! That is how nature works. Then add a circle, and you are getting into very advanced movement.

However once you put the circle inside an octagon, and then learn how the body moves naturally within these angles you are mastering the natural laws of motion. 

This makes your study timeless, therefore ageless, and also takes you back to the original idea that size and age do not matter.

*Natural Laws of Motion

In Conclusion

Natural Laws of Motion CONCLUSION

Was this information on the Secrets of the Octagon, the Natural Laws of Motion kept from the martial arts world for the last 75 years on purpose?

Likely no, I think it was excluded because of the idea of progress. Making things easier for the student.

Progressive seems to always be regressive in truth. Where can you go to learn this? I have no idea other than from me. I do not think the man who taught me is still teaching. He seems to have vanished.

I also believe it is overlooked because as complex as it is, it is very simple. Few martial arts taught today are complete. However adding the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu to your current training, and then Octagon you will come as close to a complete training as it possible.

I will link more about my Octagon Courses and books below. 

The Natural Laws of Motion - Understanding what is missing in martial arts training today #pressurepoints #octagon #martialarts 

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Secrets of the Octagon

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Pressure Point HT-06


Pressure Point HT-06

Pressure Point HT-06

Today I am going to spend a few minutes taking about a pressure point that works on everyone. This is the "wrist" release Pressure Point HT-06. The effect we are going to discuss with Pressure Point HT-06 also requires it to be used on conjunction with Pressure Point LU-08.

Therefore this is kind of a dual pressure point article.

Pressure Point HT-06 - Location

HT-06 is On the ulnar bone side the arm, near the wrist at the tendon of flexor carpi ulnaris muscle, 0.5 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist. 

Pressure Point LU--08 is located directly opposite in the groove in the wrist where your pulse is taken. One cun above the transverse crease of the wrist, in the depression on the
radial side of the radial artery.

Both these pressure point respond to TOUCH or rub. This makes sense as due to their location a strike would be just about impossible.

* Pressure Point HT-06

HT-06 & LU-08 Effects

These pressure points are best used off of a wrist grab. Stimulation of both pressure points at the same time will cause the following effect.

Pressure Point HT-06 when pushed compresses a nerve located beneath the Ulnar bone. This is a "Y" shaped nerve, and when compressed caused the wrist to release.

Pressure Point LU-08 also has a "Y" shaped nerve beneath it. Compression here will cause a weakness in the hand causing the grip on the wrist to loosen. See the video below for more details.


Pressure Point HT-06 CONCLUSION

While this does work on everyone, or at lease anyone I have personally tried using it on, by itself it is rather useless.

Yes, you can work the person into an arm lock from this, however ending a conflict FAST, especially with the unprecedented violence of today's streets is a better idea.

But the good news this, that if you follow up with a strike to ST-05 you will get an amplified result at HT-06 sets up ST 05 directly!

Understanding wrist release pressure point HT-06 & LU-08 #kyusho #pressurepoints #martialarts 

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Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy

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Grand Master Art Mason

Self Defense Strategy


Self Defense Strategy

* Self Defense Strategy

Do you have a Self Defense Strategy? Or are you working out of anger and ego? This is a very important topic and questions today as we go day by day in the Dystopia of 2020.

It seems to me that many very talented and wise martial artists, and martial arts Master have lost their path. I say this because of serious mistakes being made in Self Defense Strategy that 10 years ago would not have happened. 

Victory of WWII

There is an opinion today that the USA entering WWII was the reason for the Allies victory. While this was an important contributing factor it is not the reason.  The real reason for Allies victory over the Nazi was because England manage to decode Nazi communications and therefore KNEW WHAT they were planning, and where they would strike.

If this had not happened the world would be a very different place! And we are heaed that way once again!

Today the world faces many very serious issues. The western culture is in serious threat of falling to communism because of extreme views, extreme corruption and the manipulation of people with serious mental illness. Violence is condoned by the media and the extreme left as long as it fits their agenda. 

Be WILLING to lose small battles

And I see today a massive fight and battle of MASKS.  I watch as much time and energy is wasted on this front! In a battle for the United States of America do you send all your troupes to Parma Ohio? Of course NOT! You strategically choose your battles.  

There are much more important battles to be fought and won! And masks is the least of our worries at this time. 

But, in case you do not see it, this was a successful divide and conquer tactic. And has been used wisely by the enemy today with great results! Right now this ground is worthless in the grand scheme of things.

Never Show Your Cards!

I look on Facebook as people do such foolish things! I was invited to a group called "Questioning Covid." And everyone has a right to question this! But what I found was simply sad. Organization of activities to storm places of business refusing to wear a mask.

Seriously? Do you not see the bigger picture? And here they are telling the powers that be exactly who they are, where they live, what they will do next and thinking this was a good idea!

What happened? I their lack of strategy, which is really Self Defense Strategy the group was infiltrated by Antifa shills and rendered useless.  More ground lost! When you give up your right to privacy, you give up your security. And Facebook is the LAST PLACE on EARTH to plan a resistance!

Self Defense Strategy

Victory can only come when a strategy is made and then proper tactics are imposed. And the problem is people want an easy victory! But this is no longer possible. You must do the work! 

All communications of resistance today must be ENCRYPTED and NOT on Social Media! Do not ever talk about WHO you will vote for in the coming election!! Give them NOTHING! Your ego is causing you to make BAD mistakes. Serious mistakes! Calm down and THINK!

You can find people of a like mind on social media, then immediately take communications to encrypted email, or a truly end to end encrypted instant messenger like Signal. DO NOT USE WHATSAPP! It is owned by Facebook and therefore corrupted! Do not use gmail or any other email of its type. I have a private server, but you can use Proton mail which is perfect what what is going on!

This mean work! But victory is never easy!

In Conclusion

Self Defense Strategy CONCLUSION

Put your egos aside! We are at war for our freedoms today. And most are not prepared. Victory requires a new paradigm. I do not have many answers for what is happening today. But I can tell you that this needs to be approached with a COLD unemotional mind.

"Revenge is a dish best served cold." Khan Noonia Singh

That quote is true in this situation and so is "Chance Favors the Prepared Mind.

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Pressure Points on the Body

10 BEST Pressure Points

Whatever the root art or self defense system you study you must maximize your results!

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Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

Combat Pressure Point Video Course

Critical information for a very Violent Time in History

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Self Defense Today


What is Self Defense Today?

* Self Defense Today

Self Defense today? What am I specificallty talking about? Well the world of self defense is not what is was 10 years ago, 20 years ago, or even a 5 months ago. Everything about self defense must now be looked at in a different light. It is now an all inclusive idea, and not just about phyically defending against an attack. 

Violence on the streets of the western nations today like the UNited States, Canada and Europe are off the scales. They resemble a war zone. Police are told to stand down, even defunded in some place, while the corrupt politicians lie and pretend all is well. 

In my view, as an example Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is complicent in every crime committed in Chicago since she does NOTHING TO STOP IT. With over 2000 shootings in Chicago since January 1st she needs to be removed from office and charged as an accessory after the fact. And of course the main stream media lies and ignores the real statistics. Today CNN-CNBC-CBC etc are simply media of the STATE.

Why? Because they are as corrupt as "Mayor" Lightfoot. But you see it is not just her, it is almost ever person in any political office today. 

Defending Yourself Today

I am sure you have read this. "Warrent Served on St. Louis Couple defending their home" against BLM terrorist.

BLM is a Marxist organization admittingly dedicate to the take over of the USA and any other western based country. 

* All Inclusive Self Defense

The powers that be get on their knees before them, rather than FIGHTING THEM like they did ISIS or any other terrorist organiztion. In Self Defense TODAY this means if you defend yourself you are likely going to be charged with a HATE CRIME while your elected official release dangerous criminals. 

It has to END NOW! Your RIGHT to Self Defense is all but gone today. Therefore the need to approach things differenly. self Defense today is multi dimensional, and must be approached from many different aspects. So lets take a look.

Physical Training in REAL Self Defense

Ok, I mean real self defense, not a sport! Too many people believe the things they see in a MMA arena will work in real life. And for the average person, and the average martial arts student they will not! 

Being attacked on the street is a life or death situation, especially today! One of these evil rioters may just come up on you and shoot you in the head. Like that woman who DARNED to say "all lives one of these BLM criminals. They are, have become, what they "claim" to fight against! 

You need to train and train hard! Daily if possible, With the currently bullshit about social distancing, and I will talk about this later in the article, the Dojo is out! Therefore work with family and friends you can TRUST. Today that is a big question, who can you TRUST? And train in a system designed for REAL Street Self Defense!

Psychology of Self Defense

* Self Defense Fearmonger

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. And if you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. 

If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun Tzu

This quote is very true. Our streets today are not about "peaceful protests." That is a BOLD FACE LIE told by the media who endorse violence. The streets are over run by people with serious mental ilnesses. Illnesses like:

To name a few! I suggest reading my book on this topic. It will help. The book is called the Psychology of Self Defense

All Inclusive Self Defense

Let's take a break from the written word and checkout this video!

What are the Steps?

1) Train in a solid self defense system! and Train HARD. Take HPPT!
2) Secure your life! Learn everything you can about security and privacy
3) Arm yourself, and learn the systems needed to use the weapon. An example is my cane course
4) Secure you home. Good quality locks, fenses of possible. Create as much of a fortress as you can.
5) Build support groups with GOOD people in your neighbourhood.

In Conclusion

Self Defense Today CONCLUSION

Things are going to get much worse before they get better. You no longer have the luxury of apathy. Take charge of you life now and protect those you love. You can no longer depend on other to do what is right!

Chance favors the prepared mind! If you have any questions please feel free to email me or comment below.

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What you need to know about life and death self defense

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

12 Kyusho Jitsu Meridians


The 12 Kyusho Jitsu Meridians

12 Kyusho Jitsu Meridians

This is a followup article on one I did last week that got me a lot of questions and feedback from those interested in learning more about the science of pressure point self defense. [Kyusho Jitsu Pressure Point Anatomy] So today lets talk about the 12 Kyusho Jitsu Meridians on the human body. I will give you a detailed breakdown and a special gift at the end of the article for reading. 

12 Kyusho Jitsu Meridians - Upper Extremities

The first basic breakdown of the meridians is to divide the body into upper and lower extremities. This being said there are 6 meridians for upper and 6 for lower. Plus this is further divided into 3 Yin and 3 Yang meridians for each set. If you have not already done so I highly recommend reading the article linked above. 

Small Intestine Meridian

As we look at the 12 Kyusho Jitsu Meridians of the upper extremities we will see the Yin/Yang pair and also an element relationship for each. So lets do this breakdown below now.

Yin Meridians
  1. Heart - Fire Element
  2. Pericardium (sometimes called Heart 2) - Fire Element
  3. Lung - Metal Element
Yang Meridians
  1. Triple Warmer - Fire Element
  2. Small Intestine - Fire Element
  3. Large Intestine - Metal Element

Something else to note. The flow of energy in the Yin Meridians is leaving the body. This is sometimes also referred to as traveling "south." Energy on the Yang Meridians is entering the body, or traveling "North." 

12 Kyusho Jitsu Meridians - Lower Extremities

Now we will look at the Lower Extremities. Once again we have 3 Yin and 3 Yang pairs, plus a change in direction for energy. You can also note that the meridian enter the head or not entering the head has nothing to do with this classification. The meridian systems runs very deep in the body and we are only discussing what can be accessed from the surface.

Kidney Meridian
Yin Meridians
  1. Liver - Wood Element
  2. Spleen - Earth Element
  3. Kidney - Water Element
Yang Meridians
  1. Gall Bladder - Wood Element
  2. Stomach - Earth Element
  3. Bladder [Urinary] - Water Element

And as I mentioned the energy flow direction is reversed for the 12 Kyusho Jitsu Meridians of the Lower Extremities. Here the Yin Meridians energy flow is "North" or entering the body, while the Yang Meridians is "South" or exiting the body. All meridians are reflected on both sides of the body. Therefore depending on how you look at it, you can say 24 total. However conventional language is to only discuss one side. 

In Conclusion 

Success as a Kyusho Jitsu practitioner or teacher requires serious study. This is not a quick fix for self defense. In face there is not such thing as a quick fix! And the more concise information you have the better!

If you have any questions click here to ask!

And if you would like a set of FREE Meridian Charts Click below!

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Free Kyusho Meridian Charts!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

End of Martial Arts Dojos?


Martial Arts Dojos

End of Martial Arts Dojos?

Are we seeing the end of the traditional Martial Arts Dojos? Times certainly are strange, and I have been expecting this for a very long time. But I am hope I am dead wrong. No matter what your personal opinion of the Covid-19 crisis it certainly has done its damage. And many power hungry politicians are still hanging on to their power, even with SOLID proof the virus was never anything to get excited about.

But there is no sense crying over spilt milk. 

And the fitness centers are in the same boat. As various different businesses are allowed to open their doors again, many with unlivable restrictions, anything that is about making people strong, healthy and safer is still being throttled. You can riot in the streets, but going to church is a crime, and God help us if we train in a Dojo and build people ability to defend themselves as politicians want to defund the police and refuse to protect the citizens.  Rioting is free speech today, while health other than vaccines is a crime!

Sadly, I know many school owners who have already handed back their keys and tossed in the towel. I cannot say I blame them.

Martial Arts Dojos

As a former Dojo owner, and entrepreneur I saw the world differently than the average person. I worked all my life in the martial arts world and all I really wanted or needed was for the government to get the hell out of my way and let me make some money and build my school.

But the average person in the west wants the government to run their lives for them.  And it looks as if they are going to get their wish!

But remember "be careful what you wish for as you just might get it."

Today because of the mass incompetence of the powers that be, and the chaos on the streets of American our services are need more than ever. But I think within 5 years the Day of the Dojo will be gone.  And sadly many of the high level martial arts will be gone with us. Once again relegated to dark basements in the name of "progress."

I see NO progress at all in the cities of the western culture. Only self righteous special interest groups lying to the masses, brainwashing them into doing their dirty work to tear down a society and create a new one to benefit even more the elite assholes. 

Too many Intellectuals with NO BRAINS.

This seems to happen ever 30 years or so. And I really have no idea as to why. People become brainwashed by the idea that some how giving the government more power and changing an economic system to Socialism will somehow create a utopia for them to live in. And they believe that against insurmountable PROOF that all socialism does is cost lives.

How do you make this Utopian lie of Karl Marx come true?  The same way Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao, Fidel Castro and others did it. The Genocide of anyone who disagrees!

How does / did this all begin? With the loss of Free Speech, and YES it has been lost! This pattern has been repeated countless times throughout history, and always with the same result. Repression, poverty and unimaginable violence in the streets. 

Just like today, and getting worse by the hour.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

The end of the Martial Arts Dojos may be very well at hand. And this, like the history now being destroyed in the USA, is a great loss.

Martial Arts while originally from Asia has become part of the Western Culture. 

And losing it because of "special interest groups' within the Liberal Parties of the world are willing to kill, and destroy the lives of the people they pretend to represent. This is indeed very, very sad

Only time will tell what is coming next. I just hope I am 100% wrong. Only time will tell what is coming next. I just hope I am 100% wrong. 

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Benefits of Martial Art Training


Benefits of Martial Art Training

* Benefits of Martial Art Training

Today, considering the dystopian age we now live in, I want to discuss the importance and benefits of REAL Benefits of Martial Art Training with you. And I promise some people will not like what I have to say. But if you are a like minded person please share this article, My views today, more than ever are being censored. Why? Because I talk about people thinking for themselves and in this world that is now considered RADICAL,

Benefits of Martial Art Training

Real martial arts training is not only about the physical. Today most of what is called martial arts are ONLY physically based and are NOT based in ethics or values. They are only based on winning at any cost. Sport is a piss poor example of martial arts, and all you have to do is look at the drug use, abuse of family and other illegal activities running wild in all sports to see there is NO VALUE THERE AT ALL 

Yet people watch them, worship the participants and pay big money to see it. And the value returned is ZERO. If truth is has a negative result on the world.

Martial Arts World Today

Martial Arts were at one time all based on the values of Buddhism.  Originating from India, but most famously known as being from China. Yet look at what happened to China when they abandoned these values? You can begin to see the self destruction from the 1959 invasion of Tibet. China is a HELL HOLE of repression and evil. 

Censoring the World

All you need do is look at the TRUTH of China to see it is a repressive Communist Dictatorship working hard to concur the world,  just like the Nazi's of WWII, as well as Japan in the same period. Today however it is done economically, and with bio-weapons.  Everything is censored, and like in the West now people are afraid to speak out! And afraid for good reason. Yet BIG CORRUPT media like CNN find repression virtuous and wonderful.  CNN love communism because lies are the order of the day! 

Yes, sadly there are  lot of STUPID people out there who think communism has virtue. But the FACTS speak for themselves. In the 20th Century Communism KILLED over half 300 million people! (That number is disputed today by communist minded people)

Let that sink in fora while.....

Real Martial Arts Training

Taught correctly martial art training teaches the student to connect the mind to the body via strict discipline of movement. The reward is personal progress, self control and a disciplined mind. Not a trophy or fame! 

Self Defense is a bi-product!

And one of the most important benefits is the ability to think clearly because the MIND is disciplined and in control.  It is not easily influenced by liars or politicians, (same thing), selling an agenda. You discover the connect of the mind to a strong body and good health! And would certainly avoid all unnecessary drugs being pushed today like candy on the various media. 

Proper martial arts training is like a moving mediation. Quieting and focusing the mind. Once achieved the spirit becomes center.

In Conclusion

Benefits of Martial Art Training CONCLUSION

I write this today our of concern for our world, our way of life. We are in a bad place and the only way we can begin to change anything is to change ourselves.

If you are reading this an not a practicing martial artist look into it. If you are older get involved with Tai Chi. At the very least start to medicate.

We need more people seeing CLEARLY today.  People share my content on Social Media, especially Facebook. I am being actively silenced on Facebook. Thank you for your attention.

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The REAL Benefits of real martial arts training not this sport crap. #martialarts 

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Body - Min - Spirit Budo without the BS

Some say it is my best work, others HATE! My take on the martial arts world today. Plus a NEW LOWER price for the hard times.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Gall Bladder Cluster


Gall Bladder Cluster

Gall Bladder Cluster

Today we will have a look at a set of pressure points often referred to as the "Gall Bladder Cluster" located on the forehead. This is a cluster of 3 pressure points shaped like a triangle that are excellent for use in Kyusho Neurological Knockouts. These are GB-13, GB-14 and GB-15.

Gall Bladder Cluster GB-13

We will begin with Pressure Point GB-13 located 0.5 cun inside the hairline and 0.5 cun medial to ST-08, directly above the outer canthus of the eye. The idea of a striking to GB-13 is to use an open hand, with 2 way action to also connect with the other 2 pressure points in the Gall Bladder Cluster at the same time.

Striking GB-13 will cause immediate brain dysfunction

Gall Bladder Cluster GB-14

Pressure Point GB-14 is located 1 cun above the middle of the eyebrow on a line directly above the pupil of the eye in the depression on the Superciliary Arch. Striking this pressure point straight in can cause neck damage due to impact. Striking in a downward motion which is what is suggested with cause brain dysfunction including memory issues as well as dizziness. 

The uki will feel like he is in a FOG.

Gall Bladder Cluster GB-15

Located 0.5 cun inside the hairline and directly above the pupil when looking straight ahead.
This causes the head to feel as if it is swelling up, or being pumped up like a
balloon. Striking causes the recipient to not know where they are for a second or
two if struck mildly, or KO if struck heavily.

Please Note: Striking ANY pressure point of the head can result in serious injury up to and including death depending on the power of the strike and each individual pressure point in question.

Example of Knockout

Below is a video example of a Knockout that finished at the GB Cluster. I had a better example before but it was deleted by YouTube as not appropriate. 

In Conclusion

Gall Bladder Cluster CONCLUSION

The GB cluster is an excellent area of the body to add to your self defense training.

The main reason aside from effect is the easy access.  I also suggest spending some time in study of Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy which will give you the functions and locations of all 361 pressure points on the human body.

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The Gall Bladder Cluster of Kyusho. Learn about 3 brain Dysfunction Pressure Points and their usage. #kyusho #pressurepoints #martialarts 

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Understanding Neurological Knockouts

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Combat Pressure Points Video Course

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

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