HPPT Deescalation Secrets


HPPT Deescalation Secrets

* HPPT Deescalation Secrets

I have an older article called Understanding Self Defense Escalation Levels which I recirculated last week. In the ad for the article I refer to being able to do this in seconds. And you only have seconds to do it! So today I am going to discuss HPPT Deescalation Secrets.

The reason I am doing this article is because of a comment I received in a Facebook Group stating "easier said than done."  I guess he did not like my reply because he then told me "don't ever get in a fight you will lose!" Yeah, sure......I love how people can read a few words and know everything about me.  I guess he either knows everything, or is too lazy to do the important work of mastering the HPPT Deescalation Secrets.

Assess the Situation

The first step is too assess the situation. How much trouble are you in? Can it be deescalated?If someone is looking to rob you give them what they want! The cemetery is full of heroes. This is the best way to deescalate.

Now the egotists will object! Is your life really worth the contents of you wallet?

About Gun Crime

Years ago on a Detroit TV called Kelly and Company Chuck Norris was a guest.  An audience member as Norris what he would do if someone tried to rob him at gun point. The answer was perfect and the audience member did not see it coming! GM Norris said "i would give him my wallet."  The disappointment in the "questioners" face was EPIC. There are no stupid questions only stupid people.

Chuck Norris' answer is just common sense.

Personality Types

If you can deescalate a bad situation this is where HPPT Deescalation Secrets come into play. You need to have knowledge of and study personality types. When you know the personality type you can then talk with the person in a very important way.

You treat the attacker "the way they want to be treated." This can calm a situation down quickly and lead to a resolution other than violence. How do I know? Because I have done it countless times! Let's look at an example.

There is a man who appears from nowhere and puts a gun to your head. What do you do? If you think you can disarm him you are a fool. Please read these articles on Gun Defense Laws & 5 Misconceptions about Gun Defense.  The same applies to KNIFE Defense.

So let me ask you a question about this scenario. Why are you not dead? 

Because the attacker has not yet decided to kill you. You have time to apply HPPT Deescalation Secrets and walk away clean.

What are the HPPT Deescalation Secrets?

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

The are 4 basic personality types. These are as follows.

  1. Director
  2. Socializer
  3. Thinker
  4. Conscientious

Every person is a mixture of 2 of these. A primary and then a secondary personality. I am a Socializing Thinker.  This means I am a thinker primarily, and socializer secondarily. A personality type like mine is easy to engage in conversion. Conversation buys time and potential non violent resolutions. 

A Socializing Director is very different. Too much conversation will be taken as patronizing and could escalate the situation. There are no guarantees, but buying time is essential!

What does this guarantee?

It guarantees nothing, except to give you the chance to negotiate, deescalate or if violence is inevitable plan your counter and escape route.  There is a much more at play than just personality types. Even a conscientious person can be violent. Assumptions cannot EVER be made!

We also need to assess quickly "WHY" this is happening and are we dealing with a mental illness? There is a lot to take in quickly. How is all this possible? It gets down to the way you think and how you train. 

In Conclusion

HPPT Deescalation Secrets CONCLUSION

This is a complicated subject and every instance will be different. It is beyond the scope of a single articles to teach you how to do this "personality" typing. 

But that is one of the reasons for my Humane Pressure Point Tactics Certification Course.

In Level One I teach about deescalation, and in Level Four I teach the personality types. 

The personality type information should be practiced everyday with every person you meet or know.  Learn more about Humane Pressure Point Tactics Certification here

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Self Defense Fearmonger


Self Defense Fearmonger

* Self Defense Fearmonger

Yes it is true, last week I was called a Self Defense Fearmonger because of an article I wrote called Self Defense Most Martial Artists do not Understand this.  This was in the form of a comment on Linkedin. Now I will admit I terrible when it comes to interaction on my posted articles on Social Media. If someone asks a question and I see it I try to reply. If someone disagrees with my position I typically only thank them for the comment. I don't bother with the debate mostly due to time constraints in my life, but also because I am just not interested. 

But because of the word fearmonger I had to reply. The reply was going to be "thank you for proving my point." But after looking at the entire comment I just had to reply in full. One other reason was he lead the comment with his "martial art credentials." I see this a lot in the martial arts world. But my question is, who are you trying to impress?  The fact that this person leads with their credentials means they have a HUGE ego and the addiction to being RIGHT especially when confronted with a topic they obviously know nothing about! 

But this is just one of the illness we face today. I have had people question me on this article. Most will say to me, "you have a point I am going to think about this." The perfect comment! And exactly what I am looking for!

What was I talking about that got me labeled as a Self Defense Fearmonger? The relationship between Online Privacy and your ability to defend yourself.  Most people do not see the connection, but that is mostly due to the none stop bombardment of misinformation today. 

Another example of the bombardment of misinformation is how far AI has developed. You would be shocked to know the truth.

Self Defense Fearmonger - Let's look deeper

Cyber Crimes World on Fire - Self Defense Solutions

Who is really Fearmongering? Me talking about how the self defense world is changing and providing solutions anyone can do, or corrupt Mass Media Companies like CNN and MSNBC telling people World War III is coming to increase their declining ratings? 

If what I write can cause "fear" in the martial arts community that is a very sad reflection on the community. Aside from the interest in winning sporting events, which today martial arts is mostly about. But a least should be some focus on self defense and personal protection. 

With this idea in mind lets look at a much more insidious issue today that is made far worse by the death of privacy online  ​and the non understand of the issue at hand. That epidemic problem is Humane Trafficking

This has always been a problem, 100 years ago in some countries parents would sell their children into slavery. But today, with the world of Social Media all is different. Because of Social Media like Facebook, and the lack of privacy on these platforms, coupled with the mistakes teenagers make due to lack of education, it is simple for a predator to stalk and snatch a teenage girl or boy, and it happens EVERYDAY!

And we all know we have high powered political people involved in this who will KILL to keep their secrets. {Epstine did not commit suicide]

You will see mass protests against this calling for action from the people who are the problem.  And protests don't work. If they did you would not be allowed to do them.

But this can all be changed very simply. It does not require the average person to do much to make their children safe. But the apathy is so high, no one hears the truth. And the information can be taught by martial artists who first learn and practice this information. This when applied makes it more difficult for these evil bastards to get what they want. 

We save lives doing this! But I am a Self Defense Fearmonger right?

* Security Privacy Self Defense

Personal True Story

I have someone in my life who has been for important to me for a very long time. She is a sweet kind person who when it came to her Social Media addiction and the narcissism that these companies promote, was making some very BAD choices on her Facebook content.  

This lady had a tendency to post pictures of herself that just do not belong on Facebook. There was nothing wrong with the pictures themselves, but when presented to an audience of over 3000 "friends" she has never met, and the fact that Facebook does not protect these images, this is HIGHLY dangerous! 

Her self esteem was built on Facebook likes. I warned many times, kindly, to stop doing this. She did not listen and ended up begin stalked in real life. Fortunately it was not too late to take control and end the problem. And also fortunately she when someone got too friendly realized how right I was in what I was saying. This had a good ending.

Opportunity to Help

The current state of  privacy online today is the number one way these criminals find and exploit teenage boys and girls. This is global problem and billion dollar industry getting worse day by day. The powers that be say this is a Dark Web issue, which is a BOLD FACE LIE.

This is a privacy issue caused by the lie that if you give up privacy you will be more secure. And if I was a self defense fearmonger I would not be providing real ways to help! Many of you reading this know about my Humane Pressure Point Tactics Certification Courses

* Self Defense Fearmonger

Originally a 3 Level Certification I am expand this to a forth level to cover the many new problems we face today in the self defense field. 

And perhaps the most important item we will cover in level four is teaching people to be safe online and making it as hard as impossible as possible for this scum to snatch and enslave our youth!

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

H.P.P.T is not about me revolutionizing the martial arts world with some new infallible self defense system. It is about me giving you a product you can learn and take to the real world. Please watch this video below with detailed explanations.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

The statistics on the subject of Humane Trafficking should scare the hell out of you.This is the 3rd largest criminal operation in the world!

The mass media are the fearmonger with their unsubstantiated claims Trump will cause World War III while I trying to educate and provide solutions are called a self defense fearmonger.


Protesting does not work. The lies of blaming people like the "left" does none stop today does not work! Virtue Signalling is BULLSHIT! We need solutions! Knowledge and then the application of knowledge does work. Working together we can make a big difference. Get involved with Humane Pressure Point Tactics today! 

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
― George Orwell

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We living in a world where educating people, and showing them how to apply that knowledge is now fearmongering. #kyusho #HPPT #pressurepoints #selfdefense 

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Western Medicine Kyusho Connection


Western Medicine Kyusho Connection

* Western Medicine Kyusho Connection

This one will upset the naysayers in the martial arts world, but I am good with that idea! As Dan Kennedy says, "if you have not pissed someone off today you are not doing your job." Therefore we will look at the Western Medicine Kyusho Connection!

Back in 2000 before I began my Kyusho Jitsu journey I injured my shoulder. Fortunately my family doctor was not a moron as many of them are, and when I asked him about acupuncture he said it was a great idea. He admitted while he did not understand the process there was obviously something there. And if I could avoid surgery even better. I got acupuncture and avoided unnecessary surgery. 

Corruption in Medicine Today

So, why are pressure points and acupuncture not proven by western medicine today? Because the western medical systems has been corrupted by politics and the obsession of money. There is no money in acupuncture or herbs. There is BIG money in chemicals like vaccines. Am I anti vaccination? No I am not. Am I anti science? Certainly NOT. I am ANTI CORRUPTION! 

To see this clearly all you need to do is look at 2 elements. One the heavy PUSH in the 90's of antibiotics as a cure for everything. And what happened? Antibiotic resistant bacteria. Why did it happen? Corrupt doctors and drug companies making billions. Selling unnecessary antibiotics to a population who trusted their doctors without question. 

The last time I had an antibiotic was in April 2010 when I had arm surgery. This was a pre-op shot which if I refused they would not have operated. Before that was to kill off gangrene after an accident at work and a substandard medical treatment in an Emergency Room. 

Next we have fluoride. How can there be an acceptable level of an unacceptable substance? I won't bother with the reasons why this is allow to happen. Or perhaps the opioid issues of today? 

I just want you to fully understand why pressure points and acupuncture are rejected by the majority of the western medical cultures and therefore why martial artists make incorrect assumptions of Kyusho Jitsu and therefore pressure points. On the the Western Medicine Kyusho Connection.

Western Medicine Kyusho Connection

There are specific biological reasons that Kyusho Jitsu works. Today I will give a couple of examples. How did I get this information if the words I saw above are true? But talking with open minded doctors and other medical people about my thoughts and getting their feedback as to my accuracy.

So let's get on to this!

The Brain and Instinct

I can remember back years ago when the various medical authorities all tried to tell the world that people did not have instinct. This was pushed as FACT when in truth was all lies. People have a brainstem that provides various automatic functions and instincts. Survival is one of these instincts. 

With that in mind the brain will protect the body from harm and a pressure point being a weak area of the body, because of the proximity of nerves and other important body elements, can and will yield a predictable result. And thus the Western Medicine Kyusho Connection. Let's look at 2 examples now

Pressure Point SP-11

Now that you can see the location of Pressure Point Spleen 11 it is important to understand how this pressure points works and why it works. First it is located on the Femoral Nerve, which runs down along side of the bone in the leg. 

When you attack this pressure point [SP-11] or the nerve associated, with a kick as an example you compress the nerve against the bone. Not only does this cause great pain in the leg but also reports to the brain the possibility of a break or damage to the Femur.

The femur is the bone in the upper leg as you can see in the picture to the right.

Spleen Meridian Leg
Femoral Nerve

Breakage of the bone can cause a rupture of the artery with death as a result. 

Therefore the brain will shutdown to PROTECT the body.

Below is a knockout I did many years ago demonstrating this on SP-11. 

Pressure Point GB-24

The next one I will talk about is Pressure Point GB-24 [Gall Bladder].

The Western Medicine Kyusho Connections applies here as well. What is the purpose of the Rib Cage?  It is to protect the lungs and heart from damage. 

GB-24 is located on the upper abdomen, directly below the nipple, in the 7th intercostal space, 4 cun (finger widths) lateral to the anterior mid-line of the chest. 

The Pressure Point Gall Bladder 24

This area of the body, the rib cage is monitored and protected by the intercostal nerves. The intercostal nerves are part of the somatic nervous system, and arise from the anterior "rami" of the thoracic spinal nerves from "T1" to "T11 of the spinal collumn." 

All of the is important because GB-24 is a monitoring point for rib damage. Why is rib integrity so critical? Because a broken rib can puncture a lung resulting in a collapsed lung, and potential for bleed out and death. Therefore striking GB-24 correctly will result in the a knockout, to protect the integrity of the rib cage, and therefore the heart and lungs. Below is another example of a knockout on GB-24.

In Conclusion

Western Medicine Kyusho Connection CONCLUSION

Now for the bad news, if you want to use pressure points for self defense you have to do the work. Reading this article won't make you a master! But below I will give you a link to get started on the path FREE.

I am also sure you can now see from plain logic how all this works and the clear Western Medicine Kyusho Connections.

Also please note I am very much in favor of the remarkable things that have been accomplished by many in the western medical world. But I am against corruption.

Feel free to comment below.. 

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Grand Master Art Mason

All Inclusive Self Defense


All Inclusive Self Defense

* All Inclusive Self Defense

Today the word inclusive has become very important, but when it comes to the self defense world so many things are simply overlooked. Today we are going to discuss All Inclusive Self Defense and what this really means. I am going to breakdown the things you need to know, learn and understand to survive the threat of today's streets. 

One of the biggest disservices being done to people today is the constantly telling them what "victims" they are because someone did something bad to them. Really I feel that this behavior, which we see a lot on the "Left" in USA politics is CRIMINAL. They are teaching people to be weak rather then showing them the way to succeed, all while making themselves famous and richer. Pathetic we put up with this! These employees of the people need to be put in their place! 

But let's get on with All Inclusive Self Defense

Situational Awareness

I know you have heard this one before! But when I look at  people out on the street they are only intellectually understanding this idea.

Walking alone with headphones on in  a park, or their nose firmly planted in their smartphone have no idea of what is going on around them. 

Are you one of these people? Addicted to Facebook or Instagram? 

* All Inclusive Self Defense

Myself I use my smartphone on average  of less than 10 minutes per day. There is a "Digital Wellness" app that will tell you exactly how much you use your phone. Try it out!

When you are out in the world know exactly where you are at all times, and who is around you. Plan your route ahead of time, don't us the GPS! Look confident as you travel to your destination. Bad Players are looking for distracted, lost people. Starring at your phone will make you look like a good target.

When going to and from work or school try to not be predictable taking the same route and the same time everyday. And if possible travel with friends. Learn about the city you live in and where the problem areas are. Stay away from problem areas.

Cellphones - Ultimate Self Defense Weapon

The cellphone while it can be a problem is also an amazing weapon! If you have a 911 service this is best. If not make sure the local police are on the speed dial.  Don't be afraid to call for help! The police would much prefer coming to a false alarm rather then to mark out a crime scene after an attack.

All Inclusive Self Defense means taking advantage of everything at your disposal! And this certainly means technology. OH, and if something is going on around you. Turn on the voice recorder. This can be used to help with the police if something does happen. 

Body Language

* All Inclusive Self Defense

Body language and understanding it is an art in itself. But remember this is a 2 way street!

You can read the other person or potentially bad situation, but they can read you too! All inclusive self defense means 3 dimensional thinking.

If you look nervous they will see this! But to not look nervous means training to be braver. You cannot overcome fear. 

Always walk with your head up and shoulders back! Know exactly where you are and possible escape routes if needed. But do not look around intensely like you are panicked. If someone talks to you answer but keep moving.  Do not stop to answer the inquiry! "Hey bud what time is it?" " Sorry no watch," and keep going. Eye contact is OK but never stare!  Best to look disinterested. Use your peripheral vision too! Practice to use it!

Watch the body language of those around you. Do they look nervous or "suspicious." Your gut feeling is almost always right. If something feels wrong get "out of Dodge."


This is something in my Humane Pressure Point Tactics Certification Courses [H.P.P.T] I talk about non stop. How much danger am I in here?  What can I do to lower the threat? Threat management is also an art!

* HPPT Self Defense Psychology

And things can go from 1 to 10 very fast! Especially if you run into someone with a mental illness. Words, like disagreeing with someone can "trigger" violence at a moments notice. A question like "what do you think of..." is best answered with a shrug. 

When we were kids we were told by mom "don't talk to strangers", this seems to be very good advice today when a simple greeting or kindness can trigger one of the "woke" to go off the deep end and become violent. 

Be prepared mentally, and "Chance favors the Prepared Mind."

In True Self Defense

"In True Self Defense there is No Body Contact" a great quote from the late Jame Mitosi. And once understood and even mastered can lead you to becoming safe on the street, and to avoid bad situations.  A lot of what is being taught today as "self defense" is simply BAD advice. And because someone was a "seal" or claims to be a "seal" does not really meaning anything. Self Defense is NOT WAR and not sport either. Get that out of your mind!

All inclusive self defense is about personal security, personal privacy and defensive techniques and learning designed to make you safe and allow the police to then do their jobs.

In Conclusion

All Inclusive Self Defense CONCLUSION

The most important thing in all inclusive self defense learning is surviving the threat! Really that is the only thing that matters!

Below there is a link to a FREE video from Level One of my Four Level self defense system called Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Fill out the form and grab the lesson on video. You will be happy you did! Feel free to leave a comment below!

Kyusho Cane Self Defense System

A walking cane is the ultimate tool for self defense! Why? Because you can take it anywhere with no restrictions! Even on board a plane! Learn more now!

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Combat Pressure Points

Which Pressure Points to train with for live or death situations

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HPPT Security & Privacy


HPPT Security & Privacy

HPPT Security & Privacy

What does the online world of privacy and security have to do with self defense? In this articled called HPPT Security & Privacy I am going to address this in depth.

Unfortunately most martial artist do not see the connection. And if they do they will think it is really not all that bad. In today's world of misinformation this can often be true of many things. But this is one of those areas where the threat has been underestimated. And this is why I am addressing HPPT Security & Privacy in a Fourth Level Humane Pressure Point Tactics Course.

Actually I am not telling everything I know, yet anyways. How do I know that people do not take this topic seriously?

By the number of people who subscribe to the mail list for the book on Security and Privacy, and the terrible eBook / video sales for Revelations in Online Security and Privacy. 

* HPPT Security & Privacy

HPPT Security & Privacy 

And I wish I could say that the bad sales are a surprise. But they aren't. I may need to go into the real world with this project. And I would prefer Dojo owners to do this and make some money on the side with new classes. HPPT Security & Privacy classes for parents would be wonderful. And this is a  natural lead in for the entire Humane Pressure Point Tactics Courses.

I have had some suggest I give the book and video Revelations in Online Security & Privacy away free. And I am not against that idea except for one thing.  Free does not have anything to do with implementation. I know this because all the Kyusho products I give away for free only about 20% of those people who get them use them.  

And when it comes to taking your life back, inertia, which is the tendency of an object at rest to remain at rest, is very strong.  Plus to continue the work in this area I do need resources. All proceeds from the sale of this eBook/Video go to continued development of the project.

Right now as of this writing this is about $28 after PayPal fees. Yeah that is 2 sales.


Under normal circumstances I would have "ditched" the idea and just refunded those who pre-ordered.  But this topic is just too important to do this.

Recently I heard my ex-wife say in a conversation with my son Scott,  that she does not care about her privacy.  I hope the reason she thinks this way is simply ignorance of what is happening and not truth.  I really hope is that she just does not understand or see the depth of the problem and not that she is so apathetic as to not care, Because she has Alexa, that 1000's of corporations, governments and hackers know everything about her including her medical issues and records. 

Or that any opinion she has contrary to the "narrative" today is on a permanent record with her name, date of birth, social insurance number, martial status, age, medical history, banking information, income, debts, shopping habits, pets names, exact location, sleeping schedules and political and religious views. And that  none of this data is encrypted or protected by any laws. Simply sold to anyone willing to pay, or anyone wishing to hack the piss poorly secured servers it is stored upon.

The truth is Facebook and Google know more about you, and your loved ones than you do yourself. When your teenager goes out with friends and you have no clue where they are, or what they are doing, if they carry a smart phone Facebook and Google know everything. As well as many other players.

 Are you OK with this?  

* Thought Police

You do not even need to have a Facebook account for Facebook to track you.  Plus police and government agencies now take this information and feed it to AI algorithms to predict the likelihood of anyone in the population committing a crime in the future.

Based on speech, and things they find of interest in life.  

Presumed GUILT with no crime having been committed.  Like the "thought police" knocking on your door in England because you "liked" or "shared" a "questionable" opinion on Twitter.

 All while knife crime in England sores in the illegal immigrate population of the country. A place where people are afraid to go out because the crime rate is now so high.

And this dystopian nightmare is nothing yet! Just wait to 5g is in full implementation

China is an experiment for the West

There is another conundrum in all this.  If people do not act soon and take control of the data they leak out to these companies and governments NOW it will becoming harder, if not impossible to do it in the future.  I can also hear it now too! The "government  needs to do something about this." WRONG, who do you think caused this problem? It began the day Bill Clinton make the internet public. 

We, each person needs to become responsible for what we do, and take back our privacy, stop the hemorrhaging of personal data from our devices. And today DATA, not OIL is the number one commodity in the world.  Data will become in this decade the world's first quadrillion dollar industry. 

But right now you can stop the bleeding of your personal information. And the more people that do this, the better EVERYONE'S privacy becomes.  Plus is won't cost you very much to get the job done. In the long run you will save money. But each passing day it becomes harder and harder to do. 

In Conclusion

Actually I am not telling everything I know, yet anyways. How do I know that people do not take this topic seriously? By the number of people who subscribe to the mail list for the book on Security and Privacy, and the terrible eBook / video sales for Revelations in Online Security and Privacy.  CONCLUSION

Revelations in Online Security and Privacy is a combination eBook/video course outlining in layman 's terms exactly what to do.

It is also a "living" work, which means as my research sees more problems in the wild and find solutions  to those problems the content is updated FREE of charge. 

ALL proceeds from the sale of this product also go back into research.

Follow the link for Revelations in Online Security & Privacy, read the page and watch the video.  Join me in helping change one of the most dangerous situation our world has faced in decades. You know if you don't act now you will not act later.  Please do not wait.

Thank you for your attention.

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Please realize your government does NOT care about your life ot that of your family! They ONLY care about the current POWER GRAB and creating s surveillance dystopian state of control! You MUST take back your privacy before it is TOO LATE! ACT NOW!

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Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection


Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection

* Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection

My martial arts training began officially on November 10th 1984 in Windsor Ontario Canada as part of Chung Oh's School of Tae Kwon Do. Grand Master Oh was at this time a 7th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido as well as Tae Kwon Do.  The TKD element was really only the Hyung or Kata we learned bases on the ITF or International Tae Kwon Do Federation. GM Oh and General Choi were very close. But today I want to discuss the Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection. 

My direct instructor was Master Philip Hollohan, who was an amazing teacher. I was with him for about 16 years before venturing out on own in July 2000.

What was the main reason? One day I met a man on the streets of Windsor who was dangerous. And there was no way I could handle this man alone. I found out the follow day from the Windsor Police who apprehended him after my call that was a dangerous psychotic

GM Mason 1997

This caused me many sleepless night and I wanted desperately to learn more and take my focus from sport, to real street self defense. So in 2000 I opened my own Dojo full-time in pursue of knowledge.

Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection

The Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection was not the first part of my learning when I went out on my own.  At first I met a Kempo Grand Master named Raymond Hayes. He spoke of the Octagon, which I found fascinating. Soke Hayes passed away several years ago. I miss the many conversions he and I had, as well as his wisdom and direction. 

But I did end up working directly with one of his former students who had pursued and attained a high rank in Kosho Ryu.  I worked with Grand Master Buchan intensively for about a year and incorporated all I learned into my root art. Changing if dramatically. 

While I only remained with GM Buchan for about a year he generously shared his knowledge. I departed due to a different direction we both had. He was looking for expand his organization and I was not willing to be absorbed into it.  I cannot give you a link to GM Buchan as it appears he is not longer teaching. He was a student of Hanshi Bruce Juchnik.

* GM Mason June 2000

Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection

After this time period around mid 2001 I attended a George Dillman Seminar in London Ontario, about 2 hours east of Windsor.  At this seminar I was very impressed with how the materials were presented and also that I could make it work very easily.

I was hooked and contacted seminar host Grand Master Steve Stewart and began formal Kyusho Jitsu training with him the following month. I worked directly with him for better than 10 years becoming a Level Five Kyusho Jitsu Instructor under him.

Grand Master Stewart is a 10th Dan in Kyusho Jitsu. Below is a video when he was awarded this honour. GM Stewart is an 8th Dan in American Kenpo under the late Grand Master Frank Trejo, another amazing man and great friend.. 

Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido

As I mentioned I have a thirst for learning. I took all the things I learned in Kyusho and Kosho, plus Small Circle Jujitsu and Systema and integrated them into my root art. Then in 2005 while talking with a high ranking Tae Kwon Do Master he pointed out to me he was not sure what we where training in any longer. This was the inspiration to name and register my eclectic art which is called Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido with the World Budo Alliance.

Today, in the Dojo that bears my name,  Kyusho Jitsu study groups are still going on today. High rank (4th Dan) in my root art does require the student to rank in Kyusho Jitsu also. My 2 ranking instructors in Canada are board members the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance as well as still training with Grand Master Stewart on a monthly basis.

Kyusho Jitsu Hapkido Cane

And I also want to take a moment to mention the ONLY traditional weapon in Hapkido which is the walking cane.  

While I did not learn this from my first instructor, Grand Master Chung Oh we incorporated this into our teachings in 2000.

* Kyusho Jitsu Caen Defense System

My son Curt pursued this information originally from Grand Master Mark Sheuy of Cane Masters.  Years later we restructured this with Octagon and Kyusho to create a Cane Defense System within our new root art. You can learn more about Kyusho Jitsu Cane Defense here.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Kyusho Jitsu is the missing part of every martial art. Learning Kyusho causes you to develop a deep understanding of your root art.

And it this development is revolutionary to your training. Please feel free to leave a comment below.. 

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Kyusho Jitsu Cane Defense

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Kyusho - Hapkido Octagon Video Course

An very important part of advances training in Hon San Mu Sa Hapkido, Grand Master Art Mason's root art are the Octagon Principles, a study in the natural laws of movement. And it makes accessing pressure points easier!

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Grand Master Art Mason

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HPPT Self Defense Psychology


HPPT Self Defense Psychology

* HPPT Self Defense Psychology

No matter who tells you the contrary violent crime is on the rise. The government supplied statistics are deliberately misleading no matter which country you are living in. There is a reason too! Governments love to collect money from citizen but they prefer to put it into their own pockets rather than into services for the people. Enter the need for HPPT Self Defense Psychology

Most police forces are shrinking. And with today's "WOKE" world police are chasing things put on twitter rather than as an example the 23% increase in knife crimes in 2018 in the UK. You will hear a lot of positioning about "gun laws" like that would actually matter. Criminals do not care about laws, especially when the system has so many holes in it they get out anyways.

Here is a great example! Back several years ago a man went crazy on a bus in Canada and stabbed, cut a man head off and began to eat the body. The victims name was Tim McLean.

HPPT Self Defense Psychology: Are you prepared? 

Can you image the life long trauma of those passengers? Why do I bring this up? Because this man was released and walks the streets of I believe it is Manitoba today. Having been deemed "cured" by doctors.  And this is because of the mental illness of today's western liberal extremist! 

Tell me would you be prepared for something like this? If you have that tough guy attitude I see in the martial arts world today you would die in such circumstances. 

* HPPT Self Defense Psychology

The Greater Good Lie

Today in our propagandized world you hear the powers that be refer to the "greater good." Like National Security this has nothing to do with the greater good of the people. But the greater good of the government agenda. 

Please read this important article on Violence Rises in Dystopian Hell.

You CANNOT be a tough guy with someone mentally disturbed.  And today not only has mental illness gone off the charts with the addiction problems in society,  but politics has created an envy based hate culture. Also enabling those with serious illness, illness that needs treatment not encouragement! This man in the crime above should have been deemed a "dangerous offender" and never released! But today politics makes criminals into victims! And victims into criminals! This is why real heads up Self Defense courses like HPPT is so needed.

And this problem is going to get worse. You have to understand you need more today in your training than just the traditional martial art / self defense knowledge.  

In Conclusion

HPPT Self Defense Psychology CONCLUSION

With that in mind I am going to recommend 2 books. These are being bundled together for a special price. I really want this information in everyone hands!

Follow this LINK to learn about The Psychology of Self Defense. This book explains the psychology of many attackers and well as training for it! The second is my Humane Kyusho Beginners Guide.  

The links will provide all the details you need. Also checkout this article on Humane Pressure Point Tactics. The article will offer you a free video too!

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below. Also I am adding a 4th Level to my Humane Pressure Point Tactics Course, and because of this I am going to run a special price on ALL levels.

Don't miss the special price on the HPPT courses!
Follow the LINK below to read more.

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Grand Master Art Mason

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Self Defense: Martial Artists Do Not Understand This


Self Defense: Martial Artists

* Self Defense: Martial Artists

Self Defense: Martial Artists do not understand this at all! What am I talking about? Most martial artists young and old alike do not understand the correlation between online privacy, security and self defense. Perhaps too may kicks to the head? Well no, that is not true I have been kicked in the head many time and I see the link wide and clear. I had a skull fracture from a spin hook kick back in 94. So what is it? Basically not preparing for the worst and hoping for the best! The issue is that "chance favors the prepared mind."

Self Defense: Martial Artists Do Not Understand Surveillance 

How does this all work? Self Defense: Martial Artists need to understand this!

First if you have a smartphone, no matter who makes it, you are under surveillance 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. And this is verifiable FACT.

Data Center

This is a Google Data Center in Georgia. Can you imagine how many computers are in this massive building running for the soul purpose of indexing your data?

There are 19 of these Google Data Centers Worldwide. And this is ONLY GOOGLE, not Facebook, Apply, Microsoft or Amazon to name a few.

They say that iPhone is better for security, but security and privacy have nothing directly to do with each other. iPhone is a little harder to hack. That is all! But I am not talking just about hacking here. Google and Facebook collect massive amounts of data about everyone online. Facebook follows you even if you do not have a Facebook account

Everything you say in the presence of your phone is recorded, indexed and stored in data centers. Your location is monitored all the time down to the meter. And sometimes even when you turn off location services you are still seen because some apps can turn it on and they do. Plus your camera takes picture both front and back without your knowledge or consent. All for the purposes of "Marketing." Sure......

For Advertising 

All this is done to feed you very targeted advertisements. If you and your significant other are talking about going somewhere, these corporations hear and then they can even do their job better. Deliver you more relevant ads.  They know where you are, what you are doing and where you plan to go. Plus if you use a debit or credit card they even have the details of what you purchase. They know everything about you. Likes, dislikes, speech, and habits. in terms of  Self Defense: Martial Artists how do you feel about this?

National Security [Bullshit]

And of course the NSA has access to all this data, as well as damn near every other government on the planet. But all this is only part of the equation. The surveillance in China should terrify you! And who do you think is helping them?

None of the information is properly secured. Some of these databases are even in plan text. This means other bad players beside the governments and these corporations can get access to this information. 

* Self Defense: Martial Artists

Companies, banks, governments, school are all hacked daily. 

Real Danger

Let's look at a scenario. You work hard and live in a nice area of your city. Like everyone else you have a Wifi router for your internet access and to save bandwidth your phone connects to the wifi too. Now this Wifi is registered internationally on a website called Wigle, plus a few others. The information is public and anyone can access it. Here is the LINK.  

Your phone is broadcasting to world exactly where you are! Your Wifi is broadcasting to the world too! Cell Towers pick this information up and forward it to databases. Your Wifi, phone and laptop each have a unique identifier called a MAC address.  This is register to you, and only you.

Some friends come over and you discuss going out for dinner.  The 4 of you decide on a place and off you go. Everyone has a cellphone therefore the conversation is recorded on 4 different devices, all tagged to your exact location and travel route. 

* Front Lines of Self Defense

If there is a bad player listening you just told him you are not home. This is like skywriting please come rob my house.

Plus if you end up going home early you just might walk in on this! No matter how tough you think you are because of your martial arts mastery this is all going to go BAD.

How things can go bad

But instead you end up at your favorite chain restaurant. You are hooked to your Wifi and you go on Facebook and tell all your friends your location and tag who you are with. Great, now how many hundreds or perhaps thousand of people can see where you are?

Of course everyone knows you are an accomplished martial artist because of your posts and pictures.

Better hope that one of these "friends" is not a nut-bag stalker who you just told where you are and now may decide to come and call you out! 

* Self Defense: Martial Artists

Big feather in his psycho cap to beat the hell out of you while his friends video this. Or perhaps some pervert "has a thing" for one of the ladies because she was careless with the pictures she posts. But everyone online are good honest people right? And you LOVE getting  those likes on your posts! That dopamine hit always makes your day!

So now any advantage you may have had in a self defense situation is gone because the attacker can know everything about you and the people with you.

And he does not even need to be an hacker to do this. This is nothing compared to the endless different possibilities or scenarios. And all because you feel complacent in your online presence and will not further education yourself about your online privacy and security.

You just tolerate this intolerable situation because you think there is nothing you can do about it. WRONG this much you can do.

In Conclusion

Self Defense: Martial Artists CONCLUSION

Please take all this information seriously.

Learn everything you can about the topic. And feel free to fact check me on all the above.

Once you are convinced learn all you can and go out and spread the word!

This is very serious stuff.  We need to be vigilant!

Life is hard enough without imjurty or loss of a loved one due to the insanity going on today. Be vigilant and prepare yourself now!

I want to add today a postscript to this article.  On the Social Network a comment was made that I am "fearmongering" with this information. This is the result of a person who finds unrest in what I say, but who is not willing to take action in his own life. So be it.

However addressing Fearmongering, are you aware that via undisciplined and un educated use in Social Media is today what drive sex trafficking. Young men and women are stalked via these methods, and snatched for sale.  Now I can write another article with images, examples and proof. But my hope is people will stop this idea that they need to be right and ok, and take and teach responibility for their and their loved one safety.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Problems with Kyusho Jitsu in 2020


Problems with Kyusho Jitsu

Problems with Kyusho Jitsu

What are the Problems with Kyusho Jitsu is facing in 2020? This article is purely editorial and only my opinion. However, these are the observations I have made in 2019 that I believe will come to a head and therefore affect Kyusho Jitsu / Pressure Point students and study in 2020.

Problems with Kyusho Jitsu - Dillman Retirement

Love him or hate him when it comes to the Martial Arts world Grand Master George Dillman has had a huge effect! As I am writing this article I just turned 60. This means I am now officially in the season of winter.  GM Dillman from my understanding is now officially retired. And even if he is not, it is down the pipe. Who will replace him? How can anyone replace him? No matter who is chosen the in fighting will begin! 

All you need to do is look at American Kenpo and what happened when Grand Master Parker passed away. Now I am not a "member" of DKI, however my Kyusho Jitsu rank does come from DKI. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

But working to unite Kyusho would be the smart idea! But I do not see it happen! 

Problems with Kyusho Jitsu - Inflated Egos

Now I admit I am on a soapbox here. BUT, it seems to me many Kyusho Jitsu teacher are more interested in showing off their skills than teaching pressure points. Why do I think this? Because people are leaving other organizations in droves, coming to me because I focus on the student and not my personal profile. For me it is about teaching. 

This "may" be good for me, but not Kyusho in the long run. I also see law suites coming because of this ego issue and Uki's being allowed to Free Fall after a Knockout Pressure Points strike that could result in serious spinal cord and neck injuries. And the Kyusho instructors will lose because this is GROSS NEGLIGENCE. 

And once this happens once we are going to be looking at legislation restricting what we do, ad that is ALL BAD.

Problems with Kyusho Jitsu - Apathy

​​"Tolerance and Apathy are the final virtues of a dying society" Aristotle

The 3rd of the Problems with Kyusho Jitsu is people today do not want to move. Now I have students who's dedication to the art blows my mind. And my thanks to them! However, many people today want a result but do not want to do work. And politically speaking that is the narrative today. Guaranteed outcome. But that ideology is simply not a reality.

I even wrote a lot of a book based on this. The book is called Body-Mind-Spirit Budo without the BS. Check it out when you have a moment.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

When it comes to the Problems with Kyusho Jitsu coming in 2020 I will say right now I hope I am 100 percent wrong on all accounts here!

Plus there are more concerns.And what bothers me most about all this is that each of these is political in nature. But I think all this needs to be said.

I would love to hear your comments, leave them here.

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Pressure Points Are Fine Motor Skills


Pressure Points Are Fine Motor Skills

Pressure Points Are Fine Motor Skills

I hear this almost everyday! Pressure Points Are Fine Motor Skills are therefore cannot, and will not work under the stress of a street attack or fight.  The statement is DEAD WRONG and simply propaganda. There is NO basis for fact unless you are talking about the untrained.

Saying this is simply and EXCUSE for your personal failure in training. [Know your Limitations]

So let me explain why. 

Fine Motor Skills vs. Gross Motor Skills

What are gross motor skills? They are "Gross motor skills involve movements of the large muscles of the arms, legs and torso."

What are fine motor skills? The definition is as follows. "Fine motor skills are the ability to make movements using the small muscles in our hands and wrists."  These are basic definitions but will do for the purpose of the article.

These definitions being given striking at a pressure point is therefore considered to be a fine motor skill. However by this definition so is punching, slapping etc. And by this definition all martial arts training including striking with the forearms and knees is fine motor skills and therefore cannot me done.

The problem is they all can be done. Because gross or fine motor skills are irrelevant, and training is the only object, the only path to success. One of the more detailed fine motor skills is using a firearm. Yet these are used in high stress situations daily!

Watch this short video for a detailed explain on why Pressure Points Are Fine Motor Skills and this does not matter!

In Conclusion

Pressure Points Are Fine Motor Skills CONCLUSION

I am sure by now you can see that the martial arts world has been sold a "bill of goods" telling them that only gross motor skills work today! 

They are trying to convince people that training is worthless and a waste of time. This is only true when society and the powers that be want to create a culture of sheep!

I have many concerns today about the martial arts world. Please follow this link and have a look at my latest eBook offering on the subject. 

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