Facebook is IRRELEVANT Today. Can you hear the Death Rattle?

* Facebook is IRRELEVANT Today

That is correct Facebook is IRRELEVANT Today. I am going to explain why and also how we, the consumer have all the power, and they BIG tech have none! Back a few months ago now, to the sadness of many I deleted all my content on YouTube.  Because they are corrupt.

Today I have ended the relationship with the communist propaganda company people call Facebook.

Very soon all pages, groups and my personal profile will be deleted, not just deactivated.

I am currently in the process of deleting groups, and once completed I will be gone also. But it is funny people are very "thick." They send me messages via FB, I tell them to email me and yet they keep writing. Therefore now I just ignore all FB messenger requests. I do not dicuss anything on FB. PERIOD.

An Open Letter to Students - Facebook is IRRELEVANT Today

I HATE Facebook. In my personal, humble opinion Social Media is a disease on Society. It offers nothing of value. I stopped posting on my personal Facebook account about 7 months ago. I have had people argue with me that it connects family and friends. But in today's world of Skype, Signal and other phone related apps, and the zero cost association with communication, messenger is just not needed.  Facebook is irrelevant today.

So why this email? Today I got an email from the service I use to post blog articles to Facebook groups and pages I operate, informing me of "failure" to post. 

Facebook locked my account, AGAIN, for the 5th time in 2 weeks. Why? Because of a private conversation I had on messenger, with someone very close to me, who had traveled to see her parents and her phone died. We use the encrypted app signal to communicate.

So while at a friends we carried on a PRIVATE conversation that Facebook read and listened too! Because most of it was audio. They did not like some of the content.


I have 2 words for them!

I have been trying very hard to keep these FB groups going because I have been very unsuccessful getting people moved to the Social Network I created and am funding personally, never asking for help. And I plan to expand it.  I created this in order to promote articles an give product updates.

Plus the network is international, and free speech. There is some very interesting stuff there! The same with my video network.

As for Facebook I do not have the time to continue to do battle to post an article on, as an example Confluent Pressure Points, yes they blocked this one.  

Today i put in a complaint to Facebook about their BS, which I kinda expect will be ignored. If they do not stop giving me a hard time, and I told them this, I will DELETE my account, not just deactivate it.

This means no more Facebook groups or pages. Also the reason for deletion and I will be blunt, is I do not want my name associated with this communist propaganda organization. 

I am not asking you to join my Social Network, or my video network. Notice no links.

Just basically to inform you that I have had enough of their crap. I deleted everything on YouTube and am more than willing to do it on Facebook. To me values are more important than money. Facebook is IRRELEVANT Today!

Facebook is IRRELEVANT Today
Facebook is Communist!

Update July 28th 2021

This was what I was sent today when I opened messenger. They object to a conversation I had briefly with a student in Canada about how MSNBC are complacent to crimes against humanity.  Are you still using them???


This is not new. it has been going on for about 4 years now. I have just reached an end with it. I will tell you my reasoning. Since propaganda is what they promote, the LIES of the main stream, they do not like anything that encourages people to THINK for THEMSELVES! 

And martial art study is one such teaching.  With the exception of MMA, because be honest, it is just simply violence for entertainment! It does not appose the narrative. Make Facebook is IRRELEVANT Today by stopping its usage.

Make Facebook is IRRELEVANT Today - Here are the BANNED posts for July 2021
  1. Kyusho Body Mechanics
  2. Chi Training and Health
  3. Dangerous Neck Pressure Points
  4. Why Gmail Sucks

They called these SPAM because it is all they can say.  Facebook is SPAM because they use "fact checkers" they pay for results, and yes I can prove that. And block doctors can end up being a crime against humanity. Already is really.

Plus the CEO has lied repeated to US Congress And he also warned his people via video of the dangers of the vaxxs, while promoting them to the public. Not to mention is directly involved in fraud. Which will be made public soon. And yes I can prove my claims. Mark Zuckerberg is EVIL. Bankrupt him!

I was hoping it would change, that the massive lawsuits would change things, but it is time to end it! Make Facebook is IRRELEVANT Today.

Power of the Consumer - Facebook is IRRELEVANT Today

Make Facebook is IRRELEVANT Today! There are today so many corrupt companies, and not just big tech, it is incredible. I have a HUGE list of companies I will not deal with. And that list grows daily. I used Facebook to promote Kyusho Jitsu World, not to have their political bullshit and opinions forced on me.  the non stop Covid propaganda! (Where are the bodies?)

And I am not the only one leaving. I will join the class action lawsuit against them.

Facebook is IRRELEVANT Today

In Canada there are hundreds of companies I will never deal with, and the relationship cannot be fixed! Another great example in North America is GoDaddy. I will never use those clowns again. And their service SUCKS. I use Linode and they are AWESOME.

If you have followed me a while I hope you realize that everyone can make a difference. There is a collective energy where like minded think and act alike. If you put your foot down, by this energy more will follow. It becomes a wave.

We have the power to end any bad company! Including Amazon, and they need to go to. But people prefer convenience of what is right. Facebook is IRRELEVANT Today!

Facebook is IRRELEVANT Today in Conclusion


I was suspended today on Linkedin. I only make martial art related posted. This is a violation of their terms of service.

They want a copy of my passport to unlock it. Sorry, NO I DO NOT PROVIDE ID TO SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS. Linkedin is even more irrelevant than Facebook really.

If you try to contact me via Facebook messenger I will ignore you. Email is the ONLY method I will accept. I do not chat on Whatsapp or other platforms. Below you can contact me via email.

Facebook was down globally on October 5th 2021 for 8 hours. I know the truth behind this outage. Media is lying, but then that is what they do. Main stream media simply a fictional network for story telling. 

February 11th 2022. Facebook's stock is tanking, people are leaving the platform by the millions. Can you hear the death rattle? Eventually truth show, and lies and corruption implode on themselves. Looks GOOD on them! Hey Zuckerburg, can you hear Gitmo calling? 

Facebook is IRRELEVANT Today is an important article because people need to realize it has been instrumental in the destruction of Society, and this was by design.

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