Pressure Points works best when the body is weak

Pressure Points works best

Pressure Points works best when the body is weak. And this is an important understanding all martial artists need to have to be successful on the street.

If you are attacking the body when it is strong you will do some damage, And this damage will weaken the body. But it is not enough.

That is find in training, but on the street, under fire you do not have the time or luxury of this wearing down the body. Therefore you must understand when pressure points work best.

Pressure Points works best

The body of the opponent in an attack is always in motion. So as an example if the attacker is stepping forward and punching with his right fist then the area of the fist to the elbow is strong.  Therefore a strike to the attacking arm at LI-10 will not yield the result you are hoping for. 

The muscle tissue is tense and strong and will protect the pressure point. However if you were to attack from the elbow to the shoulder, let's say HT-02 this would yield a profound result. If you during this strike followed the Cycle of Destruction principle then the result would be better.

And knowing when striking pressure points works best incorporates in this case the principle of Yin/Yang

Pressure Points works best

Now looking at the same scenario if I strike the forearm areas after the punch was launched and the opponent is beginning to retract his punch to attack again the results will change. And attack to LI-10 as the arm is retracting changes the polarity to YIN and I would get a strong result.

The counter strike to HT-02 would therefore become lesser. I hope the way I am wording this makes it clear. 

In another example let us take the same situation and LU-01. LU-01 is the Alarm Point for the Lung and very, very powerful. But if you try to strike LU-01 at the right side of the body as the punch is coming it will have almost NO effect.

At this point this pressure point, LU-01 is CLOSED. However on the left side of the body it will be open. This is the retracting side as the punch is being thrown. 

Pressure Points works best

So, how do we deal with this in real life? The first thing to understand is that it is foolish to stand and fight. You cannot target pressure points while under attack. But have I not said that you can before? Keep reading.

I have successfully used pressure points on the street in a few different scenarios. But I realized about 5 years ago the reason why. This is because I do not stand and fight. I use natural laws, use the Octagon to stay ahead of the attacker, and therefore force opportunities to strike.

And I am not targeting pressure points, they are walking into the strikes while the pressure point are OPEN or vulnerable to attack. 

Moving in the Octagon

Secrets of the Octagon

When you move in the Octagon you lead the altercation. When you stand and fight you are never leading, always following or reacting to the situation.

This is when Pressure Points works best. The work best when you are not reacting. But rather leading.

Also the body when moving in the Octagon, and this takes lots of training, is in a YIN state versus their YANG state. And yes I know this is all very complex. But as you train it gets so easy it is ridiculous. 

Very important to understand also and this type of training is applying what I call Meridian Theory versus pressure point striking. This is far more efficient and effective. Does this mean you do not need the other elements of Kyusho Jitsu study. know when pressure points work best?

No of course NOT. The more you know the better. This is a simple truth that very view people today understand. You have to admit in the wild there is very little thinking going on. 

It is not thinking only reactions, based on emotions. Now that is dangerous, but not if you are prepared. And this word prepared brings me to my next and very important point. 

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind.

Now as I continue talking about when pressure points work best I come to the beginning of your martial arts training. The white belt days.  When you begin in any martial art what you are taught is reactionary.

And then you go into competition which is also reactionary. This is the normal process. However because sport is such a focus in the arts theses days 99% of what is taught today remains reactionary in nature.

But it must be evolved to preparatory first. In a reactionary system it is very hard to get pressure point to work in real life. In a preparatory system it is easy to get pressure points to work.

But this step is GONE in what is taught today. And it is almost forgotten! And knowing when Pressure Points works best is a must in today's world!

Pressure Points works best in Conclusion

Pressure Points works best CONCLUSION

So what is the solution to this? You need to, no matter what level you are begin a study of Natural Laws, a preparatory martial art like Kosho Ryu.

Below will be an opportunity for you to discover Kosho Ryu with a FREE  Lesson Course. 

There will be other opportunities there to learn also. Thank you for reading "Pressure Points works best." 


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