George Dillman Kyusho Controversy


George Dillman Kyusho Controversy

The George Dillman Kyusho Controversy

Grand Master George Dillman [DKI] is one of the most, if not the most controversial person in martial arts history. So today I am going to give my viewpoint on this very controversial man. All from personal experience. So let's rock!

George Dillman

The martial arts industry is certainly an interesting one. And after 35 years in the arts I have to tell you I am NOT a fan! Martial Arts students and their teachers are supposed to stand for certain values, things like "integrity." But sadly this seems to be missing in a LARGE number of people in the industry.

Integrity Meaning:

Meaning of Integrity

"Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, or moral uprightness. It is colloquially a personal choice to hold oneself to consistent moral and ethical standards."

I just do not see in that definition anything that says "envy, jealousy, gossip, back stabbing, egotistical, or manipulative." Now I may be wrong, but this is what I see with every person shooting off their mouths with regard to GM George Dillman. 

AND those of you who do this are PATHETIC!

Over the years I have met MANY martial artists, masters, grand masters who did not impress me. But not ONE TIME have I violated my code and talked about them. It is one thing to discuss or disagree with them. it is another thing to run off at the mouth and SLANDER/DEFAME them. There has been a witch hunt for George Dillman for decades now. ENOUGH PEOPLE! Time to act like adults!

However in the western world today this is just the path people now take. A path that will bring an end to the western civilization, and it will END SOON if this does not stop!

The First Time I met GM Dillman

With Steve Stewart. George Dillman and Louise St Jacques

I first met George Dillman in London Ontario back in I believe 2001. He was doing a seminar at Steve Stewart's Modern Martial Arts. This was an all day event and it hooked me into wishing to learn more about the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu. 

Meeting GM Dillman the first time I found him to be somewhat distant. Then as I began to see the childish, jealous behavior of many in the martial arts community I began to understand why.

At this seminar he taught us things i could take back and make work the next day. Many seminars over the years I have attended were designed simply to sell products. George Dillman taught, and he is the REAL DEAL as GM Steve Stewart, my Kyusho teacher puts it!

Over the years as I began to know the man more, the more I liked him as a caring, genuine person. A man with great knowledge, that not all are able to learn and use.

However your shortcomings as a martial artist do not give you the right to slander anyone else. I am not writing this to defend George, he does not need my help, but instead to point out the TERRIBLE behavior of my own industry! 

National Geography

The "report" National Geographic did on GM Dillman was appalling. It was a one sided attempt to discredit someone and damage them.

Then they did a "report" on real vampires and why these people need to drink human blood. They slander one person, then enable those with a SERIOUS mental illness!

National Geographic is just another MAIN STREAM TABLOID. No different than CNN, BBC or CBC! All NO watch stations for me. 

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Love him or hate him, your opinion is yours and you are entitled to it! You however are NOT entitled to slander of defame someone. AND THIS IS LAWSlander and defamation are not FREE speech and NEVER HAVE BEEN.

It is time to lose the EGOS and put the VALUES of Integrity, self control and honesty BACK into the martial arts. And POLITICS IS NOT A VALUE. You cannot fix the industry nor can I! However I can be responsible for my behavior and teach my students to be responsible also. I have on many occasion fired student over childish behavior like I am talking about.

What do you think? Not about George Dillman, but the current state of the martial arts world. Click here to comment.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

George Dillman Controversy - The Man, the Myth, the Real Deal.
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George Dillman Controversy - The Man, the Myth, the Real Deal.
Grand Master George Dillman is a very controversial man. Today a no holds bar look at GM Dillman and the state of the martial arts industry in general.
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