The importance of time. Why time should never be wasted.

The importance of time

The importance of time. I hate the term, the idea of wasting time. When someone wastes my time the relationship is finished.

That may seem harsh, but it is intended to be that way. For my language study I use a company called Innovative Languages, RomanianPod101, to be specific. And they are excellent.

I did look briefly at the English version because I wanted to review grammar. But the English edition was unimpressive.

The importance of time

My first martial art teacher taught English as a second language, he had a school to do so.

In the study, part of a news audio, they discuss success by replacing wasted time with productive time. And I have to admit I find it alarming at how the founder of the company wastes so much time himself playing games on his phone and watching YouTube. Personally i do not like games. I NEVER play games on my phone or laptop.

And as far as YouTube goes I also do not watch videos, unless I am trying to learn something about a specific topic. The last video I watched was on on digging a well. The importance of time cannot be overstated.

The importance of time

I enjoy my life. And I am in FULL control of my time. I had one former student push and push for my phone number so we could "chat." I do not "chat." And also I do not give out my phone number. I learned that 20 years ago when a man from Australia kept calling me at 2:00 am asking Kyusho questions and wishing to talk about his life.

I am accessible via email for anyone wishing to ask a question. I set time aside for this purpose.

This allows me time to do the things that are important to me. Like spend time with my "pack" or learn something new. Write a book or do a video course etc.

The importance of time

Social media platforms are a disease of the mind. I would love to see them ALL GO. They are political, promote lies and have destroyed society. As an example the narrative they pushed on Ukraine. ALL LIES to help the political class. And you consume their lies, why???

It is called addiction, and it is as dangerous as an addiction to a drug. In truth it is the same. Facebook has destroyed friendships, families, businesses and culture. A great example was how they censored truth and promoted the LIES of 2020. They have also participated in conspiracy to commit election fraud, in many countries.

I wrote an article called Facebook is Irrelevant in 2021 and was suspended for it. FB need to be bankrupted and investigated. 

Martial Arts?

What does this have to do with martial arts? It seems to me that many now think that Facebook or YouTube are a replacement for training. And with the amount of time people spend on these platforms is the reason I think this.

FB to me is useless. Like drinking from a toilet. YouTube has some great content, but if you do not hit the floor and train with it, you wast your time. The importance of time, you must master time, not be its slave!

If I watch a video, let's say from Hanshi Juchnik I do so and then hit the floor to train with it. That is how you learn! Not by going on FB and writing comments on posts, or checkout slutty looking "females" doing vertical kicks show crotch in the photo. 

Time well wasted - The importance of time!

I remember many years ago an ad for the Comedy Network stating that "watching the comedy network was time well wasted." How can time be well wasted? You flushed part of your life down a toilet for what reason?

I used to jump all over my children if they dared tell me they were "bored."  I am never bored because my mind is disciplined. I am in control of my mind and therefore the controller of MY TIME. And I have all there is to have!

The importance of time again cannot be overstated. If this was your last day on earth would you spend it on Facebook? Playing games on your phone? Watching FAKE LYING news channels? Then why are you doing it now?

I know I would never regret time well spent in nature, with my "pack" or learning something, training myself. 

The importance of time in Conclusion

The importance of time CONCLUSION

How are you going to spend your time here on earth? Waste it? Or use it to make a better life, a better world for you and your family?

The choice is always yours. I have social or should I say anti-social media accounts still for ONLY one reason. And I will not disclose that reason. But soon they reason will no longer apply and they will all be gone.  

I know the importance of time. And I use my time wisely. Thank your for taking time to read this article. This BLOG has a lot of accurate and FREE information on the study of the pressure point science called Kyusho Jitsu.

A better place to spend time wisely because you are learning. 


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