Pressure Point TW-16. What makes the Neck so Dangerous?

Pressure Point TW-16

Pressure Point TW-16: Today I am going to continue my discussion of another pressure point on the Triple Warmer Meridian. That is Pressure Point TW-16  a very dangerous and effective Pressure Point.

Most of all it is pretty easy to access being located on the neck.  This information is so important I wrote an eBook recently called Mastering Triple Warmer Meridian

In today's world this Kyusho Jitsu Book is a must have.

Pressure Point TW-16

I have also over the past months written articles on TW-17, TW-18 plus some information on the Triple Warmer Meridian itself. And I will list the other related Kyusho Article below. Plus I am pretty sure I have written more articles on this topic that any other sets of pressure points of the body.

So what makes Pressure Point TW-16 and the others like it so important today? They always were important for one thing, however today we live in a very odd time in history. Today wild swings of emotion, people believing that unstable emotions, are considered virtuous, and that makes the learning critical.

 Actually that is what the book I wrote is about. 

Pressure Point TW-16 - Location and Effects

Pressure Point TW-16 is located posterior and inferior to the mastoid process, on the posterior border of the sternocleidomastoideus, level with SI-17, and BL-10 at the hairline, in the posterior margin at the insertion of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.

This is one of the more dangerous pressure points on the body. Also this is a one-shot knockout pressure point and a hard-enough strike will cause death. A lesser strike results in a high emotional state, where all things seem very critical. Paranoia is not uncommon.

This pressure can be used to cause a "state change" in an attacker. That is powerful!

Like other neck pressure points this one needs to be reserved for life and death situations not demonstration. You do not want to end up with your Uke having serious injury of complications. I have seen this happen too many times.

Pressure Point TW-16 in Conclusion

Pressure Point TW-16 CONCLUSION

Most of all today, with the unprecedented amount of mentally ill people walking around the streets we must study and see its relationship to not just self defense but the study of Kyusho Jitsu also.

Some people in an agitated highly emotion state of mind is very unpredictable. 

Perhaps you will never encounter this where you live. I know I am very unlikely too in a small mountain village. However "chance favors the prepared mind" and we as martial artist should always expect the unexpected. While in Canada I saw a lot of this. People there are nuts today. I watch one women get homicidal because other person touched their face. This lady needs a rubber cell. 

Today I am making a refocus on Kyusho Jitsu. More articles will appear here about everything pressure points. I will not be writing anymore editorials, and very few direct self defense articles. I urge everyone to bookmark this blog and return often. There is a wealth of free information here. 

Thank you for reading Pressure Point TW-16.

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