Triple Warmer Pressure Points Strike. What happens with emotional people.

Triple Warmer Pressure Points Strikes

Triple Warmer Pressure Points Strikes: It all started many years ago with a condition we referred to as "road rage." Someone does something in traffic that causes one driver to go insane and become violent. I have linked a video with about 60 minutes of examples.

Today the issue is far worse. In the western culture all you need do is get to close to someone, or even make eye contact and they go crazy. And I wish it really was isolated but it is not. And for the martial artist, the Kyusho Jitsu practitioner there is much to learn and understand about this condition. 

Triple Warmer Pressure Points Strikes

First let's talk about the Triple Warmer or Triple Heater Meridian. This is a meridian of the upper extremities that is YANG in nature, a fire element meridian, with 23 pressure points on it. 

Triple Heater serves 2 very important functions for the body. Originally in ancient Chinese Medicine the Triple Warmer Meridian was understood to regulate the heat in the 3 regions of the body. Therefore if you had a fever it was Triple Burner having energy issues.

Today however we know that the meridian has a more important function. It controls the endocrine system of the body. Or in other words your emotions. If you connect the dots here you will realize these people with emotions off the scale have an imbalance focused on this meridian. 

For our main focus we would need to consider the Hypothalamus which is the glad that lies in direction relationship with emotions. This glad secretes hormones non stop into the body. Hormones drive emotions. Triple Warmer Pressure Points Strikes can make a huge difference!

Triple Warmer Pressure Points Strikes

No matter what pressure points you strike on the human body, or no matter where you strike on the body you activate the Triple Burner Meridian bilaterally. Depending on the force of the strike and other varying conditions will dictate how intense the activation is.

This is because you cannot have someone strike you and not stimulate a reaction from you. And ALL reactions have an emotionally based element. Whether this be anger, fear, or even amusement. Words also trigger the meridian as well! Learn as much as you can about this one!

This is such an important topic I even wrote a book on it a few years back called Mastering Triple Warmer Meridian. And to realize this leads us to want to understand which pressure points on the body can have a direct impact on emotions themselves. Triple Warmer Pressure Points Strikes is a very important topic! 

Triple Warmer Pressure Points

So let's take a look at a few possible pressure points to work into your training for different possible states you might face. 

Now one pressure point to NOT strike on a CRAZY humanoid, someone is a highly emotional state is TW-16, linked here. This can cause a high emotional state, where all things seem very critical. Paranoia is not uncommon. So you could make it worse! Also in reference to this please read this article on Cycle of Emotions

You do not want to do something to make the problem worse! 

TW-18 on the other hand is a great pressure point to strike as it will cause brain shock and unconsciousness. I also highly recommend learn about the 5 Best Knockout Pressure Points because the emotions will shut down at this point. 

Another great head point to consider is ST-08

Triple Warmer Pressure Points Strikes in Conclusion

Triple Warmer Pressure Points Strikes CONCLUSION

Why did I call this article Triple Warmer Pressure Points Strikes when I am not listing a pile of pressure points to strike on Triple Warmer?  The reason is no matter where you strike you affect Triple Warmer.

If I was to come over to you and punch you in the arm will you not have an emotional reaction to that? 

Of course you will! 

That is Triple Warmer kicking in. This is also why "escape" is so important on today's streets. With the off the scale "NUTBAGS" running free on the streets, of especially the USA, you have to do this. They want to battle. And much can go wrong if you engage them.

I do suggest you study the pressure point system of the body in depth. Understand what the major pressure points do, and then add more from there. I have a eBook called Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy which is perfect for this. 

This is must know information for the serious Kyusho Jitsu student. I hope you enjoyed reading Triple Warmer Pressure Points Strikes.


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