Pressure Point ST-08

Pressure Point ST-08

The Pressure Point Stomach 5

Pressure Point ST-08 is a pressure point most people will never look at. And that is too bad because it is easy to access and extremely dangerous at the same time. I decided to do it today because I saw someone hit here with a weapon in a cop show. 

And the results are devastating! Aside from the physical damage that can be caused at this area of the head there is a lot going on here from a Kyusho Jitsu prospective. Also that also makes it worth a look. 

Pressure Point ST-08 - Location and Effects

ST-08 is located 0.5 cun within the anterior hairline at the corner of the forehead. The pressure point is found in the galea aponeurotica on the superior margin of the temporalis muscle

Of you need to end a fight pressure points of the head are a must learn. The number of effective and dangerous pressure points found on the head is amazing really. 

Striking this pressure point will cause great localized pain, nausea, concussions, and knockouts. A hard strike can easily fracture the skull at this pressure point. Small weapons tend to work best. This is also a massive Chi Drainage pressure point. Death is common from hard strikes. 

Now this is not the best pressure point to use with a great size difference, in that case I would be looking at ST-05 or ST-09. You always want to train within correct Body Mechanics for the best result. However if heights are close ST-08 is an excellent target area. Correct Body Mechanics not muscle mass gives power. 

In Conclusion

Pressure Point ST-08 CONCLUSION

This is an epic pressure point that is easy to train for. And also it is great if you have trained in my Cane courses

I recently released an eBook called Self Defense for Disabilities which featured cane defense for those who have mobility issues. 

Myself am of the belief all martial artist should do the cane training. At some point in life everyone needs one if they live long enough. And lets face it we are in an industry in which leg injuries occur often! So get over yourself, the ego aspect and train with a cane. This opens up a world of opportunities within Kyusho Jitsu itself. I have heard so often people say they would feel "stupid carrying a cane." 

And realize we are talking about a Stomach Meridian Pressure Point, which is EARTH under the 5 Element Theory of the Cycle of Destruction. Plus a CANE IS WOOD.  Yes a cane made of wood does work in the Cycle of Destruction. 

Thank you for reading! See you in the next article.

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Pressure Point ST-08 - Highly Dangerous Pressure Point for Self Defense
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