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* Triple Warmer Meridian [Triple Heater]

Today I am going examine the Triple Warmer Meridian [Triple Heater or Triple Burner] as it is one of the most commonly misunderstood meridians on the body. 

First the meridian is known by 3 different names. The older of the 3 names to my knowledge is the Triple Heater Meridian, and Triple Burner Meridian but today it is most commonly referred to as the Triple Heater Meridian. But no matter which name you prefer to call it this is one of the most powerful and important of the 12 meridians on the body. 

Triple Warmer Meridian - General Facts

The Triple Burner Meridian is located on the upper extremities beginning in the ring finger. Below are a list of the meridian attributes.

The above information is also referred to as the Kyusho Jitsu EPS.

Triple Warmer Meridian - Purpose and Effects

Triple Heater serves 2 very important functions for the body. Originally in ancient Chinese Medicine the Triple Warmer Meridian was understood to regulate the heat in the 3 regions of the body. Therefore if you had a fever it was Triple Burner having energy issues.

Today however we know that the meridian has a more important function. It controls the endocrine system of the body. Or in other words your emotions. 

* Triple Warmer Meridian [Heater]

For our main focus we would need to consider the Hypothalamus which is the glad that lies in direction relationship with emotions.

You may or many not already know what I am about to say.

No matter what pressure points you strike on the human body, or no matter where you strike on the body you activate the Triple Burner Meridian bilaterally.Depending on the force of the strike and other varying conditions will dictate how intense the activation is.

* For our main fucus we would consider the Hypothalamus which is the glad that lies in direction relationship with emotions.

Why is this? Because it is human nature to have an emotional reaction to violence, in fact you have a reaction to everything in your environment, varying again on the circumstances. 

Triple Warmer Meridian [Heater] in Conclusion

Triple Warmer Meridian CONCLUSION

It is beyond the scope of this article to go into exact circumstances and effects.

But if you control the emotional reactions, or can anticipate the emotional reaction you control Triple Warmer, the person attacking and therefore the situation. 

And yes I am talking about Mind Control.

No matter which term you prefer for the Triple Heater, Triple Burner or Warmer Meridian this is an extremely power meridian for pressure point fighting and pressure point self defense. Triple Heater also plays aver important role in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is explained in detail in my book the Power of the Five Element Theory

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