Kyusho Cycle of Emotions

Kyusho Cycle of Emotions

Kyusho Cycle of Emotions

What is the Kyusho Cycle of Emotions? How does it work? On the surface it is a very simply cycle. Application of it is however a little more complicated. So let me explain.

Kyusho Cycle of Emotions

The breakdown of the Kyusho Cycle of Emotions is as follows:

  1. Happiness destroys Anger
  2. Anger destroys Grief
  3. Grief destroys Happiness

The cycle is also referring to extremes of emotion. Which complicates its usage. 

The Kyusho Cycle of Emotions and YOU

The first issue with the application of the Kyusho Cycle of Emotions is that you, the defending need to be in control of you emotions. This is not an easy task and requires serious practice to achieve. 

Kyusho Jitsu Cycle of Emotions - Control Emotions

In a demonstration it is very easy to use the Kyusho Cycle of Emotions because it is a controlled environment. So as an example you have the Uki attack you after working up some anger, then you hit him at ST-05 while laughing at him and you will have a DEEP Neurological Knockout

Pretty cool eh? But as you can imagine to laugh at someone trying to hurt you would not be easy. FEAR is the normal psychological response. The fight or flight reflex kicks in.  Now you may be able to defense yourself no problems. But changing the "emotional" state you are in is different. That is a big challenge! Plus it needs to be pure, not just an ego mask!

Therefore it is a idea good to understand the physiological happening of what are emotions to get a real understanding of how this works.

Emotional State of Attacker

Kyusho Cycle of Emotions

You also need to understand the emotional state of the attacker in order to apply the Kyusho Cycle of Emotions! The automatic assumption is that the person is angry. But that is not always the case!

It really depends on how bad your luck is! Let's take a look at different metal conditions and the associated emotions that come into play. And if we are honest with ourselves, and when we speak of self defense we must be honest because mental illness has become an epidemic problem today.

So let's break this down!


Psychosis and Self Defense

The issue here is emotionally Psychopaths are not influenced by other people emotions. Therefore if one attacks you he or she will feel nothing for you. This can cause the attack to be very robotic, and unemotional. Therefore the Kyusho Cycle of Emotions is not really going to be applicable. You can make a Psychopath angry by attacking his or her ego. 

But that is likely to make the situation far worse! There certainly are ways to defend yourself against a Psychopath using the science of pressure point self defense. But the Kyusho Cycle of Emotions is OUT!

Also a psychopath does not have a conscience!


The sociopath is a very interesting person. They can also be hands down the most dangerous. They are capable of attacking someone, even killing them with little to no emotional association at all. However not all Sociopaths are interested in doing harm to others. 

A Sociopath does have a conscience, but it is very weak. Here is a great reference on the difference between the Psychopath and the Sociopath


Kyusho Cycle of Emotions

This is one of the most common forms of mental illness today.  It has been linked to dozens of mass shootings in the USA and is also not very well understood. Depression on its own is not going to be a cause of violence. However there are other factors that come into play.

Because depression can basically cripple someone and destroy their lives they can become very resentful inside. This can lead to problems if they decide to act out their resentment on someone who they view is the cause. In this case anger does come into play!

This can also be complicated and has been complicated by the medication the person is taking.  Here is another read for you on Depression and Violence.

Explaining Emotions and Activation

Psychology of Self Defense

In Conclusion

Please note I am not targeting in anyway people with any of the above conditions or others. However as martial artist and martial art teachers we need to understand what is happening in our environment. The more people understand mental illness the better! Our goal as martial arts teachers is to help.

You cannot help what you do not understand. Ignorance is a bad choice. 


Do you find people to be out of balance today? Far too emotional? Do you understand how you can use this to your advantage in self defense? Comment Below!

Updated Note: As you might notice today the world is onfire. Violence is becoming the "norm" on the streets of many cities in the western culture. This is from serious mental illness like I speak of above. This understanding is critical to self defense success today! Please share this information with your like minded friends.

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Kyusho Cycle of Emotions - How does it apply to self defense?
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