Learn Kyusho Jitsu in the most effective way!

Learn Kyusho Jitsu

In order to learn Kyusho Jitsu in the most effective way you must first understand that Kyusho is NOT a martial art! It is rather a study.

A study of the meridians and pressure points of the human body and how best to target them for effective results. 

In this article I am going to go into details about this study. However the object of the article is not to teach you Kyusho Jitsu. It is to make you understand what, if you chose to study you will be doing, what you would be studying. 

 You can begin learning Kyusho Jitsu FREE right now from this link. However I suggest reading this article first.

Learn Kyusho Jitsu

The first place we being is with the meridian systems of the body. A meridian is an energy pathway in which Chi flows. This flow is directly linked to the health of the body and its organs. There are a total of 12 meridians and 2 vessels on the body. These are learned in great details along with their pathways.

Western Medicine will deny the existence of these meridians. However the reason is clear why they do. Their mandate is not health or wellness, only to sell pharmaceuticals. The SCAM of 2020 proves this beyond any doubt to the thinking mind.

There is no BIG money in this type of medicine, natural medicine, and therefore it is denied.

Along these energy pathways are what is called pressure points. These are places on the body that correlate to nerves.

Learn Kyusho Jitsu

There are 361 common pressure points on the each side of the body. Plus what are referred to as "extraordinary pressure points." These pressure point can be further divided into different classifications such as alarm points, associated alarm points etc.

While it is not necessary to know every pressure point on the body there are a group of at least about 50 that the student needs to be familiar with.  I have an eBook called Kyusho Pressure Points Anatomy, which is like a Grey's Anatomy for pressure points.  It references each and every pressure point on the body.

Principles and Concepts

If you decide to learn Kyusho Jitsu you must then also look at the principles of study.  I teach a total of 15 Principles that must be learned in order to be effective when applying this study. And application is very important!

At one time long ago martial art styles taught much of this information. But as they became main stream and commercialized much information was removed for safety reasons, because they were teaching children, and sport.  While sport martial arts can have a place it has no relationship to the street or street defense. 

No matter who thinks it does.

There are some Kyusho Jitsu instructors who have abandoned the teaching of these principles and this is why I call them instructors and not teachers. It is like the western school system no longer teaching cursive writing to students. I see people graduating colleges that cannot sign their names or do simple math without a calculator.

These principles tie into every aspect of the martial arts and therefore it is a disservice to not teach them. Unless of course the instructor does not know them him or her self.  If you wish to learn kyusho Jitsu why not learn it all?

Learn Kyusho Jitsu in Conclusion

 You can begin learning Kyusho Jitsu FREE right now from this link. However I suggest reading this article first. CONCLUSION

So what is the best path to take if you wish to learn Kyusho Jitsu, really study it? I have 2 different suggestions based on what you want to get from the study.

If you just want to learn, and integrate the information into you current style of martial art training then my Complete Kyusho Jitsu Learning Guide from A to Z is what you need.

Or if you are looking for Black Belt rank in Kyusho then you need to look at my Kyusho Jitsu Home Study Course. These both will get you were you want and need to be!


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* Complete Kyusho Jitsu Learning Guide from A to Z

Complete Kyusho Jitsu Learning Guide

Kyusho Learning From A to Z

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Kyusho Home Study Course

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