Control your Reactions to Life. More about Triple Warmer!

Control your Reactions to Life

Control your Reactions to Life. Media today is designed to trigger emotional responses from those who consume it.

Control your Reactions to Life. Understand Triple Warmer and how it is the center of all emotions.

Have you noticed how off the wall people are today with their emotions? Like they are looking for a reason to be angry?

And anti-social media like Facebook is feeding this anger. With their endless censorship and bullshit about fact checkers. 

Control your Reactions to Life

And this continuous dumping of adrenaline into the blood destroys your health. But I am sure by now with the endless lies and power grabs of 2020 you see why they are doing this. 

How do I react when I see this stuff? I do not see it. I do not scroll worthless anti-social networks like "X" or Facebook for the same reason that I do not drink from the toilet. And the 1 or 2 actual friends I have on these platforms do understand why.  A friend is someone you have MET in the REAL world. Not this virtual crap. On anti-social media it is easy to pretend to be something you are NOT. 

I do post some, mostly as an experiment to see what positive posts do to people. They are for the most part ignored. So groundwork laid, let's look at how the Triple Warmer Meridian ties into all this. 

Control your Reactions to Life

Control your Reactions to Life is tied directly to Triple Warmer, which is connected to the hormonal system of the body. All emotions are hormone based! Now I do not know if the emotion leads the hormone or the hormone causes the emotion, and it really does not matter. But the MIND must be taken control of, and these overreactions quelled.

Because you see it in the media does not mean it is true, and usually when talking about any main stream media it is an obvious lie. They can NEVER be trusted again! Now I have been calling out the FAKE mainstream since I was 9 and that BS moon landing crap. Indoctrination is not intelligence, connecting dots is! Now a "highly educated" person may know his stuff, but that does not mean what he was taught/told was true!

The moon landing looked FAKE. My dad and I used to do effects like that with his 8mm movie camera. And even a small amount of actual research today proves my point. But people still want to believe in that fantasy. Former corrupt president Obama even admitted it once. 

The Triple Warmer Meridian controls all. And therefore its understanding is paramount in street defense and in Kyusho Jitsu.

How does one control their Control your Reactions to Life? By developing a Discipled Mind. Below I will link to a FREE eBook I wrote on the subject.

Control your Reactions to Life in Conclusion

Control your Reactions to Life CONCLUSION

In a world were controlling the emotions of the masses by propaganda and fear mongering, people MUST do the work, admit they have been had and take back their minds.

This also leads to the street and understanding the crazies allowed to walk free, especially in the USA today. 

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