The Brain Dies if not Used. Reasons learning must never stop.

The Brain Dies if not Used

The Brain Dies if not Used. In today's world people consider me to be a very intelligent man. If that is true the world is in deep trouble. And the world IS in deep trouble.

I consider myself average in this manner. And I am not knocking myself. This is not negative self talk. I understand how much there is to learn and therefore pursue this will passion.

The Brain Dies if not Used. And today you see this everywhere! I constantly see people who cannot spell the simplest words, or even understand basic grammar.

Also math without a calculator is impossible for a large majority. People graduate university and college without being able to WRITE THEIR NAMES. The Brain Dies if not Used!

The Brain Dies if not Used

*Value of celebrity opinions

But these people can tell you what is wrong with the world and how to fix it. But they cannot run their own lives.

Professional athletes and "celebrities" are a great example. Drug addicts, sex addicts and pedophiles want to run the world.  

Sorry I have NO respect for ANY of them, in the west that is.

And people give these losers opinions value. Well I do not!

Now that the rant portion of this article is over let's talk about solutions. The Western Culture is in deep trouble. But if each person was to improve him or her self, stand as an example to others then things can and will change.

I teach martial arts. I teach Kyusho Jitsu and Kosho Ryu. Both are studies and since the Brain Dies if not used they are important studies! It does not matter the study itself, but both of these arts are complex and require thinking. They are NOT like other studies, which are basically ideologies.

Ideologies are indoctrination points. But, you can turn almost any learning opportunity into an indoctrination. You do not want to be indoctrinated. You can to learn and decide by example what is correct and what is not.  

The Brain Dies if not Used - Kosho Ryu

I recently wrote an eBook called Kosho Ryu: The Awakened Mind. This is hands down the worst selling product I have done. But, the feedback from those who read states it is my best work. 

Why is that?

People have been programmed by media to "ask experts" rather than thinking for themselves. And these expert all corrupt! A great example is western medicine, which should be called pharmaceutical medicine because it is not about health or cures, but ONLY about profits for drug companies.

This is the exact same thing as drug cartels except legalized.  Telling lies to the public is now and profit center. 

The Brain Dies if not Used - Kyusho Jitsu

Kyusho Jitsu is a marvel study! It is very complex and deep. And I have created a great path to learning which begins with a 10 lesson Kyusho Mini Course and for serious students the Kyusho Home Study Course

And to be successful you have to learn to connect dots between all the principles and concepts. This is powerful and brain building! 

And I do not put time limits on learning. Take as long as you wish, ask as many questions as you wish. I am happy to help!

I am a teacher, my passion is teaching. 

I have spent almost 40 years in the arts, and the first 16 was in pursuit of the physical aspects of the arts. There other 24 years has been in the understanding of the concepts, theories and principles that make the martial arts work in real life. 

This has opened my eyes to a very different world. It causes clear vision!

The Brain Dies if not Used - Language

I have written in the past about the importance of language in the martial arts. I wrote an article at the World Budo Alliance blog a while back called Learning the Language of Budo. This is about the importance of learning the language of the style you train in. Consider reading the article, I am sure you will enjoy it.

And what I mean is if your root art is Japanese consider learning some Japanese! I have linked a great website for this.  

The Brain Dies if not Used so consider learning something! And then never stop!

The Brain Dies if not Used in Conclusion

The Brain Dies if not Used CONCLUSION

I often times add Romanian words to my articles, and my signature is in Romanian. Why? Am I showing off? No not at all. I am teaching. working to open up minds to another language and another culture.

If I do another seminar in Romania it will come in handy to have been exposed, even a little.

I had someone not long ago ask me my gender. Now this was not one of the BS political questions he was confused because of my signature. It is "Mare Maestru Art Mason." It thought this was my entire name and did not realize it is a title. Mare is BIG in Romanian and Maestru is master. The translation is Grand Master. He tried to research the name and got Mara, which is a woman's name. It is in long form Marioara. I know a Mara. 

He asked the question and learned something. Perfect!

I hope you got something from reading this article The Brain Dies if not Used. Myself I study Romanian formally about 1 to 2 hours per day. And 95% of the language I hear is Romanian not English. I have immersed myself completely to LEARN.

Keep your brain sharp your entire life. THEY want you stupid. And they have succeeded with too many people. Time to wake up. 


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* Pressure Points of Kosho Shorei Ryu

Pressure Points of Kosho Shorei Ryu

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