Important Kyusho Pressure Points. Which are the best?

Important Kyusho Pressure Points

What are the most Important Kyusho Pressure Points? Now the reason I say Kyusho Pressure Points is to make sure that I am differentiating between Kyusho and Acupuncture. Now the very best reference you can have for the most important Kyusho Pressure Points is my eBook Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy. It is called the Gray's Anatomy of Kyusho Jitsu for a reason. 

The deeper your understanding of the function of the different pressure points the better you will do with your study. There are many things to consider like correct angle and direction, which relates directly to your root art. Then we must consider at least the first five Principles of Kyusho Jitsu. [There are 15 total]

This would be Principles like the Cycle of Destruction,  and Attack Along the Meridian. And that all relates to the 5 Element Theory.

Important Kyusho Pressure Points - Pressure Points to Consider

The following are the pressure points that I feel everyone should be considering adding to their self defense system. This is the place to focus at the beginning. If an article exists on this blog with reference to any of these pressure points I will reference with a link.  As I write articles on the pressure points not linked I will add them.

This list below is in a nutshell the most Important Kyusho Pressure Points. However I am sure you could discover more yourself. They are now all linked to specific articles. Perhaps save this page as a reference. 

Most Important Kyusho Pressure Points

Important Kyusho Pressure Points in Conclusion

Important Kyusho Pressure Points CONCLUSION

This is far from an exhaustive list! And to be honest there are many I have left out! 

How did I come up with these over other pressure points? Well the list is directly related to my root art of Hapkido

You should decide which pressure points to train with first based on the movements you have internalized.

After that base is done, then it is easy to add more pressure points to your current self defense system and then add more pressure points. Knowing these pressure points is essential for anyone in the martial arts. The time has come to leave the haters and pressure point / Kyusho failures behind! 

Thank you for reading Important Kyusho Pressure Points.

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