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Dangerous Pressure Points LU-01-02


Dangerous Pressure Points LU-01-02

* Dangerous Pressure Points LU-01-02

Today I want to talk about 2 pressure points, and these are Dangerous Pressure Points LU-01-02. Like ST-09-10 I am discussing these 2 together since it is most likely if you strike one you will also be striking the other. I have personally seen the results of striking these pressure points therefore I caution you about their usage!


Dangerous Pressure Point LU-01 is located below LU-02, 6 cun lateral to the Conception Vessel, in the first intercostal space. In the pectoralis major and minor muscles. It can only be accessed if the shoulders are back and the arms in a neutral or back position like retracted for a punch. 

Pressure Point LU-02 is found in the depression below the acromial extremity of the clavicle, between the pectoralis major and the deltoid muscles

Note that Dangerous Pressure Points LU-01-02 are both position at the top of the lungs. 

Effects of Dangerous Pressure Points LU-01-02

As I have stated, these are extremely dangerous pressure points. The first thing we must consider is that LU-01 is an Alarm Point. Alarm Points have a direct effect on the health of the organ they are associated with. In this case pressure point LU-01 is the Alarm Point for the lungs. 

A strike will cause an activation on the Lung Meridian on both sides of the body. If there are any lung issues with the person being struck they will be exacerbated. Triple Warmer will also be activated bi-laterally as well. The strike will cause extreme pain, and difficulty in breathing that can become chronic  if not treated.

Pressure Point LU-02 when struck can have a much more profound effect. First breakage of the collar bone is possible if the impact is sufficient. Extreme pain as well as a knockout are very likely. Death is also a possible but not probable from the strike alone. The danger comes from the potential long term effects to the lungs themselves. Sometimes the diaphragm will spasm and this is very dangerous if not treated immediately. I go over this in my Pressure Point Healing Course

In Conclusion

Dangerous Pressure Points LU-01-02 CONCLUSION

Learning about Dangerous Pressure Points LU-01-02 and other is very valuable. Knowledge can be very powerful when applied with training. 

The more you understand about each pressure point the better the result with be.

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Dangerous Pressure Points LU-01-02 - What makes them Dangerous
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