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How deadly is the Kyusho Cycle of Destruction?


Kyusho Cycle of Destruction

The Cycle of Destruction

One of the cornerstones of pressure point study is the Kyusho Cycle of Destruction. There are a total of 15 Principles, but the first 10 are the true building blocks to success! Consider them like a Parthenon. Without a solid understanding of these 10 principles success can be a BIG challenge!

What are the 10 Principles?
  1. Attack Along the Meridian
  2. ​The Cycle of Destruction
  3. ​The Yin and Yang Principle
  4. Attack with Correct Body Mechanics
  5. ​Using Tempo
  6. The 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle
  7. ​Using the Correct Stance
  8. Attack using Sound
  9. Attack with colour
  10. ​The Cycle of Emotions
Cycle of Destruction

Kyusho Cycle of Destruction - The Cycle

So what is the Kyusho Cycle of Destruction? Here is the initial breakdown for you. Now this is Novice Kyusho Jitsu, however the basics, the foundations are the building blocks of success in the science of pressure point self defense.

  • 1
    Fire melts Metal
  • 2
    Metal chops Wood
  • 3
    Wood penetrated Earth
  • 4
    Earth dams Water
  • 5
    Water quenches Fire

Now this is the basic breakdown, therefore now we need to look at the body. 

Kyusho Cycle of Destruction - The Body

The human body contains 12 meridians. And each meridian in part has a predominant energy based on one element. There is not an absolute, but a predominance. Below is the breakdown of the body meridians and their corresponding elements.

Upper Extremities

  • Heart - Fire
  • Small Intestine - Fire
  • Pericardium - Fire
  • Triple Warmer - Fire
  • Lung - Metal 
  • Large Intestine - Metal 

Lower Extremities

  • Kidney - Water
  • Bladder - Water
  • Liver - Wood
  • Gall Bladder - Wood
  • Spleen - Earth
  • Stomach - Earth

Kyusho Cycle of Destruction - The Tools

I think and I hope you see the obvious here. Your attack/defend tools being for the most part are the arms and hands of the body belong to the upper extremities. This means that you will primarily be using "fire and metal" within the beginning of any defend/attack scenario. 

Below is a short video on using the Kyusho Cycle of Destruction.

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

I am hoping this information will help you to understand how the Kyusho Cycle of Destruction works. This cycle is just part of a much larger understanding of the science of pressure point self defense called Kyusho Jitsu.

What did you get out of this post and  video? Tell me about what you learned here!

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And if you are looking for some amazing in-depth knowledge about the Kyusho Cycle of Destruction have a look at this article on the Kyusho 5 Element Hand. This explains how to change the elements of the hand on the fly!

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Kyusho Cycle of Destruction One of the Cornerstone Principles of Kyusho
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Kyusho Cycle of Destruction One of the Cornerstone Principles of Kyusho
Kyusho Cycle of Destruction is one of the cornerstone principles of Kyusho Jitsu. Once fully understood will bring your training to new levels of excellence
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