Pressure Point Spleen 11


Pressure Point Spleen 11

Pressure Point Spleen 11

Today as part of the series on different pressure points and how they work I am going to talk about one of my very favorites! This is a leg point, and one of the most sensitive and therefore important pressure points on the body. This is Pressure Point Spleen 11. And SP-11 is a CRITICAL self defense pressure point!

Pressure Point Spleen 11 lies on the inside portion of the leg, located halfway between the inguinal crease (groin) and the knee. Slightly to the front. The above picture will give you a good idea of its location. 

Pressure Point Spleen 11 - Location and Purpose

Now that you can see the location of Pressure Point Spleen 11 it is important to understand how this pressure points works and why it works. First it is located on the Femoral Nerve, which runs down along side of the bone in the leg.

Pressure Point Spleen 11

When you attack this pressure point [SP-11] or the nerve with a kick as an example you compress the nerve against the bone. Not only does this cause great pain in the leg but also reports to the brain the possibility of a break or damage to the Femur. The femur is the bone in the upper leg as you can see in the picture to the left.

So what makes this such a big deal? Bones break in many different places on the body. Why does this pressure point cause such a reaction?

Pressure Point Spleen 11 and the Femoral Artery

The reason for the massive dysfunction of the brain, including causing a knockout is the location of the Femoral Artery which is the main heart artery in the leg. 

So what are the reasons for the reaction? Simple: a break in the femur can result in a tear, puncture of severing of the femoral artery which can in many instances depending on severity result in DEATH

This is why as an example people who break their legs in skiing accidents will pass-out,  as the nerve has been stimulated. 

And this is a defense mechanism for protecting the body and one all Kyusho Jitsu students need to understand how to take advantage of! This is in my view one of the 10 most important pressure points for self defense!

Femoral Artery

Pressure Point Spleen 11 - Knockout

Below is actual and real video footage of me from about 7 years ago doing a Knockout in SP-11. When you understand how things actually work, you then begin to see the real benefits of the science of pressure point self defense.

If you have questions as to the accuracy of this information feel free to ask any medical practitioner.

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

I hope you can see from the above information why this pressure point, SP-11 is such a critically important pressure point for self defense? The results can be devastating for the attack.

Are there any other pressure points you would like to see me feature? Comment here.

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Pressure Point Spleen 11 - A Critical Self Defense Pressure Point
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Pressure Point Spleen 11 - A Critical Self Defense Pressure Point
Pressure Point Spleen 11 located on the leg. This is one of the most critical pressure points for self defense! This is an attack ender! Learn the FACT NOW!
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