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Kyusho 5 Element Theory


The Kyusho 5 Element Theory

The Kyusho 5 Element Theory

It is funny how fast people are to dismiss the knowledge of "old" stating that it has been "debunked" or disproven, when the actual truth is that the knowledge has simply been discarded in light of a different path. The same goes for the Kyusho 5 Element Theory, which in fact belongs to Taoist and Eastern Medicine.

Today many different Kyusho Jitsu instructors who were taught the "old way" not have completely abandoned them for a more modern approach. While I agree with the modern approach aspect I disagree with walking away from the "old ways."

I think that is a mistake and a great disservice to the community.

Kyusho 5 Element Theory - Do they exist?

The Kyusho 5 Element Theory is based on nature. So first lets take a look at this "cycle" that is an explanation for creation.

Water Kyusho 5 Element Theory

Rain [water] causes the growth of plants [wood]. Then these plants and trees are scorched in the summer summer sun and feed the flames when fire comes. [forest fires as an example] From the flames of the [fire] the plants turn to ash, which in turn  become the [earth.] 

Within the earth are formed metal ores. [Metals], when cold [at night], cause water to condense and then evaporate in the sun, forming the rain that begins the creative cycle all over again.

The next question is do these "elements" exist in people? The "modern" look at the world and its dependency on chemicals would say no. But lets look shall we?

Fire - Kyusho 5 Element Theory

Fire: The human body produces heat and does so at an even 37 degrees centigrade. When the body overheats or fails to heat death occurs.

Metals: The body contains countless numbers of metals like iron to name only one.

Wood: Fiber which is a requirement of proper body functions is one such example.

Earth: Does the body have "earth" in it? Many will talk about the idea of returning to the ashes up death which is very true. But we are a "carbon" based life form. Carbon is a non metallic element found in the earth.

The POWER of Water. The Black Sea in Constanta Romania.

Kyusho 5 Element Theory - Water

"Water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend." Bruce Lee

Water: Do I really need to address this one? Depending on the part of the body the average amount of water will vary, the brain being the highest content. The average seems to change from authority to authority, but let's call it 60%. And considering the average person in the western world is dehydrated you can see an issue I hope. 

Now this is all oversimplification. A little research and you will find much more information. 

Kyusho 5 Element Theory - Meridians

The Pressure Point Pericardium 6

Now each meridian on the body is linked to an organ. And each organ is represented by an element.  And these are all grouped in a Yin and Yang sequence. There is a pairing of organs, one yin and one yang, which in turn represent and element and a time of day in which the organ is most active. 

Let's take a look at these organs and their groupings.

Yin Organs

  • Heart - Fire 
  • Pericardium - Fire
  • Lung - Metal
  • Kidney - Water
  • Liver - Wood
  • Spleen - Earth

Yang Organs

  • Small Intestine - Fire
  • Triple Warmer - Fire
  • Large Intestine - Metal
  • Bladder - Water
  • Gall Bladder - Wood
  • Stomach - Earth

You will note that each organ has an element association. Now this association is not an absolute! Yes there are people who try to argue against this by saying there is no wood in the liver. And obviously I do not deal with people like this. 

The organ however has a "predominance" of one element but contain all elements. This information is a basis for Chinese and other Asian medicines. And these people are far better at promoting "health" than the western medical world is. Western medicine is about disaster relief. Not about prevention. And I speak from personal experience. 

On to the Kyusho Jitsu aspects of all of this.

Kyusho 5 Element Theory - Cycle of Destruction

Understanding the Yin-Yang Symbol

For every positive there must be a negative. That is how our reality works. And like the Yin/Yang symbol, health comes in the balance, not in the extremes. Using the Cycle of Destruction our goal is to take the body to an extreme.

This imbalance can come in the form of brain dysfunction, often times referred to as a knockout. Body dysfunction, the inability to use a limb temporarily. And even death found in the art of Dim Mak

In the science of pressure point self defense I still teach the Cycle of Destruction and the other "eastern" based principles and methods. I do however associate the western medical view with all this. 

Eastern vs Western Approach

Now why do I still teach this way when other have abandoned it? For one it works! Some will say not for the reasons I say it does.  Seriously! And if you are right, and I do not think you are, WHAT IS YOUR POINT? Aside from driving your ego.

But far more important is this provides a solid foundation for people to learn. And NOT just gifted visual learners.

But this teaching method helps everyone to learn. Here is a SOLID example of why!

Kyusho 5 Element Theory - Learning Kyusho

Kyusho 5 Element Theory wood

If I was ask you to think about "wood" what do you see?

Depending the person is what the answer will be. I tend to see a log for a fire! What do you see?

Now if I ask you to visualize the "occipital nerve" what do you see? For the average person there is no response, they need to look it up.

We do not under normal circumstance build an association with the brain teaching this way! So why do people teach exclusively this way? Good question!

And yes I do have an opinion on this! Email me if you want to know it!

The Science of Pressure Point Self Defense

 But if I teach you about the division of the arm as "fire and metal" you can easily build an association in your unconscious mind and then begin to get a result. The result inspires you to learn more, and with this attitude success comes! 

And then I will add the other information as the student become ready to learn it! This is what being a "teacher" and not an "instructor" means. 

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In conclusion I hope you can see the values of still teaching the "traditional" Kyusho Jitsu methods and not just the current trends.

I believe teaching this way will include more students becoming successful and continuing their study in the science of pressure point self defense called Kyusho Jitsu.

Did you learn this method of Kyusho or the straight never strike idea? Comment Here.

And if you want to have a truly epic reference for all things Kyusho Jitsu follow this LINK and take a look at the Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu.

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Kyusho 5 Element Theory - Why is it still so very important?
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