Effective Pressure Point Strikes. How do nerve strikes really work?

* Effective Pressure Point Strikes

Effective Pressure Point Strikes. I get a dozen different questions on Kyusho Jitsu on a daily basis. Oftentimes more. Today in the article I want to discuss some of these questions. The reason is because I have noticed that many are asking the wrong questions.  in the article Effective Pressure Point Strikes I am hoping to give you some understanding on the importance of questions and asking the right ones.

Effective Pressure Point Strikes - Hammer Fist

I was doing a live stream yesterday on Facebook about addiction in society today. I was asked a question that was off topic, therefore I did not answer it. However I will address it here, because I am a pressure point teacher, and view everything in martial arts from this prospective.

"Is a hammer fist effective," was the question. This is what I have to called a bad question. Now this person does like to ask me questions like this in hopes we can debate the answers. However I have no interest or time for these kinds of things. 

* Effective Pressure Point Strikes


Here is a classic example of a hammer fist strike taught in self defense classes. While reasonably effective there is a much better solutions with only a minor change of targeting.

Striking Extraordinary Pressure Point M-HN-9 would fall much more into the area of effective pressure point strikes. 

But to answer the question, if I hit someone in the forehead with a hammer will that be effective? Certainly especially if they stand there and allow me to do it. But what if I miss? The hammer will affect my balance and allow for an easy counter strike. 

With regard to the "hammer fist" there would need to be much more information. What is your target? Are you following the laws of Yin/Yang. Who is the attacker, what is your body position. How long have to trained the "hammer fist" as a tool? What was the attack you are looking to counter? What are you targeting with this strike? 

Therefore what are Effective Pressure Point Strikes? Could a hammer fist fit this category?

But replying to this persons question there is the only one answer  I can give. "How effective are YOU because of YOUR training?"  A "hammer fist" is only as effective as the martial artist using it! Are you and your training effective? 

Effective Pressure Point Strikes

I see it written all the time. There are no effective pressure point strikes. And again this has nothing to do with pressure points. If you strike a pressure point and get no result it is not because striking pressure points is not effective. The fact is YOUR training is not effective. 

You want to get a result from Kyusho Jitsu you must train the principles of Kyusho Jitsu and not just for a short time either! There are no quick fixes and no instant result! No matter how many mental ill ideologues try to tell you otherwise today. 

As the old Spanish saying goes "dar tiempo al tiempo" or in English you must "give time to time."

Effective Pressure Point Strikes - A Better Question

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Therefore a much better question and a complete question would have been "would a hammer fist to LU-01 be effective?"

And the answer would be given the correct opportunity and access to LU-01 a hammer fist would be a very effect tool.

Then your training over time could evolve to incorporate this scenario. This would fall into the realm of effective pressure point strikes.

Asking and learning to ask better questions is how people learn. You cannot learn while you are attempting to ask a question to engage in debate.

And especially if the question is vague and really has no answer. 

Today I had a great question asked of me which was: "How do I explain to someone why we train classical systems in the beginning and move into more natural movements for the advanced practitioner." 

Asking good questions gives you good answers. Asking GREAT questions give you great answers and martial arts training is learning to go from fair to good to great! 

Effective Pressure Point Strikes in Conclusion

Effective Pressure Point Strikes CONCLUSION

What kind of questions are you asking?

If you are not asking any questions success comes very hard. Martial Arts Training is about Body-Mind and Spirit.

And if you do not ask question then you will never begin to master the mind, or the mental aspects of training. 

Plus if you are new to the pressure point world start with one of my FREE Kyusho Courses linked HERE. Thank you for reading Effective Pressure Point Strikes!

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