Pressure Point Stomach 5. Is this the best knockout point?

The Pressure Point Stomach 5

Article update May 10th 2020. I know this is the one many of you have been waiting for! A favorite of anyone interested in neurological knockouts, and that is Pressure Point Stomach 5 [ST-05]. Therefore today I am going to go into painful details on how ST-05 works, and why you should be using it! 

[ST-05] Pressure Point Stomach 5

The pressure point is located anterior to the angle of the mandible, on the anterior border of the Masseter Muscle, in the groove like depression appearing when the cheek is bulged 0.5 cun anterior to ST 6. [Excepts from Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy]

The effectiveness of this pressure point will depend on the proximity of the nerve. On some people it is very close to the surface and therefore any strike will have an affect. On others it is buried deeper and requires a much stronger hit to stimulate. 

This is were the sayings "cast iron jaw" and "glass jaw" come from in the boxing world. 

The Masseter muscle
Arteries of the Neck

One of the main reasons for the strong reaction by the brain to a strike at this nerve is the vast number of arteries in the area. Including the "jugular vein" under the jaw bone. 

The Vagus Nerve branch also runs in this area. This is sometimes called the "heart" nerve. 

These are the reasons the brain reacts as strongly as it does to protect these areas.

While this is not consider to be a "deadly" pressure point there can be a lot of damage done to the area with a solid strike. Therefore caution is advised when using this pressure point for demonstrations. Most of all protect your Uki!

Knockout at Pressure Point Stomach 5

Below is a short video of a knockout I did a few years back at ST-05. Below I will explain. 

The Jugular Vein

The video is a breakdown from a Korean ITF Taekwondo Kata called Dan Gun. Now we do not do the Kata in the traditional way as we are not a TKD school. The Kata calls for a back-fist, but I instead put the back-fist hand to his face and struck my hand. 

This causes the energy to spread out giving a very nice result without the same risk of damage to the jaw. Now this is a demonstration method and you certainly would not consider the for the street. 

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Pressure Point Stomach 5 [ST-05] is an excellent target for self defense training. But in real life you would hit with all it is worth! 

Are there any other pressure points you would like to see me feature here? Leave a comment! 

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